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The New Definition of Security

With the high-end encryption protocols and security measures that make data breach impossible, CocoFax makes sure that your faxes are for your eyes only.

Portability With Ease

You can send and receive faxes from any device of your choice with CocoFax. The process is as easy as sending and receiving emails.

A Free Online Fax Solution

CocoFax allows the freedom to send and receive free faxes without having to buy a fax machine. There are no hidden costs when it comes to faxing with CocoFax.

Free Fax Number

In order to fax, you need a fax number. CocoFax provides you with your own fax number totally free of cost.

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Send and Receive Faxes in 3 Easy Steps

CocoFax is a full-featured online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes without a fax machine or a phone line.

Register for CocoFax

Sign up for a CocoFax account. It takes less than a minute and doesn’t cost a thing. You can log in to your CocoFax account online at any time.

Choose Your Free Fax Number

Enjoy your 30-day free trial & the luxury to choose your own fax number. While the free trial gives you this number for only a month, you can upgrade your plan to keep your fax number with you permanently.

Enjoy Your Virtual Fax Machine

Turn your smartphone, computer, or tablet into a fax machine. Send and receive as many faxes as you like. Get email notifications on every fax that you send or receive.

What Our Customers Saying About Us

CocoFax has served countless users and businesses so far. See what they are saying about us.


"We were using Fax machines for some decades now for our own firm. After reading about CocoFax, we decided to give it a try. It has been less than a year and we have saved thousands of dollars already."

Tim Bernon - T&S Legal Services

"I am a marketing professional who needed a fax service for day to day business communication. However, a dedicated fax machine would have been too infeasible for me. I opted for CocoFax and I have never missed fax ever since."

Shirley Cooper - Freelancer

"We have integrated CocoFax across all the systems in our office as well as our employees’ cell phones. Our entire team works like a single organism now and remains in sync. Thank you CocoFax for making that happen."

Roger Turney - Marketing Happens

"Having used a high end fax machine for many years, I was habituated to that many features when it comes to faxing. This made us confused at first if we should use CocoFax. Yet, I gave it a go and let me tell you this- I have never missed a feature ever since!"

Phillip Lewis - Real Estate Agent

Get A FREE Fax Number and Start Faxing Online

A fax number is mandatory no matter which fax method you use. CocoFax makes sure that you don’t have to jump hoops to get one. Get your free fax number within seconds:

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1. How to Get A Fax Number for Free

Fax machines can be a costly investment whether one is an individual freelancer or operates a small scale business. The costs are not only incurred when one buys a fax machine but they also happen in the long run to maintain the fax machine as well.

Also, one cannot forget about the additional needs that have to be considered with a fax machine, like the cost of paper, toner, electricity, and other whatnots. This leads to a lot of wastage of resources that would be better spent in the growth of your business.

Yet, given the luxurious comforts that fax provides in terms of security as well as reliability, a business user cannot avoid using faxing completely. This is why CocoFax turns out to be the perfect faxing solution for you.

CocoFax gives you a free disposable fax number that lasts for a limited time. You can use this fax number to send as well as receive faxes to anyone you choose. If you feel like keeping this online fax number, you can get a premium plan for CocoFax and you will never have to give this fax number away.

With this free fax number, you can check out how CocoFax works without having to buy a fax machine and commit to it. There is no investment involved, and you can print the faxes that you choose to print. You will never get this freedom with a fax machine.

2. Sending and Receiving Free Faxes Online

There are many methods when it comes to sending and receiving faxes free online. This just proves how good and popular fax technology is even today. In fact, it is the method of preference for most business users as billions of faxes are sent every year.

This is why CocoFax gives you the freedom to fax for free in a limited time. Further, you can even send and receive unlimited faxes with one of the upgraded plans of CocoFax. The best part is that you can easily fax without phone line.

CocoFax has a variety of plans to make sure that it meets your every need. With premium plans, you also get a permanent fax number which you can use for your business.

If you wish to receive free fax online, you can share your fax number provided by CocoFax with people with whom you interact professionally or personally. When someone sends you a fax, we send you an email notification about it immediately.

This email contains the details of the sender as well as the faxed document in an attached PDF form. It is as simple as it sounds and equally fast.

All the faxes that you receive are also available in your CocoFax online dashboard. You can log in to this dashboard at any time through our website.

When it comes to sending faxes, you can fax through your email client or your CocoFax dashboard. Doing it is as simple as sending an email.

With the free fax number, you can send a limited number of faxes. If you feel like you will need more, you can opt for much better premium plans which offer you additional fax pages for both sending and receiving. You won’t have to worry about running short.

Last but not least, CocoFax employs top of the line security measure like Transport Layer Security to ensure that there are no possibilities of private communications being leaked. This allows the user to send and receive faxes with ease, knowing everything is secure and encrypted.

3. How to Send A Free Fax

Whether you are a freelancer or you operate your own business, there is no better fit than CocoFax to handle your fax needs. When it comes to sending a fax, the simplicity offered by CocoFax is unparalleled.

With CocoFax, you can fax from your computer or smartphone through a variety of methods. CocoFax operates through a dashboard that opens in ANY web browser without having to install any app anywhere.

CocoFax also offers you email-to-fax technology, which is nothing short of a revolution when we are talking about faxing. It allows you to convert your email client into a high-end fax machine, capable of faxing documents, pictures, and whatnot.

You can fax any document present on your device through CocoFax, without needing to print it first. Imagine the amount of paper that you would be saving. In fact, CocoFax even supports faxing documents that are present on the cloud servers.

To send a free fax through CocoFax, simply login to your CocoFax account from any web browser. You will then have access to your personalized CocoFax dashboard.

You can click on the ‘Send Fax’ button on the corner of the dashboard. The new fax window appears. Here you can fill in the receiver’s fax number, subject (optional), and cover page (optional). You can attach the document that needs to be faxed with the paper clip (attach) icon.

Once all this is done, double-check the information and hit the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will then transmit your fax.

A major advantage of CocoFax over traditional fax machines is that you can send a fax to multiple people at the same time. In order to send a fax to multiple users, you just have to type their fax numbers and separate them with a semicolon.

4. How to Fax a Document

Sharing a softcopy document is much easier than scanning a printed document page by page. To provide you with complete ease of use, CocoFax offers you sharing documents directly from your phone or computer. You can also directly fax from Google services, such as Google Drive, Google Docs and more.

CocoFax supports faxing a wide array of document formats. These include: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg. As you can see, you can fax both text documents and images through CocoFax. Therefore, it gives you functionalities of the most high-tech fax machines out there.

The added advantage of faxing documents is that you can simply click a picture of the thing you wish to fax. All that is left is to fax it through CocoFax and the document will be transmitted to the receiver’s end immediately.

CocoFax supports both- local documents and cloud documents. You can upload documents through your own device or provide a cloud link to the document if it is available on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc.

With CocoFax, you can fax multiple documents at the same time. Simply upload the documents that you wish to fax in the same fax. CocoFax will merge these documents into one single file. On the receiver’s end, the fax will be printed as one document.

5. How to Receive Fax on Cell Phone

When it comes to receiving faxes on your device, CocoFax makes it the most stress-free process for you. By forwarding your faxes right to your cell phone, we make sure you never miss on any important communication.

CocoFax offers faxing solutions for iPhones as well as Android phones. You can read your faxes no matter where you are and you can reply to them too.

CocoFax’s email to fax solutions provide incoming faxes to your email inbox. Therefore, you can either read them through your email client’s app on your iPhone or the email client’s website. For example, if you have a Gmail address, you can receive faxes to Gmail application on your phone.

CocoFax’s own dashboard also opens in your phone’s web browser. All your received faxes are stored here permanently so you can access them at any time. You do not need to worry about misplacing your received faxes anymore.

6. How Long Does It Take to Send or Receive A Fax?

When it comes to professional communication, a delay in the process can cause significant losses. Therefore, the speed of communication and reliability becomes a major factor.

CocoFax understands this and this is why it offers delay-free fax services. It has eliminated any bottlenecks in the fax process. This is why all your faxes are sent and received instantaneously.

When you are sending a fax, once you hit the send button you can consider your fax document already transmitted. All the time that is left is for the receiver’s fax machine to process the document.

The same speed holds true when you are receiving a fax too. Once the sender’s fax machine processes the document, CocoFax transmits the fax to your end instantaneously. You can check your email inbox or the CocoFax dashboard for the fax document.

7. Free Fax Online No Credit Card

As mentioned before, CocoFax offers you your own free fax number to send and receive free faxes. You don’t have to provide your credit card details for it.

With this fax number, you get to try out all the features of CocoFax. You get a limited number of fax pages to send as well as receive free faxes for a limited time, after which this fax number is disposed of.

You can use this online fax number within this time period. If you like to keep it, you can get a premium plan of CocoFax that suits your needs. With a premium plan, you get the option to stay with this fax number or choose any other free fax number of your own choice.

Enter your email above and try out your free fax number today!