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CocoFax is available across multiple platforms, including Web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. With our platform-independent feature, you can fax anywhere, anytime. CocoFax also provides add-ons for your favorite workspaces such as G Suite and Slack to seamlessly integrate fax communication.


You can access the CocoFax web app by logging into your account on any browser. You even don’t need to download anything to manage your faxing communication. For how to send faxes on the browser, check out our guide.

You can also use the CocoFax extension for Chrome to quickly finish faxing.

G Suite Add-on

CocoFax makes it easy for you to send faxes on G Suite such as Google Docs and Sheet. This all-in-one feature is helpful when you are doing a lot of work with Google products. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace to discover the benefits of CocoFax for G Suite.

Slack Add-on

Our Slack add-on allows you to get real-time notifications of the fax delivery results. It’s easy and quick to search and share faxes. Explore the probability the CocoFax add-on for Slack will bring to you.

Mac or Windows

If you need to send/receive faxes directly on a local computer, you can download our app for Mac or Windows. All your faxing will be synced. For how to use CocoFax on your computer, see our guides for Mac and Windows.

Android or iOS

Sometimes, you want to send faxes right away on your phone. Here comes CocoFax app to help your mobile work as a portable fax machine. With a single touch, faxing is all set! It’s secure, easy, and mobile-friendly.

Word add-in

Word is popular and it’s necessary to have a tool that helps reduce the workload to fax. CocoFax add-in for Word lets you send faxes without leaving Word. You can try all the fascinating features CocoFax offers. Learn more about our solution for your workflow on Word.

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