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What Should I Do if I Use up My Credits?

You can buy more credits for more pages. You can also get more credits by sending your invite link to your friends.

What Should I Do if I Use up My Free Pages?

You can buy credits to get additional pages, or you can subscribe to our Lite plan.

Will I Pay for Pages Sent With Failure?

You will not be charged for pages sent with failure.

Will My Free Pages Expire?

No. You can use the free page anytime as long as your CocoFax account is active.

Will My Credits Bought and Earned via My Friends Expire?

No. You can hold these credits when your CocoFax account is active.

Will the Monthly Pages of a Plan Expire?

Yes. The pages of your plan will expire every month whether or not you use them up.

Why Will I Be Overcharged When Sending One Page of Fax?

We only charge one page for a one-page fax you send successfully in most cases. However, sometimes you may be overcharged for one page. The reason for this is that one-page fax with a longer transmission time is probably calculated as two pages. In-transit time of fax could be extended due to interruptions or other unknown factors. Rest assured that the CocoFax team will always check our product to ensure no glitch that may result in a hidden charge. If you have any questions about faxing overcharge, we are here to help.

What Is the International Faxing Rate?

For now, the faxing rate is the same in all countries with no additional fee. This means we charge one page when you send a one-page fax successfully.

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