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What is a CSR?

A CSR (Customer Service Record) is a copy of what the carrier has in its database related to your account. This includes account number, phone numbers, name, address, activity history, and information about each separate line charge that comprises your monthly service charge on your bill.

Furthermore, a CSR displays the service location of the account, the billing address, additional directory listings, PIC designations, hunting order, features that are being charged and on which line these features appear, calling plans that may include monthly charges and taxes applied to each of the items on the record.

CSR and Number Porting

CSRs are requested for a variety of reasons. In the context of porting, they may be requested to obtain information, e.g., Account Number, Customer Name, Address, etc., to accurately complete a Local Service Request (LSR) to initiate the porting process.

A CSR is the document of proof for a given phone number. Therefore, if you submit a CSR with your initial port request and ensure that the information on your LOA (Letter of Authorization) matches the information on the CSR, the likelihood that your port request proceeds without a hitch increase greatly. 

How To Obtain Your CSR?

You need to contact your current carrier for a CSR. State to them that you want the customer service record on file with full details, not merely billing records. Most carriers should provide a CSR upon request. Once you have your CSR, upload it to the CocoFax Mission Control portal as requested.

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