How to Fax From Mac

Mac no doubt tops the rest e-devices as the most preferable choice in work for professionals. CocoFax hereby provides a wonderful add-on with amazing features to your Mac device, not only enabling you to send and receive faxes anywhere with only an internet connection needed but also saving you headaches in file security as well as improving your business communication efficiency like mad.

How to Send Fax from Mac

Step 1 - Choosing A Free Fax Number

Avail CocoFax’s 14 days free trial and choose your own fax number from CocoFax for free. Once done with the signup process, you will be taken to the CocoFax dashboard for the next step ahead. You can also access this dashboard through your Mac device just by logging into your account on CocoFax’s website.

    Step 2 - Fax Creation on Your Dashboard

    Click on the ‘New Fax’ button on the corner of the dashboard if you want to send a fax. This will lead to a fax creation popup “the ‘New Fax’ .

    Enter the fax number of the receiver in the corresponding field, which should include the recipient’s country code, state code, and his/her fax number.

    For faxes exchanged within the US, the sender needs to add ‘1’ before the recipient’s fax number, which represents the country code of the US. If the state number of the fax receiver is 987 with his or her fax code being 6543210, the sender shall enter the fax number as +19876543210

    If you want to add a note to the fax, you can enter it in the ‘Add Text’ field.

    You can also add a cover page to the fax if you wish. This page will appear as the first page on the receiver’s end.

    At last, attach the document that you wish to fax. CocoFax supports multiple file-formats including pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

    Step 3 - Sending Fax after Creation

    Hit on the ‘Send’ button once you finish the fax. The rest will be left to the powerful delivery system of CocoFax.

    In around one minute, you will receive a notification about the delivery results on the CocoFax dashboard and on the email address you register with CocoFax with details such as delivery time, fax pages and so on.

    Failed transmissions are mostly due to incorrect fax numbers entered, or the receiver’s fax machine being busy or turned off. Rest assured that frequent updates and checks from CocoFax’s expert team ensure no glitches on your side in faxing documents.