CocoFax’s online fax services are intended to benefit the communication between CocoFax’s clients and their customers, prospects, employees, and partners in the business.

CocoFax prohibits the use of its services for any other reason that could be illegal or illicit. Therefore, it advises its clients to use its services with the same intent that CocoFax has designed the service for.

The CocoFax user is solely responsible for any illegal activity or material he or she propagates using CocoFax. CocoFax prohibits its users to post or propagate illegal content, pornographic content, or illegal content.

CocoFax offers the ‘opt-out’ option so the recipient can choose not to receive any future transmissions from CocoFax. CocoFax’s services are subjected to the national and local laws of various states and provinces. CocoFax does not endorse any legal advice.

Here are some helpful links for you regarding this aspect:

Can-spam Act CRTC 2001-193 The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991