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CocoFax is an all-in-one online fax solution provider dedicated to smarter business communications. We aim to help businesses go greener, smarter and quicker.

Safe & Dependable

Google Fax

Faxing from Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets has been made possible. Simply enable the CocoFax add-on in your Google Drive, and then enjoy the efficiency in filing and faxing your documents.

Email to Fax

CocoFax empowers you to send fax from all types of emails, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. No more toners, landlines needed. All it requires is the recipient's fax number, followed by You are good to go, sending faxes like sending an email. It's all that simple.

Fax Online Anywhere with Any e-Device

Imagine the convenience you can enjoy by being able to send and receive faxes anywhere now at your fingertips whether on your smartphone, or on a tablet, or computer. You get real time notifications for every fax being sent and received. Never lose connections with customers!

Free Fax Number

If you only need to fax occasionally, get one fax number for free with no credit cards required and fax for up to 10 pages for 24 hours. Regular fax users may still get a free fax number in our basic, business and premium plans for frequent fax messages.

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Top-notch security and compliance

Security & reliability are always our top priority. CocoFax is compliant with multiple industrially leading security standards, making sure that your faxes are safeguarded with maximum protection measures in the transmission.

HIPAA compliance

We offer a secure HIPAA compliant online fax (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) solution for healthcare.

GDPR compliance

We follow the General Data Protection Regulation and ensure the data safety and privacy of our users.

PHIPA Compliance

Our PHIPA compliance makes sure that all your health information is for your eyes only.

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google devices

CocoFax Apps Available for All of Your Devices

CocoFax offers customized easy-to-use apps for your devices such as Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome. To send and receive faxes hasslefree, all you need is a single CocoFax subscription plan.

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Send Fax Internationally

CocoFax is fully committed into smart fax solutions worldwide. We provide the options for users to choose their own fax numbers for free, and empower users to send faxes to over 180 countries.

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microsoft docs

Fax from Google Apps

With a single click, you get to send fax directly from Google Docs, Sheets and Drive by authorizing the connection between your CocoFax add-on account and Google Account. Simply enter the recipient's fax number and start to send fax messages. On receipt of the email by the receiver, CocoFax will send you a delivery report in around one minute.

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Fax from Microsoft Office

CocoFax Microsoft add-in allows users to send faxes securely and quickly from Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and OneNote. No more needs for a fax modem or landlines. Fax hasslefree.

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CocoFax is Also Friendly for Enterprise

Admin Panel

The admin panel allows users to add and delete other team members in their CocoFax account, making it easier to manage team members for fax communications.

Multiple Team Members

Imagine your whole team can handle all fax messages with only one CocoFax account needed? Not only saving you costs on purchasing fax machines or multiple fax accounts, this feature also facilitates team bonding and collaboration as one.

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Group Fax

Fax to a number of recipients as easily as mass emailing? Yes that’s the new faxing trend, ready to rescue you from the hassle in handling an overwhelming amount of fax messages, enhancing business efficiency and reducing your operation time.

Slack Integration

By installing CocoFax’s Slack integration, users can get real-time updates about incoming/outgoing fax messages as well as the fax delivery status in their Slack account.

How to Send and Receive Fax Online

CocoFax has made fax-sending a process as easy as a breeze within only 3 steps

Enter the recipient's fax number.

Upload the documents to be faxed and add a subject.

Hit the tab Send on the dashboard.

Receiving faxes is as easy as receiving emails. Simply log into your CocoFax account and you'll be able to view all faxes received.

Awards and Certificates

CocoFax is honoured to have received the following awards and certificates

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2021 fall high performer 2021 fall momentum leader 2021 fall fastest implementation 2021 fall most implementable 2021 fall best usability 2021 fall easiest admin 2021 fall easiest to use

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Our Customers are Saying

We were using fax machines for decades in our law firm. Sometimes they could just drive you nuts, especially when the ink or paper suddenly ran out during file transmission. I decided to try CocoFax to see if it could help. Then we never had to wait unsettlingly for missing a fax. Highly recommended. - read more...

Eva Williams

Blogger and Software Journalist for

For a marketing freelancer like me, using fax for daily business communications is like a must, yet a fax machine is just too much burden. I started trying online fax when I read about CocoFax. Unexpectedly, it saved me so much business headache. Plus it’s easy and safe to use.

James Busse

Marketing Strategist

Having used a high-end fax machine for years, I am well aware of almost all features required in a fax service. This made me struggle a bit at first whether to go for CocoFax. Yet, let me tell you this: It’s faaaabulous! I can fax anywhere to clients worldwide, and have never missed a fax ever since.

Carrie Plummer

Housing Agent

We have integrated CocoFax in our whole office system and as well as on the cellphones of our staff. Apart from protecting our confidential information, this tool is also useful for our team collaboration and I can even manage remote workers with it.

Darren Tong

Director, OneClick Technology

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