CocoFax’s PHIPA Compliant Faxing

CocoFax through procedural and technical security measures ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all faxes sent via its platform.

As a rule, healthcare organizations in Ontario, Canada must align their services and solutions with the PHIPA regulations. With CocoFax, these regulations are sure to be upheld.

The PHIPA, also known as Personal Health Information Protection Act is a Canadian legislation established in 2004 to regulate the collection, use and disclosure of the personal health information of residents of the country.

CocoFax has for years been devoted to helping EMR and healthcare providers in Canada send faxes to their partners, patients and families through secure routes, thanks to our first-class encryption methods and cloud communication processes.

Our platform’s architecture is in compliance with industry standards. To this end, users’ data is never disclosed to another party without permission by the account holder. In fact, only the account holders have the rights to dictate how their private information should be shared.

We support compliance with security features like user authentication, secure fax API and business associate agreement. Digital security is our hallmark. For this reason, we have incorporated advanced encryption protocols like RSA, PGP and 2048-bit SSL into our programs. It has been our practice for years to align businesses with PHIPA security standards.

Our PHIPA-compliant plans are not only among the best safeguarded offerings but affordable. We offer a wide range of healthcare plans. The price of each plan is determined by the page count of faxes to be sent.

Regardless of the plan, CocoFax supports unauthorized email addresses and storage of both received and sent faxes.

Not using a PIPAA-compliant fax service comes at a cost. In addition to risking the chances of your patient’s health records getting out to the public, you might also be required to pay a fine.

What Makes CocoFax The Ideal PHIPA-CompliAnt Online Fax Service?

Improved team productivity

In the health industry, every minute counts. With an organized audit trail system and delivery confirmations, you do need to waste time monitoring whether your faxes are delivered or not. Our faxing solution no doubt improves the productivity of your organization’s teams.

Simpler IT administration and audit trail

Our web platform is not only responsive but easy-to-use. On the platform is a dashboard that makes account administration relatively easy. Although multiple users are allowed to use a single account and one fax number, admins can assign different administrative access levels to their team members.

Via the dashboard, users can also get access to a complete audit trail for every fax sent or received.

CocoFax Signs BAA’s

One advantage CocoFax has over other faxing solutions is that they are a Business Associate. Therefore, users can enter a BAA agreement with us. With a signed BAA, there’s more assurance that the user’s business process requirements are met to the latter.

Encrypted document exchange

All documents faxed using our platform are protected by encryption technologies. Essentially, third parties cannot interfere with the document transfer.

Secure socket layer protocol

As it should be, our API access and web interface is only accessible via secure https connections. This limits the potential of malware eavesdropping on the documents transfer.

User authentication

We implement strict security procedures like auto-logoff and user authentication for extra faxing security. To access secure data on the platform, all system access points require user authentication.