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Before you start, think about which scenario suits you best:

  • I am an occasional fax user
  • I am an occasional fax user but sometimes need to send more faxes
  • I am a regular fax user
  • I need fax numbers for my business

I Am an Occasional Fax User:

In case you only need to fax a few pages once in a while, we offer the most convenient plan for your utilization for free:

Simply sign up here to get a free fax numberand send 10 pages for free. You don’t have to use a credit card for access to CocoFax. Note that you may not be able to receive faxes in this plan.

I Am an Occasional Fax User but Sometimes Need to Send More Faxes:

We offer you two options:

  • You can grab free $4.00 credits for more pages by sending your invite link to your friends. Click Get Free Page on the CocoFax Dashboard for more detailed information.
  • You can subscribe to our Lite plan. It’s just $7.99 every month. With the Lite plan, you can send up to 60 pages every month with unlimited storage. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use. If you don’t need to send faxes anymore, you can cancel your plan at no charge. If you don’t like CocoFax, drop us a message at [email protected] for a refund.

I Am a Regular Fax User:

Choose either the Basic or Premium plan, depending on the number of pages you need to send. For the Basic plan, you can send up to 200 pages every month with unlimited storage. With the Premium plan, you can:

Plus, we offer a huge discount for an annual plan with 3 more months FOR FREE. Learn more about how you can save money with CocoFax.

I Need Fax Numbers for My Business:

If you want multiple fax numbers and have team members to collaborate with fax communication, the Business plan is the definite choice for you. The Business plan provides everything you need to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your company. By choosing the Business plan, you will:

  • Send up to 1200 pages of faxes
  • Have Admin Panel ready for adding/removing team members
  • Add 5 members to your team FOR FREE
  • Fax to multiple recipients
  • Use our add-ons for G Suite, Microsoft Office Suite and Slack for a seamless workflow
  • Send Faxes on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Chrome
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication to protect your confidential information
  • Use Blacklist against spams
  • Get help from our 24/7 customer support

If you have a tight budget, we offer you a big discount plus 3 FREE months when you subscribe to our annual plan.

If you need unlimited team members and the custom CocoFax solution, let’s talk about our Enterprise plan.

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