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How to port your fax number to CocoFax?

1. Register a CocoFax account and subscribe to CocoFax’s Premium Plan or higher plans. If you need multiple fax numbers or wish to port several numbers, please choose CocoFax’s Business or Enterprise Plan. 

2. Log into CocoFax, and find the tab “Port numbers” in Profile. Hit the button “Add Porting Request”. 

3. Enter the fax number you need to port as well as other details required. In this process, you are required to submit two documents: an LOA signed by the End Customer and the latest bill copy from the existing carrier.

4. You can check the number porting status in the section Number Porting Requests. 

5. Once your fax number is ported successfully, we will replace the original number under your CocoFax account with the new one provided. If you are a user of the Business or Enterprise Plan, the original number shall not be deleted automatically. You retain the right to choose what to do with it. 

Does number porting come with extra charges?

No. Porting one fax number under one account is free of charge. However, if you have multiple numbers under one account to port, you will need to pay $5/month for every extra number. 

What fax numbers can be ported?

We mainly support porting for American and Canadian fax numbers at this stage. 

If you wish to port fax numbers from other countries or regions, there can be certain risks of failure involved. However, you can always submit such porting requests as we are constantly working to provide fax number porting services for other countries and regions too. 

How long does it take to port a fax number?

Porting your fax number to CocoFax usually takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly your current carrier responds to the porting request. Please rest assured that your fax services would not be interrupted during this time. Once the number is ported, you will be able to receive faxes via CocoFax. 

Why does your number porting fail or is delayed?

  • Spelling errors in the end customer’s name (e.g. Submitted "CocoSign Inc" rather than "Coc Inc").
  • Entering service address incorrectly, which includes spelling mistakes in the street name, or zip code. 
  • Mixing several end-customer numbers in one port request, making it confusing for us to understand what customers own such numbers. 
  • Inactive telephone numbers submitted. 
  • No account number offered.

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