Best Fax Apps for Mac

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5 Best Fax App for Mac 2021

Mac users are often complaining about how their system doesn’t support the wide array of apps that are available for Windows Computers. Especially when it is about business users or professionals, they are often upset when they cannot find Mac versions of important utilities.

Especially when it comes to fax, Windows has its own Fax and Scan software. But what about Mac? How will you send and receive faxes from a Mac computer when there is no such facility available?

Well, it is simple. Just read this whole article and you will learn about so many apps that can send and receive faxes for you on your Mac computers. In fact, all of them can fax without phone lines, so you have nothing to worry about!

Best Fax App for Mac

Here is the list of best fax app for Mac, starting from the best of them and moving our way down from there:

Part 1: CocoFax

Mac computers are for professionals, and if you want a fax app for Mac that is equally professional, CocoFax is what you need. It is the most reputed online fax service that can send and receive faxes right from your Mac.

CocoFax is a very well established fax service provider which serves countless users all around the world. In fact, we often hear testimonies of how people are giving away their fax machines in order to use CocoFax.

And it is not just limited to faxing from your Mac. if you use a Mac at work and you wish to fax from home, CocoFax has got you covered there too. With CocoFax, you can fax from iPhone, Android phone, Computer, or any other internet connected device.

If you are wondering why CocoFax ranks on the #1 spot on this list, there are plenty of reasons for that. These include:

Why CocoFax is the Best Fax App for Mac

Multiple Fax Options

CocoFax gives you a variety of fax options to fax through your Mac computer. All you need is an internet connection and CocoFax has got you covered with the rest.

Reliable Fax Application

Fax is to for the communication of important documents. Therefore, you cannot just trust any mediocre fax service to do the job.

CocoFax is the most reliable fax service with a global user base. If you want to be totally certain that there are no errors committed, CocoFax is perfect for it.

Free Trial Period

CocoFax offers you a free trial period for 14 days! If you do not feel CocoFax is not the right app for you, you can cancel the subscription within the time frame and you won’t be charged anything at all. This is more than enough time to try out the service and know for sure.

There are many other reasons that put CocoFax above all its peers. When you start using it, it is assured you are never going to try any other online fax service.

Ways to Fax from Mac With CocoFax

If you wish to fax from computer but all you have is a Mac, CocoFax keeps you covered. It gives you a variety of ways through which you can fax from Mac very easily.

A couple of them include:

Fax from Mac through Web Browser

CocoFax lets you send and receive faxes on a Mac through the web browser. Mac comes with a Safari browser installed by default, and you can use any other browser on it as well. It is totally up to you.

Fax from Mac through Email

CocoFax's email to fax feature allows you to send and receive faxes right from your email client. You can open your email client on your web browser or through the email client’s app on Mac.

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Part 2: iFax

iFax is one of the best fax software for Mac. Like any other online fax service, you can use iFax to send and receive faxes online without the need for a fax machine or phone lines.

While the interface of iFax is good and simple like CocoFax, you can only get to try iFax for 7 days after which you would have to pay for the service. After that, you would have to pay for every fax that you send.

iFax has a downloadable app for Mac computers, which you can use to send and receive the faxes.

Part 3: FaxFresh

FaxFresh is a good fax app for Mac that is relatively unpopular that the rest of the entries in this list. However, if all you need is a simple solution to send faxes, FaxFresh can get the job done.

Since it is a simplistic application, the interface of FaxFresh is not exactly like a dashboard or even anything compared to it. Basically, what you do is upload the file, pay for it, and FaxFresh sends it to the receiver.

It is important to note that FaxFresh can only be used to send a fax. It is not going to assign you a free fax number, nor it is going to receive your faxes for you.

Part 4: eFax

eFax is a well established global fax company that is a good solution for faxing through Mac. it has good features and is comparable to our top picks.

Being a big brand, it has even acquired smaller online fax service providers into its platform. While this expanded the userbase of eFax considerably, it can also turn out to be disadvantageous at times.

Due to the wider and more spread userbase, the reliability of successful transmission is lower with eFax as compared to CocoFax. Further, you shouldn’t expect one on one attention from its support staff.

Also, eFax is one of the costliest online fax service providers that you will find.

Part 5: Fax Pro

FaxPro can be seen like an addon that lets you fax through your Mac computer. It can only be used for outbound faxes.

Further, Fax Pro only supports pdf formats when it is sending a fax. If your file is in another format, you cannot fax it through Fax Pro. Well, you could try converting it but most of the time it ends in glitches.

Also, you require some technical knowledge of fax in order to use Fax Pro. There are various settings you need to handle in order to configure Fax Pro correctly.

Which Fax App You Should Choose?

The fax app you choose is mostly dependent on what you need. However, since the basic purpose of all of these best fax apps is similar, choosing the perfect one for you becomes easy.

Apps like Fax Pro and FaxFresh are only good if you want to send a fax from Mac once or twice. These apps aren’t capable of receiving faxes. Further, they don’t even assign you a fax number to begin with. So these apps might not be the perfect choice.

Among the remaining apps, it is all a matter of features and price. Based on careful analysis, Coocfax has the least price, supports the most number of document formats, and gives you the most options to send and receive faxes.

Additionally, you get a free fax number (of your own preference) and you can try its services for 14 days. Well, what more could you ask from life? It doesn’t get any better than CocoFax!


In this guide you didn’t only learnt about the best fax apps, but you also saw how you can send and receive faxes on Mac through the best of the best.

Why don’t you run your Mac and try any app from this list and see how easy it is to fax? You might regret why you haven’t been using fax on Mac already!