CocoFax’s Service Level Agreement

At CocoFax, there is no downtime and the servers are up and running 24x7. We aim to provide our users with the best experience and continuously improve our services to provide you with the best.

1. Scope of Service

CocoFax offers incoming fax service and outgoing fax service to its users. Here is a brief description of these services:

Incoming Fax Service:

CocoFax assigns you your own fax number which you can share with anyone to receive faxes. When someone sends you any fax on this fax number, it is immediately sent to your CocoFax dashboard as well as your email inbox.

Through your email inbox, you can view the fax file, save it on your device, print it out, or forward it directly to someone else.

Outgoing Fax Service:

Outbound fax service provides you with a platform to send faxes to any working fax number all across the globe. The faxes can be sent through CocoFax’s online dashboard, or from the email client that you use.

Once a fax is sent, CocoFax sends you a delivery report in your email inbox. The delivery report confirms whether the fax was delivered successfully or not. Theoretically, the reasons for undelivered faxes lie at the receiver’s end, such as their fax machine being turned off.

2. Instant Activation of Free Fax Number

When you sign up for CocoFax, you will get the option to select your own fax number from the list of available numbers. The fax number you select is activated immediately once the signup process is complete.

3. Payment

For subscription plans of CocoFax, only selected payment methods are approved. These include payments via credit card and payment via PayPal.

4. Customer Support

CocoFax’s customer support team is available through email, at the address: [email protected].

The customer support team can be contacted at any time that you prefer, and the resolution is provided within 24 hours except on weekends.

5. Service Level Agreement Exceptions

Inevitable Accidents:

CocoFax will not be held responsible for damages if it cannot fulfil the statements listed in this SLA due to unforeseeable circumstances (such as Acts of God or national emergencies).

CocoFax Server Downtime:

Users will be notified of any downtime in CocoFax services 24 days to 3 hours prior to the downtime, whenever possible.

CocoFax is not liable for any failures of access circuits that are outside the control of CocoFax, issues related to DNS and DNS propagation, or any internet outages that can hinder the user’s access to the CocoFax network.

Errors on the User’s End:

CocoFax is not liable if the user commits an error on their end, which includes omissions, custom scripts or codes, ignorance to guidelines, improper conduct, or using CocoFax’s services in an unintended manner that breach guidelines set by CocoFax.