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The exponential surge in health record leaks owing to cyberattacks points to the need for healthcare institutions to take appropriate precautions in protecting their ePHI. With the HIPAA-compliant CocoFax solution, all faxes being sent and received are encrypted in multiple layers of protection.


In an industry that deals extensively with financial records and other sensitive data, data privacy and compliance to the highest security standards and regulations is a must. CocoFax complies with SOX, GLBA and other regulations helping you securely share faxes from one end to another.


Legal firms deal with numerous paperwork daily. Dealing with paper jams and faulty fax machines can be physically exhausting and mentally draining. Cloud faxing is therefore the go-to way of transmitting confidential legal documents. CocoFax satisfies all the requirements for faxing in the legal industry.


Government parastatals and agencies send and receive confidential documents massively. The most secure and convenient way of doing this is via online faxing solutions like CocoFax. In addition to encrypting the faxes to make them secure, adopting this solution cuts down your operational and maintenance costs massively.

High Tech

High tech firms looking to go paperless and green should embrace cloud faxing. It dissociates you from outdated hardware and the dedicated phone lines that come with them. CocoFax, in particular, helps you manage sent and received faxes from a single interface. The faxes may also be passworded to ensure only the target recipient sees the contents.


Educational institutions fax a lot as faxing is a trusted means of sharing student transcripts and student records to other institutions. CocoFax’s online faxing solution is feature-loaded, making faxing easy and a truly enjoyable experience.

Real Estate

The real estate industry depends heavily on faxing especially with regards to signing contracts. For this reason, you need a solution that can send multiple faxes at the same time. Online faxing services are great for this.


Like in the real estate and financial industries, security of insurance records is of the essence here. For this reason, it is out of place to use outdated fax machines known to be inherently insecure due to risks such as data breaches and thefts. The security standards and encryption protocols adopted by CocoFax make it a popular faxing option among insurance companies.

Life Sciences

Data privacy regulations have brought about a big disruption in the way laboratories handle patients' data. Online faxing services like CocoFax ensure that these data are transmitted from one point to another without any data leaks.


An online or internet faxing service like CocoFax can help you streamline your manufacturing processes by giving you extra office space to work with and eliminating fax servers and telecom lines. It also helps improve compliance with data privacy regulations and reduce operational and maintenance costs.


A number of sports transactions are confidential. For instance, details of transfer negotiations are kept private till the deal is closed. During these back-and-forth negotiations, it is important to use a secure, reliable, and efficient faxing service. CocoFax is a good choice for this.

Nonprofit Organizations

Most non-profit organizations struggle with limited funding and resources. So, it is important to employ systems that cut down operational costs, while maintaining a high level of productivity at the same time. CocoFax offers an affordable and easy-to-use cloud faxing alternative.


For enterprises, integration into your workflow is one of the things to watch out for. CocoFax is integratable with everyday applications like Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Office. You can also add and delete team members on your account’s admin panel.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need to cut down overhead costs as much as possible. Retiring your old fax infrastructure for an online fax service can help cut down this overhead costs significantly, improve your productivity and make your faxing process more convenient.


With CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes on the go and from the comfort of your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, using your email app, saving space, costs and hassles that come with a bulky fax machine. CocoFax even provides free fax numbers for occasional users.

Integrate CocoFax into your business system

Faxing over the internet, especially with CocoFax, helps in the proper management and organization of faxes for audit logs or documentation for tax procedures. It is also a safe haven for documents that should be kept confidential.

Advanced API integration
Centralized fax management
Sending faxes to multiple recipients.
Fax online from computers (Macs or Windows).

Explore more features of CocoFax

  • Set fax cover sheet, retry times, sending time, fax quality.
  • Blacklist spam faxes to enhance communication efficiency.
  • All faxes and contacts are searchable and can be set in order.
  • Port your existing fax number onto CocoFax for free.
  • Receive notifications of faxes being sent or received via email, Slack or SMS.
  • Integrate with Google and automatically store sent and received faxes into Google Drive.
  • Fax internationally to 100+ countries.

Connect CocoFax to Your Apps

Every business can integrate CocoFax within its Google, Microsoft and Slack workflow to achieve closer collaboration regardless of sector, size or budget plan. It not only enhances faxing efficiency but also eliminates the extra costs and risks that often come from using a fax machine.

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CocoFax API solution is designed to cater for industries that fax heavily and need strong data encryption as well as high efficiency. You can fax your email right from your EHR, ERP or CRM application via our fax API. Consequently, it is easily customizable and doesn’t require an on-site fax infrastructure.

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For businesses that depend heavily on fax communication, using a cloud fax solution like CocoFax can cut down your operational costs enormously. Come and get it now!

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