Best Fax Software for Windows

CocoFax is an efficient online Windows fax service that provides users with simple and effective solutions to sending and receiving faxes for personal and business use.

  • No Fax Machine and Fax Paper Charges
  • Unlimited Fax Storage
  • Send and Receive Faxes Instantly
  • Free Fax Numbers

5 Best Fax Software for Windows 10/8/7

Fax has been a preferred way of communication for big business setups. However, it became a less convenient way for people to carry fax machines and paper to send their messages. With the development of the technology, there are many online Windows fax applications available that help in progressively conveying the message.

Online fax tools have benefited people in terms of saving time, money, errors and helping businesses evolve in a professional way. This article will discuss the 5 best fax software for Windows.


CocoFax is an online fax software for Windows that helps to send and receive faxes with just an internet connection. Users can easily work with their laptops, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. It also allows you to send faxes from your mailing clients, such as Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

CocoFax notifies its users over successfully sending a fax, which is not observed across much online fax software for Windows. Furthermore, users can easily view their received faxes at any time across CocoFax's inbox.

What Makes CocoFax The Best Fax App For Windows

Some reasons make CocoFax better than its competitors when it comes to high-end features. Here, we will discuss those distinctive key points of CocoFax Windows software.

  • Free Fax Number
  • Users can get a free fax number from CocoFax, which most other fax apps do not offer. This fax number can be used to send and receive faxes, as long as you register with CocoFax using your active email address.

    choose fax number
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • CocoFax offers its users a very simple user interface to send and receive faxes. Users can manage their contact numbers easily by assigning groups. They can also turn on the email notification alert to avoid the missed reading of any important fax.

    CocoFax dashboard web
  • Integration with Google, Microsoft, and Slack
  • With CocoFax, users can send their online fax with Google, Microsoft, and Slack without landlines or phone lines attached. They can send faxes across any Google software, such as Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Drive, etc. Along with that, they can receive all the notifications of your sent and received faxes via Slack windows.

  • Unlimited Fax Storage
  • It is very convenient for users to access their sent and received faxes across CocoFax because of its unlimited storage. They have permanent access to all the faxes that have been managed in CocoFax.

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VentaFax is a fax software that offers seamless fax-conveying with reasonable packages. It offers a fully functional free trial of 30 days. VentaFax offers beneficial features, including the OCR technology that recognizes texts in images and converts them into editable texts. You can also create or use the customized cover pages using the cover page editor in VentaFax.

It also offers a built-in fax scheduler that helps in sending voice messages and faxes to multiple people with ease. Furthermore, it supports sending and receiving faxes in color. However, the platform only offers a Windows tool along with very expensive plans for its users. It has no live support for users, which makes it a bad option if any error occurs while sending faxes from the computer.


SnapFax is another fax software that is more useful for a usual user than for business professionals. SnapFax offers people to upload their faxes from multiple sources, including the photo library and PDF files of your computer and mobile devices. You can benefit from its editing features, including automatic cropping, black and white conversion, and de-skewing.

You can also add a signature, text notes, and date in your faxes. But this Windows platform is available across only 84 countries for users, which is quite less than other fax services. Along with that, users are not provided with options for uploading documents through cloud platforms.


RingCentral fax offers powerful faxing features and the best online support guidance. It is a web-based interface that works with mobile devices, web, and desktops without any inconvenience. RingCentral has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that users can upload their files from a computer, Dropbox, or Google drives.

The application has a rescheduling feature that helps in accommodating high-volume faxes. The service claims to be SSL-encrypted; however, it is not HIPAA-compliant. RingCentral provides users with only local fax numbers, with no access to international numbers. This downgrades it as a good option for Windows fax software.


Being one of the top recommendations for business organizations, Sfax is a cloud-based fax service that works online and for iOS devices. You can compose your fax with different images while sending your fax via Sfax. Faxes are secured under HIPAA compliance with SSAE16. You can send and receive unlimited faxes without any restriction or busy signals.

Using Mac or Windows, you can select 'Print' to open the interface to edit the document or send it to your contacts. However, many users have complained about Sfax being slow in executing the tasks across its platform. It takes a lot of time for this Windows platform to send faxes to an appropriate channel.

Wrapping Up

The guide concludes the beneficial features of CocoFax along with an introduction to other 4 Windows fax software. It also explains why CocoFax is a stand-out due to its high-level faxing features. You can use the Windows application of CocoFax with mere comfort and send faxes to multiple people at a time.