The Easiest, Most Secure & Reliable Online Fax Service

World-class Security Protocol

CocoFax uses the best security measures in the world so no one other than the intended users can read the faxes. The entire transmission is encrypted, making any data breach impossible.

Portable Web Application

CocoFax works from any device through the web browser. CocoFax’s web dashboard makes faxing as easy as sending and receiving emails.

Leading Online Fax Solution

CocoFax is regarded as the #1 fax solution by a lot of authority media reviewers out there, due to the features that CocoFax offers.

Free Fax Number

Faxing is not possible without a fax number. CocoFax understands this and offers you a free fax number to use. With a CocoFax subscription, you can even choose your own fax number.

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3 Simple Steps to Send and Receive Faxes

With CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes without the requirement of a fax machine, phone line, or any other unnecessary hardware.

Create a CocoFax Account

Register for a CocoFax account and enjoy the 30-day free trial period. The process takes less than a minute and you can use your email address

Choose Your Free Fax Number

With a CocoFax account, there comes a 30-day free trial period and the added benefit of selecting a fax number of choice. Cancel anytime during the 30-day free trial period without any incurred costs.

Start Faxing Right Away

Use any device such as your computer, phone, or tablet to send and receive faxes. Simply log in to CocoFax dashboard or use CocoFax’s email to fax services.

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CocoFax has served countless users and businesses so far. See what they are saying about us.


"Operating a cybersecurity company, our aim is to use the best communication medium with our clients since the whole business is about security. CocoFax let us use fax as the preferred method, and the security you get with it is astounding."

Sheldon Thomas- Minnesota

"I was accustomed to faxing as I have been using it for a couple of decades now as a professional. This made me a bit reluctant towards switching to CocoFax at first. Using CocoFax came as a happy surprise as I get every feature of the best fax machine out there."

Edward Branson- Brampton

"We were looking for an integrated communication platform for our company, including each member of the staff. CocoFax was the final answer we decided on. Every employee remains in sync with their CocoFax account now through their computer as well as phone."

Kyle Lee- Massachusetts

"It all started when I had to send an urgent fax and I used CocoFax’s free fax trial for the purpose. I loved its features so much that now I have a permanent CocoFax fax number and I have switched to CocoFax for all official needs."

Crystal Hinkle- New York

Start Faxing Online

CocoFax does not ask you to make committments it can't fulfil. Sign up for CocoFax's 30-day free trial offer and enjoy all the services it can offer. If you aren't fulfilled, cancel anytime and CocoFax won't charge anything.