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How to Fax a PDF

While there was a time when you had to print and fax a pdf document manually, technology has evolved since then. Now all pdf documents can be faxed directly from a computer. In fact, you do not even need to have a fax machine or a phone connection for the purpose.

PDF to fax can be done from any computer, be it a Mac or Windows PC. In fact, you can even use your smartphone to send and receive faxes. Most professionals find faxing through iPhone to be a boon they never saw coming. You could be taking a walk in the park and within a few clicks, your pdf document will be where it is supposed to be.

Part 1: CocoFax - The Online Fax Wizard

PDF files are basically information stored in a digital format on your computer or smartphone. However, fax machines operate on analogue signals. They are not even capable of reading a pdf file. Even if they were, transmitting a pdf file on phone lines (which are used by fax machines) is an impossible thing to do.

This is why you need an online fax service that translates the PDF information into a fax readable signal. And when it comes to faxing, not just any mediocre service will do. You need something secure, reliable, and feasible

What Do I Need to Fax a PDF with CocoFax

In order to fax a pdf, there is nothing much required. You will need the following things:

An Internet Connected Device:

You need a computer or a smartphone device that has an internet connection. You probably have this thing ready already.

A CocoFax Account:

Traditionally, computer and smartphone devices aren’t compatible with fax machines and fax signals. Therefore, this is where CocoFax comes into play.

CocoFax translates the fax communication to computer or smartphone communication and vice versa. This eliminates the need to get a fax modem, fax machine, or even phone connections. Everything happens through the internet on your end. For the receiver, it is all the same.

A fax number:

A fax number is necessary whether you wish to send faxes or receive them. CocoFax has you covered in this regard.

You can get a free fax number with CocoFax within a few seconds. You can use this number to send and receive faxes.

If you do not have a CocoFax account and a fax number, don’t worry. You can get these things easily with the guide below:

Ways to Fax a PDF?

With CocoFax, pdf to fax and fax to pdf is a child’s play. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it within a matter of seconds.

In fact, CocoFax offers you multiple ways to fax a pdf. These include:

Fax a PDF Through Web Browser

With your computer’s or phone’s web browser, you can access CocoFax’s dashboard interface. From this interface, you can send a fax or check on the ones that you have received.

Fax a PDF Through Email

Most people do not know this, but even your email is capable of sending pdf as a fax. Well, it cannot do it by default, of course. However, with CocoFax, everything is possible!

Fax a PDF Through Web Browser with CocoFax

Every phone or computer that is out there comes with a web browser preinstalled. Further, there are a number of web browsers that you can install on it.

You can use ANY of these web browsers to send or receive a fax. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Sending a PDF Fax through Web Browser

Step 1: Get a CocoFax account and enjoy their 14 days free trial period. When you sign up for CocoFax, you can even choose a fax number of your own choice.

14 days free trial

Step 2: When you sign up, CocoFax will take you to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can also go to your dashboard by logging into the CocoFax account.

Step 3: Through your CocoFax dashboard, you can select the ‘New Fax’ option to create a new fax. Here you can fill these fields below:

In the ‘To’ field, you can enter the fax number of the receiver who is going to get the fax document. You can also select multiple users at the same time by entering their fax number and separating them with a comma. There is also an option to create a cover page for the fax.

The note will appear on top of the fax document. The cover page is the first page of the fax document.

Now comes the most important part. You can select the attachment option and upload the pdf document that you wish to fax. Alternatively, you can also provide a link to the pdf document from your cloud drive storage.

Step 4: Once you are done with these steps, you can select the ‘Send’ option. CocoFax will transmit the fax to the receiver’s fax machine.

Once the receiver has received your fax document, you will get a confirmation message in the CocoFax dashboard. Even if the fax is undelivered for some reasons, you will get a message about the same.

**The most common reasons for fax being unsuccessful are that the receiver’s fax machine is busy, it is turned off, or the fax number you entered is incorrect. Theoretically speaking, there is no fault possible on CocoFax’s end since its an automated procedure.**

Receiving a PDF Fax through Web Browser

CocoFax automatically receives all the faxes you get on your fax number. These faxes are then saved to your Inbox on your CocoFax dashboard. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a thing or keep your device turned on 24x7.

Fax a PDF through Email with CocoFax

You can also fax through Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email client that you use. The steps are very simple and it is similar to the previous method we discussed of faxing through the web browser.

If you want to use your email client to fax, just follow the steps below:

Sending a PDF Fax through Email

Step 1: Sign up for CocoFax and avail their free services for 14 days. Make sure that you register the email address that you will use to fax. During sign up, you can also choose a fax number of your choice.

Step 2: Once you have registered your email address, you are ready to send PDF faxes. You have to open the email client on your computer or phone for this purpose.

For example, if you have a Yahoo email address, you can fax through Yahoo email website or use the Yahoo application on your phone or computer.

Step 3: Open the new email option that you use to create an email. Here you will have to fill in the fax details.

In the ‘To’ field where you generally enter the email address of the receiver, you will have to type their fax number followed by ‘@cocofax.net’. For example, if their fax number is 123456, the ‘To’ field will contain:

[email protected]

The subject and the email body field are optional. Whatever you enter in the subject field appears as a note to the fax document. Whatever you enter in the email body appears as a cover page to the fax document.

Here is the most important part: attach the pdf file that you want to be faxed to this email. This is the main fax document that the receiver’s fax machine will print out. Alternatively, you can also attach multiple fax documents.


Step 4: Hit the ‘Send’ button and CocoFax will receive the email and immediately translate and forward it to the fax machine of the receiver. Their fax machine will then print it out.

Once the fax transmission is successful, CocoFax will send you an email about the confirmation. Even if the transmission is unsuccessful, you will get an email about the same.

Receiving a PDF Fax through Email

You can get a free fax numberfrom CocoFax and anyone can send you faxes on this number.

When anyone sends you a fax, CocoFax intercepts the fax and converts it into a pdf document. This document is then forwarded to your email address that you registered.

Therefore, the whole process is automated and you do not even require a fax machine for it. All you need is CocoFax.

Things to Remember When Faxing a PDF

When you are faxing a PDF document, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • When using email to fax pdf, you need to enter the fax number of the other user followed by ‘@cocofax.net’. However, when using the CocoFax web dashboard to fax, you need to enter just their fax number.
  • Other than PDF, CocoFax also supports sending other document formats as faxes. In fact, you can even fax image files with CocoFax. However, the received faxes are only in PDF formats.
  • A fax number is mandatory whether you wish to send or receive a fax. Luckily, you can rely on CocoFax for this purpose. You can get a free fax numberwithin seconds with CocoFax.

Just keep these things in mind and using CocoFax will be like a walk in the park.

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As you have seen, sending or receiving a fax in the form of a PDF document isn’t a tricky affair. All you need is CocoFax, and you wouldn’t need any other fax service ever again.