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How to Fax From Computer for Free

More and more people are turning to fax as their preferred method of choice for official communication. However, most of them are doing it without a fax machine.

In fact, people who had a fax machine already are getting rid of it to send and receive faxes through something more convenient- their computer. Yes, now you can send and receive faxes from your computer for free. All you have to do is follow this guide and you will be able to do the same within minutes.

In fact, it might surprise you to know that even the people who have a fax machine are throwing it away to use the latest trend in fax technology- internet fax.

Part 1: Can I Send a Fax from My Computer?

So can you send a fax from your computer? In a simple word- YES. You can send a fax from your computer regardless of the computer you use and its specifications.

Basically, sending a fax through a computer is not only easier, but even better than using a fax machine. A fax machine requires you to have many other things as well, such as paper, ink, toner, and a dedicated phone line. Not only that, you need to keep it turned on 24x7 so as to make sure you do not miss any faxes.

And even if you want to use a fax machine, it is better to use it while it is connected to a computer. This makes sure that you do not miss out on important features. It also increases the ease of use.

As such, the three different ways to fax from computer are:

Using an online fax service

Computers work on a digital platform and fax lines work on an analog platform. An online fax service bridges the gap between the two by translating one form of communication to the other.

Windows Fax and Scan

This is an inbuilt fax software in Windows 10/8/7 that allows you to send faxes through the computer. It requires additional hardware to operate.

Connected Fax Machine

Some fax machines have the option to be connected to the computer. This adds extra features to the fax machines. However, you would still need to use everything that you generally use with a fax machine.

Let us discuss how to fax from computer using these methods.

Part 2: How to Send a Fax from Computer

As mentioned before, computers and fax operate on a different language. Thing of this as two people who speak different languages. Typically, they will not be able to understand each other.

However, imagine what if we use a translator between them? The two people would understand each other typically well. They would be able to speak as well as listen to the other person’s ideas.

An online fax service works in a similar manner. However, the features of such services vary from app to app. Here is the best online fax service provider that has proven its worth over the years:

2.1 CocoFax- Turns Your Computer Into A High End Fax Machine

CocoFax is the best free online fax service provider that allows you to send as well as receive faxes through your computer. In fact, you can send faxes through your laptop and even your smartphones on the go.

CocoFax is the reason that most people who own a fax machine are discarding it. It renders any other technology outdated because of the high end services it provides. After all, who thought that faxing through computer was even possible?

It offers multiple ways to send as well as receive faxes from a computer. One of the best is through CocoFax web app, which is accessible to any web browser of any computer, whether it is a Windows PC, Mac, or any other.

All you need is a computer, web browser, internet connection, and a CocoFax account. CocoFax even gives you a free fax number so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get one.

1.2 Fax from Computer Without Phone Line

CocoFax offers you the easiest route to fax document from computer without phone line. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Send Fax from Computer Free

Step 1: Try CocoFax’s 14 days free trial. You will get a free fax number from CocoFax. In fact, you can even choose your own fax number.

14 days free trial

Once you are done with the sign up process, you will be taken to your CocoFax dashboard. You can also access this dashboard through any computer just by logging into your account on CocoFax’s website.

Step 2: To send a fax, you will have to click on the ‘Send Fax’ button on the corner of the dashboard. This will open a fax creation popup. You can draft your fax here.


Step 3: Once the ‘Send Fax’ popup has opened, you can create your fax by filling these fields:

  • In the ‘To’ field, enter the fax number of the receiver. If you want to add a note ot the fax, you can add it in the ‘Subject’ field.
  • You can also add a cover page to the fax if you wish. This page will appear as the first page on the receiver’s end.
  • Lastly and most importantly, attach the document that you wish to fax. You can not only fax pdf from computer, but CocoFax supports almost all popular formats for this purpose, including: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

Step 4: Once you have created the fax, you can hit on ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will dial the receiver’s fax machine and transmit your fax.


If the fax is delivered successfully, you will get a confirmation message on the dashboard. If the fax wasn’t delivered, you will get a message of the same along with the details.

These notifications will also be sent on the email address you register with CocoFax. However, let us discuss more of that in the next section.

**The most common reasons for unsuccessful transmission are that the receiver’s fax machine is busy, it is turned off, or the fax number you entered was incorrect. Theoretically speaking, there would be no error on CocoFax’s end**

Receiving Fax from Computer

You wouldn’t have to do anything to receive a fax, CocoFax does it automatically for you. Your computer doesn’t even have to be turned on for the purpose.

To check your received faxes, you can log into your CocoFax account. Once you are on your dashboard, you can head over to the inbox folder.

Here you will find all your received faxes along with the time that they were sent. Don’t worry, you will always get updated about the faxes you receive promptly through your email as well.

Part 3: Fax from Computer via Email

Well if one way wasn’t enough, CocoFax web app offers you another way to add to the convenience of sending and receiving faxes. Through CocoFax, you can now use your email to fax on the go.

CocoFax acts as a translator between your email client and the fax machine on the other end. Therefore, you could be in a cafe using your laptop and you could still fax to someone’s office via CocoFax.

3.1 How to Fax From Computer via Email

Follow these steps to send a fax to anyone using your email client. You can follow it through ANY email client of your choice, be it Gmail, Yahoo mail, or any other client.

Sending Fax

Step 1: Register your email with CocoFax. If you do not have an account, you can get one with Cocofax’s 14-day free trial period. Make sure that you register the email address which you would use to send and receive faxes. CocoFax will only work on that email!

Step 2: Once the email is registered, you can now open your email client to send a fax. Once you open your email application or email website, click on the option to create a new email.

Step 3: Now that the new email popup has opened, you can draft your fax here. You can fill information in the following fields for this purpose:

  • In the ‘To’ address of ‘new email’ popup, you have to add the recipient’s country code, their fax number, and follow it by ‘@cocofax.net’. For example, if their fax number is +77 123456, with +77 as the country code, you just have to enter: [email protected]
  • For faxes sent from US to US, the sender needs to add ‘1’ before the fax number. If the fax number is 123456, they have to enter: [email protected]
  • The ‘Subject’ field of the email is optional. If you enter anything here, it will appear as a note on the receiver’s fax printer document.
  • The ‘Body’ field is optional as well. If you enter any information here, it will appear on the cover page of the fax document.
  • The document that you wish to fax needs to be added as an attachment to this email. This part is very important as this is what you want to fax. Therefore, make sure you choose the document carefully. Also, it is important that the file name you choose does not contain any special character or the ampersand (&) sign. Further, the file format can be one of: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Send’ button to send the fax. CocoFax will receive it and translate it as a fax message to the receiver’s fax machine.

Once the transmission is successful, you will get a confirmation message on your email inbox. If the transmission was unsuccessful, you will get a message of the same.

Receiving Fax

You can receive faxes on the fax number that CocoFax has assigned you. You do not have to do anything in order to receive a fax.

Once a person has sent you a fax, CocoFax will send you an email notification about the same. The fax that the person has sent will appear in this email as an added attachment.

You can open this attachment to view the fax document. CocoFax translates the fax to pdf, so the attached fax documents will be in pdf format. The email will also contain the sender’s fax number, the timelogs, and the length of the transmission.

If you have noticed, sending or receiving a fax through your email works similarly like you send and receive emails. Therefore, there is nothing new that you would have to learn.

The main point of difference is the address where you send the email. In case of sending an email, you use the destination email address. However, in case of sending a fax through an email, you use ‘[destination fax number]@cocofax.net’.

Part 4: Fax from PC via Windows Fax and Scan

If you operate a Windows PC, you might not be aware that Windows generally offers a ‘Fax and Scan’ feature by default on its operating systems. Windows fax software can be used to send and receive faxes from your Windows 10 computer to any fax number completely free .

While this is an inbuilt Windows feature (and free to use), it is as inconvenient as a fax machine. This is because you will need to connect your computer to a telephone line for this purpose.

Most computers do not come with a port to connect a telephone cable. Therefore, you will need to use a fax modem for the same. Once you get a fax modem, you can connect the telephone line to the fax modem and the fax modem to the computer.

Once that is done, here are the steps to fax from PC via Windows Fax and Scan for free:

Sending Fax from Computer for Free

Step 1: Once the connections between your computer, fax modem, and telephone lines are made (as mentioned above), you are ready to fax from your computer. If you face issues when making connections, you can refer to the fax modem’s manual.

Step 2: Open the Fax and Scan application on your Windows computer. You can find this by searching for it in the search bar. Otherwise, you can open it through Start >> Windows Accessories >> Windows Fax and Scan.

Step 3: Select the ‘New Fax’ option from the toolbar. The New Fax dialog box will open. Here you can fill the following fields:

  • In the ‘To’ field, enter the fax number of the receiver. Double the fax number as any errors will lead to unsent faxes.
  • In the ‘Subject’ field, you can enter any note that you want to come on top of your fax documents.
  • In the ‘Body’ field, you can enter the fax content. You can also attach the fax document as an attachment through the paper clip icon in the menu bar.

Step 4: Once that is done, you can click on the ‘Send’ button. If you have set up the app correctly, your fax will be sent.

You will receive a message saying the fax was successful or unsuccessful.

Receiving Faxes on Computer for Free

You can also receive faxes through Windows Fax and Scan app. However, unlike the CocoFax methods mentioned above, Windows Fax and Scan is not that simple.

Your computer will have to be turned on 24x7 if you want to receive faxes. In case your computer is turned off and someone is sending a fax to you at that time, you will not get it.

**Windows Fax and Scan is available for Windows computers only. Mac users will not have access to any such inbuilt feature.**

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Part 5: Fax from a Computer Using a Connected Fax Machine or Printer

Many printers nowadays come with built in fax compatibility that allows them to send and receive faxes just as a fax machine would. If you have one of these printers connected to your computer, or even an actual fax machine, you can use this printer to fax as well.

As in the previous section, this method also requires you to have a telephone line connected to the printer or fax machine for it to work. Then the printer or fax machine needs to be connected to the computer.

Here are the steps to fax from the computer connected printer. You can use it to fax from any computer, be it fax on Mac or Windows. Sending fax without fax machine has never been this easy.

Sending Faxes from Computer

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to set up the printer or the fax machine. To do this, you can use the manual that comes with this equipment. Make sure the necessary connections are made between the telephone line, the fax or printer, and the computer.

Step 2: Once this is done, you will have to install the drivers that come with the printer or the fax machine. There is generally a CD provided with them for this purpose. Otherwise, you can search for their drivers from their product website.

Step 3: Now you can open the document that you wish to fax. While in the case of CocoFax you can fax multiple documents together to the same recipient; in this case, you will have to send it one by one.

If sending multiple documents together is necessary, you will have to create a new file that is a merger of all those documents. Further, if you wish to add a cover page, you will need to add it to the file that you want to fax.

Step 4: Once you have the document open and ready to be faxed, you will need to give the print command. Generally, you will find it under File>Print.

Once you give the Print command, the Print dialogue box will open. You will have to select the connected fax printer in the devices option.

When you select it and proceed, the printer driver will ask you to enter the recipient fax number. There can be additional options too, depending on the printer you are using.

Step 5: Once all this is done and you have double checked everything, press ‘Send’. The printer will dial the receiver’s fax machine and transmit your fax.

If the fax was successful, the printer will then print a confirmation message telling you the same. If the fax was unsuccessful, it will print a message of the same.

Receiving Faxes from Computer

You will receive any incoming faxes on the attached computer or fax if the device is turned on at all times. If the attached machine is turned off, you might miss an incoming transmission.

Therefore, this is a significant downside of the method. Also, all the faxes that you receive will be printed. You cannot choose which faxes to print and which to discard.

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Part 6: FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions that people wonder when figuring out how to fax from computer.

🧐 Will I have to keep my computer turned on to receive a fax?

It depends on the method that you use to receive faxes. If you are using CocoFax, you don’t have to keep your computer turned on.

🤔 Can I fax through email without an online fax service?

No, you cannot. Fax and email work on different platforms. Online fax services like CocoFax translate one to the other.

❓ Do I need a fax number to send a fax?

A fax number is compulsory whether you want to send or receive a fax. Luckily, you can get a free fax number with CocoFax.

😀 Is telephone cable needed to fax?

CocoFax does not require you to have a telephone line to send or receive a fax. If you are using a fax machine or Windows Fax and Scan, the telephone line is needed.

👩🏼‍💻 Can I fax from Mac computers too?

With CocoFax, you can fax from Mac, Windows, or any other OS since CocoFax works through email or web browser. For Windows Fax and Scan, you can only use Windows PC. You can also use it fax from Windows 7


Now that you know all the methods to fax from computer, nothing is stopping you to try them out. However, before you invest in a fax machine or other equipment, give CocoFax a shot. It might save you a lot of investments that you do not need.