Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is faxing useful in today’s day and age?

Yes, very much. Faxing offers a level of security and reliability that is second to none. Even when there are more popular communication methods available, people always tend to prefer faxing when it comes to business communication.

2. Do I need a fax machine in order to use CocoFax?

Not at all. You don’t have to use a fax machine or even a telephone line with CocoFax. You just need a working internet connection.

3. Which devices are compatible with CocoFax?

Any and every device which can connect to the internet is CocoFax compatible. This includes your smartphone, computer and tablet.

4. Can I send international faxes?

Yes, very easily. CocoFax offers you international faxing to any corner of the world conveniently, without any extra charges.

5. Will I get a fax number?

Of course. CocoFax gives you a free fax number without any cost. When you get a CocoFax subscription, you even get to choose a fax number of your own choice.

6. Do I need to download any app?

You don’t have to. With CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes through any web browser or fax through your email client’s application. The process is as easy as sending emails.

7. How will I see my received faxes?

You can check your received faxes at any time through CocoFax’s online dashboard. Your incoming faxes are stored here permanently for you to view.

8. What is CocoFax credit?

What is CocoFax credit?

CocoFax credit refers to a virtual product sold on CocoFax platform at the price of $1 per credit.

What can CocoFax credits do?

CocoFax credits can be used as an alternative for the number of fax pages sent and received outside the user package. When the page quota of your CocoFax account for the current month becomes insufficient, you can still send and receive faxes by purchasing credits on CocoFax platform.

Meanwhile, purchasing a certain amount of credits in advance can prevent users from the inability to receive important faxes when the available fax pages of your CocoFax account run out.


The fee for each extra fax page exceeding the monthly quota varies on the users’ subscription plans. You can learn more about it on CocoFax’s price page.

How to get credits?

You can purchase credits at CocoFax platform at $1 per credit.

Will my credits expire?

No. Unused credits will remain in your CocoFax account. You’ll never have to worry about the credits purchased now would expire next month, as long as you still have a CocoFax account.

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