How to Fax from Windows Computer

Searching for a fast and reliable online fax solution? Look no further. Once you start using CocoFax, you’ll no longer need any other online fax options. This is because CocoFax offers amazing premium features. CocoFax software for windows boasts a powerful system that works fantastically in window 7/8/10.

The Simplest Ways to Fax from Windows Computer

Step1 - Download CocoFax for Windows

Go to the download page of CocoFax and choose Download CocoFax for Windows. It’s all simple as that. Once the CocoFax software is installed, your PC will immediately upgrade into a portable, multi-functional, virtual fax machine, allowing you to fax anywhere anytime at your fingertips, with only a wireless connection needed.

    Step2 - How to use CocoFax for Windows

    You can directly login to the CocoFax software for Windows if you already have a CocoFax account. And there is nothing to worry about if you don’t own one. All you ever need is to click the 14-day free trial to get a new CocoFax account with a free fax number!

    Step3 - Send & Receive Faxes with CocoFax Software for Windows

    CocoFax makes sure that any user can go through the whole faxing journey with only four minor steps. CocoFax’s impenetrable encryption system will escort your private data along the way safely to its final destination.

    (1)Login to CocoFax.

    To send a fax, you simply have to click on the ‘New Fax’ button on the corner of the dashboard. This will open a fax creation popup.

    (2)Once the ‘New Fax’ popup has opened, enter the fax number of the receiver, which includes the recipient’s country code, state code, and his/her fax number.

    For faxes exchanged within the U.S.A, the sender needs to add ‘1’ before the fax number. If the state number of the fax receiver is 987 with his or her fax code being 6543210, the sender shall enter the fax number as +19876543210

    If you want to add a note to the fax, you can enter it in the ‘Add Text’ field.

    You can also add a cover page to the fax if you wish. This page will appear as the first page on the receiver’s end.

    (3)At last attach the document that you intend to fax. CocoFax supports multiple file formats including pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

    (4)Hit the ‘Send’ button after everything is ready. CocoFax will notify you of the delivery results in one minute or so.