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You can set the resolution of your faxing to a different level, depending on whether you need to maintain the quality of your fax to read. With CocoFax, it’s easy to do this.

CocoFax offers three options for faxing resolution: smooth, standard, and excellent. By default, CocoFax uses standard resolution for all of your faxes. It’s also recommended to use standard resolution for better compatibility with a fax machine that does not support high resolution. However, you can still use excellent resolution if compatibility is not a problem for you.

To set the resolution for your faxes, you can:

  • Hit the NEW FAX button
  • Click settings icon to open the setting windows
  • Select the resolution level as needed
  • select the resolution settings
  • Click Save to confirm your change

Please note that the resolution level will be the same as the one you selected previously, so make sure you check out this option every time you fax.

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