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Internet Fax: How to Fax Over the Internet

Lately, many government agencies and businesses are pushing towards fax as their preferred method of communication due to the special advantages it provides.

This is why you can be in a need to send or receive faxes anytime on any day. However, it is not practical to use a fax machine for this purpose due to the huge investment costs it involves.

In fact, it might surprise you to know that even the people who have a fax machine are throwing it away to use the latest trend in fax technology- internet fax.

With internet fax, now it is possible to send faxes just through an internet connection without the need for telephone lines. And when you fax over the internet, you do not even have to use a fax machine. In fact, you can fax directly from your phone, computer, tablet, or any other internet enabled device.

You might be curious as to how this works. Don’t worry, you will find all the answers here in this guide today.

Part 1: Can You Fax Over the Internet

Before we discuss faxing over the internet, let us first answer the question- Can you actually fax over the internet? Well, if the answer was to be given in a single word, it would be a big YES.

However, most people who are knowledgeable about fax will find it hard to digest. This is because fax typically works on analogue signals on telephone lines. And the internet is a digital communication platform.

This is why it is not possible to use fax via the internet. However, there is a simple solution to this problem that bridges the gap - online fax service.

An online fax service provides you with the option to send and receive fax through the internet. All you have to do is subscribe to these services and they will do the rest of the work for you.

Further, online fax services also provide you with the comfort of not having to use hardcopies anymore. In this internet age, all the documents are present on your computer or cloud storage devices. With an online fax service, you can fax directly from these areas.

Part 2: How to Fax Over the Internet

When it is your faxes you are talking about, confidentiality and security are of the utmost concern. This is because people use faxes when they desire a secure medium to transmit information.

This is why you cannot just trust any third party online fax service for this purpose. You need something well established in the field, a reputed brand that already services countless users all over the world.

And here is one such online fax service that will NEVER disappoint you - CocoFax.

2.1 CocoFax- The Reason Why People Are Discarding Their Fax Machines

CocoFax is the most popular online fax service provider that is used by people to send and receive faxes through the internet. There are multiple ways through which people can use internet fax with CocoFax.

With CocoFax, there is no need to worry whether it is about sending a fax or receiving them. CocoFax does the job for you (in fact, in an excellent manner). There is no information that gets missed or misdelivered. Everything comes right to your fax inbox and everything goes right to the target fax machine, there are no stops in between, no other readers.

2.2 How CocoFax Works

The working process of CocoFax is simple and easy, at the same time making sure not a single bit of the information you are sending or receiving gets read by someone else.

When you are sending a fax through the internet, CocoFax receives this fax in a digital format. CocoFax’s automated interface translates the fax into something that a fax machine would understand, and it gets printed on the receiver’s fax machine.

When you are receiving fax through the internet, this same process works in reverse. The fax that someone sends you on your fax number gets received automatically by CocoFax and sent to your inbox which you can access through the internet.

Now an important question arises- Where will you get the fax number from? Well, since a fax number is compulsory and typically you have to jump through hoops to get one, CocoFax takes care of it for you.

Free Fax Number With CocoFax

You can get a free fax number if you are using CocoFax. People can send you faxes on this number that CocoFax assigns you. Not only that, this fax number will also be displayed on the faxes that you send to someone, so the other person has an address to send you a fax reply.

Ways to Fax Over The Internet With CocoFax

Basically, CocoFax offers you two ways through which you can fax over the internet. These include:

Fax through Web Browser

CocoFax has a dashboard based interface that opens on ANY web browser online. There is no app installation required for this purpose.

You can use this dashboard to send out faxes as well as check the faxes that you have received.

Fax Through Email

CocoFax also enables you to fax via email client. This is one of the most convenient features of CocoFax, and works just as you would be sending and receiving emails.

The great thing about this method is that you can use it to fax on the go. You could be in your office or taking a walk in the park, it would just require you to use your phone for a minute and your fax would be sent.

Part 3: Fax through Internet with Web Browser

Using your web browser to send or receive a fax is a piece of cake. This works on all web browsers, be it Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. All you have to do is follow these simple and easy steps:

Sending Faxes through Web Browser

Step 1: Sign up for CocoFax and avail the free trial period for 14 days. When you sign up, you will get the option to choose a fax number of your choice.

Step 2: When you have made a CocoFax account, you will be taken to your CocoFax dashboard. Alternatively, you can also access your dashboard by signing into your CocoFax ID.

Step 3: Once you are on your dashboard, click on the ‘Send Fax’ button. It will open the new fax creation popup.

In the ‘To’ bar of this popup, you can enter the receiver’s fax number. You can also send a fax to multiple people at once, by entering multiple fax numbers separated by commas.

Below the receiver’s fax address field, there is a field where you can enter any note to appear on top of the fax document on the receiver’s end.

You also have the option to create a cover page for the fax document. This page appears on the top of the fax document on the receiver’s end.

Lastly, and most importantly, you can attach the file that you want to be faxed. The supported formats are: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png, jpg.

If the file is on online drive storage, you can directly attach the link to that document. CocoFax will download it automatically for you.

Step 4: Once you have filled the necessary details, you can hit the send button. Before that, you should really double check the information you filled, especially the receiver’s fax number.

Once you have sent the fax, CocoFax will transmit it to the receiver’s fax document. When the fax is successful, you will get a notification of fax being successful in the Inbox of your dashboard.

You will also get a notification in your inbox if the fax wasn’t successful. Further, these notifications also get forwarded to your email as well.

**The most common reasons for the fax being unsuccessful are that the receiver’s fax number is incorrect, their fax machine is busy or it is turned off. Theoretically speaking, there will be no error on CocoFax’s end.**

Receiving Faxes through Web Browser

In order to receive faxes in your web browser, all you have to do is open your Dashboard and open the ‘Inbox’ tab on the left hand side.

You will find all the faxes that you receive here. Further, all the confirmation messages of the sent faxes are available here as well.

Faxes that are received on the fax number assigned to you by CocoFax are visible here. Therefore, if you want someone to send you a fax, you should share this number with the. This is automatically displayed on all faxes that you send out through CocoFax.

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Part 4: Fax through Internet Using Email

CocoFax’s email to fax solution allows you to send faxes through Gmail, Yahoo, or ANY other email client that you prefer. This might seem hard to fathom, but it is even easier than the fax via web browser method we just discussed.

In order to fax through email, just follow these steps:

Sending Faxes through Email

Step 1: Get a CocoFax account and register your email address with CocoFax. You can choose your own fax number when you sign up.

Step 2: Open the email client that you use. For instance, if you have a Gmail address, you can open Gmail on your web browser, phone application, or anywhere else.

Step 3: Select the option to compose a new email. You will be drafting your fax here.

In the ‘To’ field where you generally enter the email address of the receiver, you will have to enter their fax number, followed by ‘@cocofax.net’. For example, if their fax number is 123456, you will enter:

[email protected]

In the ‘Subject’ field, you can enter any note and it will appear on top of the fax document on the receiver’s end. This field is optional and you can leave it blank.

The email body can be used to create the cover page of the fax. Whatever you enter here will come as the first pages prior to the fax document. If you do not want a cover page, you can leave this field blank too.

Last and the most important step, you will now have to attach the fax document to the email. You can select the paper clip icon and upload the document that you wish to fax. You should make sure that the document’s name does not have any special character.

Step 4: Once all the fields are filled, you can hit the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will receive your fax and translate it for the receiver’s fax machine. The whole process is instantaneous and it will dial the fax machine in less than a second.

Once the fax is successfully transmitted, you will get an email in your inbox confirming that the receiver has got the fax document. If the fax is unsuccessful due to any reason, you will get an email in that case as well.

Receiving Faxes through Email

Receiving a fax through your email works on similar lines as we discussed in the method using the web browser. If there is any difference, it is just that receiving fax through email is even easier.

If you have registered your email ID with CocoFax as mentioned in this guide, CocoFax will automatically forward all the faxes you receive to your email inbox.

You can open this email that CocoFax sends you to check the received fax document. It is provided as an attachment to the email in a pdf format.

Don’t you just love how simple and easy it is to send and receive faxes via email? You can do it at work through your laptop, or you can use your iPhone to send a fax when you are sitting idle at home. The process is as convenient as you want it to be.

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Part 5: Things to Remember

Now that you have learnt how to fax over the internet, you should keep these following things in mind when you are trying out the process by yourself:

  • When faxing through web browser, you need to enter the receiver’s fax number in the ‘To’ field. However, when you are faxing through the email client, the receiver’s fax number needs to be followed by ‘@cocofax.com’.
  • Generally, when the fax is undelivered, the error is present on the receiver’s end, like the fax machine is busy or it is turned off. So if you get a fax delivered message, you should recheck the fax number you entered and try again in a while.
  • When you send a fax, do check the confirmation message sent by CocoFax. If you do not, the miscommunication might lead to a loss of information
  • When faxing through email, it is irrelevant which email client you use. You can use Gmail or fax through Yahoo mail or any other client as well.

Rest assured, the whole process is simple, easy, and reliable. As millions of users are already using CocoFax, all your faxes will be taken care of with utmost sincerity.


If you were wondering about what is internet fax and how to fax over the internet, after reading this guide there is going to be no question at your end.

Even if there is, just give CocoFax a try and see for yourself how simple the whole process is. Thank us later!