Fax from your Google Applications

CocoFax add-in allows users to fax from Google Docs, Sheets, and Gmail directly anywhere via any e-device. No more wasting time in front of a fax machine. No more worry about missing a fax. Wherever you can access Google, there will be a reliable virtual fax solution available for you.

Google Applications

Fax and Google have never been integrated so seamlessly

Download CocoFax add-in into your Google account and explore what it has to offer:

  • A free fax number
  • All faxes archived in the cloud for future references
  • Fax from Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail easily, quickly and securely
  • Sign up & login to your CocoFax account with your Google account

What Do Our Customers Say about Us?

"We were using fax machines for decades in our law firm. Sometimes they could just drive you nuts, especially when the ink or paper suddenly ran out during file transmission. I decided to try CocoFax to see if it could help. Then we never had to wait unsettlingly in case missing a fax. We work faster and easier. Highly recommend."

Tim Bernon - T&S Legal Services

"Having used high-end fax machines for years, I am well aware of almost all features required in a fax service. This made me struggle a bit at first whether to go for CocoFax. Yet, let me tell you this: It’s faaaabulous! I can fax anywhere to clients worldwide, and have never missed a fax ever since."

Phillip Lewis - Real Estate Agent

"We have integrated CocoFax in our whole office system and as well as on the cellphones of our staff. Apart from protecting our confidential information, this tool is also useful for our team collaboration and I can even manage remote workers with it."

Roger Turney - Marketing Happens

"For a marketing freelancer like me, using fax for daily business communications is like a must, yet a fax machine is just too much hassle. I started trying online fax when I read about CocoFax. Unexpectedly, it saved me so much business headache. Plus it’s easy and safe to use."

Shirley Cooper - Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get the CocoFax Google Integration?

There are three ways to get the CocoFax Google Integration in G suite:

  • Simply click the add-on button at the top navigation bar of your Google Doc or Sheet, and select “ Get add-ons”, and search for CocoFax at the G Suite Marketplace. After the installation, authorize a link between your Google account and CocoFax service;
  • Or search “CocoFax” at G Suite and enable the installation;
  • Or download the CocoFax Google Integration at this page.

2. How to send faxes with the CocoFax Google Integration?

All it requires is that the user logins into her or his CocoFax account and enters the recipient’s fax number. Next hit the 'Send Fax' button after checking all the information. The user can expect to receive a delivery report about the faxes being sent in around one minute.

30-day money-back guarantee

Unsatisfied with the security and speed offered by CocoFax? Simply reach out to our support team via [email protected]. You may claim a full refund within 30 days after placing an order.
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