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Generally, it takes about 1 minute to send a one-page fax for a document that mostly contains texts without a complicated layout. But it is not the case for a document with graphics or a larger size. Technically, the exact in-transit time depends on two factors:

  • The transmission speed of the phone line of both sides: The fax is transmitted via the phone line. If the transmission speed is decreased due to network problems or other issues, then the document faxing rate would have to be dropped
  • Your document contains graphics or has a larger size: Graphics-based documents or documents with larger sizes usually take a longer time to be delivered.  It’s similar to the case where you need more time to upload large files to a cloud drive. If you want to fax faster, it’s a good idea to reduce your file size and remove the unnecessary image before faxing. You can also choose a lower resolution when you upload your file on CocoFax
select the resolution for fax

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