Simple and Dependable

Cyber Resilience

Premium security measures make sure that your faxes are for your eyes only!

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be well trained to use CocoFax. Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as emailing.

International Faxing

With a global coverage of 189 countries,CocoFax enables you to conduct business communications with clients worldwide.

DDaveSent Faxfax number: +1 182-2345-6789Add Recipient(s)+44Add Recipient815-570-9756804-674-6485345-82-6447Recipient ListUpload fromGoogle DriveBoxDrop boxAdd Files

Adaptable Fax Solutions

CocoFax can adapt to any business needs regardless of the business size and sector. Whether you are an individual freelancer or a business runner with several employees, CocoFax is here to get you covered with an array of packages on offer. Choose any one best tailored to your needs. No more worry about hidden charges. At CocoFax, we value openness and transapracy more than anything.

Fax from Phone

With CocoFax, faxing documents is no longer limited to a fax machine or a laptop. CocoFax offers you various option to fax from iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone.Wherever you are, you can always avail yourself of the phone fax services provided by CocoFax.A smooth faxing journey starts right away from the web browser or the email application of your phone.

Extensive Support for Different Platforms

CocoFax can adapt to any business needs regardless of the business size and sector. Whether you are an individual freelancer or a business runner with several employees,

  • Web APP
  • Mac App
  • Windows App
  • Android APP
  • iOS App
  • Email to Fax
  • Slack Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Fax API
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Micrisoft Word
  • Chrome Extension

Other features

Fax by Email

Send/receive faxes as email attachments.

Local and Toll Free Numbers

Choose a local or toll free fax number.

Searchable Faxes

Quickly find faxes using a keyword.

Mobile App

Works with your smartphone and is free to download.

Lifetime Storage

Access to all sent/received faxes forever.

My Account Page

Brand new easy-to-use interface!

Fax Preview

View faxes before you send.

Fax Archiving

Access all your faxes online.

Send Storage

Automatically saves every fax you send.

No Software or Hardware

Works straight away without needing any software or hardware.

5 Email Addresses

Fax from up to five email addresses.

24/7 Live Support

Get the help you need, anytime you need it!

Admin Panel

Manage your team members and fax numbers.

Multiple Team Members

Adding new members to the team is free of charge.

Multiple Number

Adding multiple numbers for your team.

Retry after Failure

Automate resending failed faxes.

Scheduled Delivery

Set up a time to send faxes.

Fax Cover

Choose the fax cover you prefer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance your account security massively.


Users can blacklist spam faxes on the go.

Manage Labels

Easy for users to manage their fax documents.

Automated archiving

All faxes sent and received will be automatically saved on your Google Drive.

SMS notification

Get updates via SMS on faxes sent or received.

Email notification

Receive updates via emails of incoming and outgoing faxes.

Slack notification

Get updated from Slack when you send or receive faxes.

mobile device free faxing

Start faxing now

Not only saving on fax line purchases and office space rentals, CocoFax also helps you enhance work efficiency while ensuring your business information security. Time to go paperless and work smarter. Start faxing now!

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