How to Fax from Printer

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How to Fax From Printer

If you are here, you must have been wondering how to fax from the printer. Fortunately, we have a detailed guide for you with so many ways to fax from the printer. You will not find these ways anywhere else.

The different ways are for people with different types of printers and different requirements. There are even ways through which you can fax anyone for free!

So keep reading to find out about these awesome ways to fax from the printer:

Part 1: Types of Printers

When you are considering using a fax from a printer, you should first understand the types of printers that there are:

1. All in One Printers With Fax Capabilities:

Many printers that are available in the market nowadays come with fax ability already enabled on them. They have fax hardware inside them and you can see a ‘Fax’ button on the printer’s interface.

So if there is a ‘fax’ button on your printer, it is automatically enabled with the fax feature. You will find out how to use it in this guide.

2: All in One Printers Without Fax Capabilities:

Most printers that people use in homes or small offices are of this kind. They are multifunction printers that can Print, Scan, and Copy. However, they do not have fax hardware inside them beforehand.

Don’t worry, you can use an online fax service instead. Keep reading to find out how.

3. Single Function Printers:

There are also printers that have the basic print function but lack the function to scan. It is not really helpful to use this printer if you want to send a fax through a hard copy of a document.

However, you can use the online fax services too. It gives you the power of a high end fax machine without having to invest in one.

Now that you know different types of printers, check which type does your printer fall in. If you see a ‘fax’ button on the printer or if there is an inlet for phone line connection, the printer supports fax.

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Part 2: Fax Through Printer With Fax Capabilities

It might seem that faxing through a printer with fax capability would be easier than in the case of a printer without fax capabilities. However, the case is just the opposite.

If your printer has fax capabilities, it has to be plugged into the telephone cable (the phone line that you use with your landline). There will be a socket for telephone line already available on your printer.

Further, if you want to be able to receive faxes, the printer has to be turned on 24x7. If the printer is turned off, you would be missing out on the faxes that you receive at that time.

So let us go through the steps to fax through a printer with fax capabilities:

How to Fax through Printer with Fax Capabilities Using Printer Driver

Step 1: Make sure that you have made the necessary.connections. The printer must be connected to the telephone line and the computer. You can use your printer’s manual to learn its setup.

Step 2: Install the printer’s drivers on the computer. You can use the CD provided with the printer, or you can download its drivers from the internet.

Step 3: Open the document that you wish to fax. You will need to give the print command to fax it. You can find this under the File Option.

Step 4: In the Print option, you will see the options of the selected device in the menu. You will need to navigate to the fax enabled printer that you have connected with the printer.

Step 5: The printer’s menu will open in the popup. Here you will have to enter the receiver’s fax number. Once the details are filled, you can hit the ‘Send’ button.

Step 6: The printer will dial the receiver’s fax machine and transmit your fax. You will get a confirmation popup once the fax has been delivered. The printer might also print you a confirmation page.

Receiving a Fax through Printer with Fax Capabilities

If you want to receive a fax to your printer that is fax enabled, you will have to keep the printer turned on 24x7. If the printer is turned off, it will miss the fax that you are about to receive.

If the printer is turned on and connected to the telephone cable, when you receive a fax it will automatically get printed.

Most modern printers also come with a small amount of inbuilt memory. If the printer is out of paper, it can print the fax later when you give it the command.

However, if your printer doesn’t have fax capabilities, what then? Simple, follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

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Part 3: Fax Through Online Fax Solution

Since most printers come without fax ability enabled on them, how can you even use fax on them? Well, one option is to get the fax hardware added to it after you get it.

However, that is not really feasible economically. There is a much simpler and easy method through which you can fax without any additional hardware or using a printer at all. We will discuss about it now.

3.1 CocoFax- Power of a Fax Machine Without Having It

If you have that ordinary printer that doesn’t do much or if you do not have a printer at all, don’t worry. CocoFax is going to offer you the features of a high end fax system that is capable of sending and receiving faxes. And you don’t need a printer or a fax machine for that.

Cocofax is one of the biggest online free fax service providers in the market. It can do everything from sending a fax from your computer to sending fax even from a phone. And it allows you to do this in many ways, based on your convenience.

Requirements for Fax over Internet through CocoFax

If you want to fax without a fax enabled printer, you will need the following:

A device that connects with the internet

You can do this from both- a computer and a cell phone. All you need is a web browser and internet connection on the device.

CocoFax Account

You will have to get a CocoFax account. CocoFax will translate the information from your computer or cell phone to something a fax machine would read. You can try it out for free for a 14 day period.

Fax Number

You will need a fax number no matter which possible method you use for sending a fax. However, you can get a free fax number when you get a CocoFax account. In fact, CocoFax even lets you choose your own fax number.

As you can see there is no investment on any hardware of any kind. Therefore, this is the ideal method to follow. Now let us go through the steps to fax online.

3.2 How to Send and Receive Fax Online

Sending Fax

Step 1: Get a CocoFax account. You can opt for a Start Faxing if you want to try it before you buy it. You will also get a fax number of your choice.

Step 2: Ready the documents that you wish to fax. If you have a hard copy of the documents, you can put them through the document feeder of your printer and scan each one of them. Make sure you save the scanned copies on your computer or smartphone.

Otherwise, any document saved on your computer or even your cloud drive would do.

Step 3: Open the web browser of your device and login to your CocoFax account. You will be taken to your dashboard.

You can see a ‘Send Fax’ button on the corner of your dashboard. The Send Fax popup will open.

In the ‘To’ field, you will have to put in the fax number of the receiver who is going to get the faxes. You can add the subject too for the fax. It will appear as a note on the first page when the receiver gets the fax.

You can add a cover page to the fax in the field. It will be the first page of the fax. And for the most important part, you can upload the document that you scanned which needed to be faxed.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will dial the receiver’s fax machine. Once the fax is successful, you will get an email in your registered email ID confirming the transmission. If the fax isn’t successful, you will still get an email telling about the failed attempt along with the timestamps.

**Generally, faxes aren’t successful if the receiver’s fax machine is busy, it is turned off, or if the fax number is wrong. Theoretically speaking, there will be no fault at CocoFax’s end**

As you can see, the whole process is easy and simple. There is no additional hardware equipment needed.

Receiving a Fax

Receiving a fax is even simpler than sending it. Once you have registered the account with CocoFax (as mentioned in the previous section), you will have to do nothing at all.

CocoFax will automatically collect the faxes that you receive and show them in your inbox of the CocoFax dashboard. You can log into your dashboard to see the received faxes.

Not only that, but you will also receive the faxes in your email ID. The fax document will be added as an attachment.

Once you open the fax document on your device, you can print the ones that you like. It is as easy as that!

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Part 4: Things To Keep In Mind

When you are faxing from a printer (or thinking about starting it), you should keep the following things in your mind:

1. If you want to use a printer that is enabled with fax, you NEED to connect it to a telephone line all the time if you want to send and receive the faxes.

2. If you are using CocoFax to send your faxes through a computer or smartphone, there are many ways to do it. You can even do it on the go through your email using its email to fax technology!

3. If you do not have a fax enabled printer, you can try using a fax modem with your printer and computer setup to fax anyone. However, this is an unnecessary investment considering you can use a service like CocoFax without any additional hardware required.

4. It is compulsory to have a fax number no matter what method you follow to fax. If you are using a fax enabled printer connected to a telephone line, you will have to get a fax number yourself through the required channels.

5. Most people think that a wireless printer means that you won’t have to connect a telephone line to it in order to fax. However, that is not the case. Check wireless fax here


A wireless printer just means that you can connect it wirelessly to your phone or laptop. It doesn’t mean that it will get the telephone signals without a telephone wire. Remember that fax needs these signals to operate.

However, if you are using fax through CocoFax, you will get a free fax number! And the best part is that you can choose your own fax number.


This guide must have solved your query ‘how to fax from printer’ in all the possible ways. Now choosing which way to go with is totally up to you. Keep your requirements on one hand and what you have on the other.

If you are okay with using a telephone like and all the additional hardware, the fax enabled printer might be good. If you want a simple, feasible, and high end method, CocoFax is the best for it.