Best Fax App for iPhone

CocoFax features an all-in-one fax service that offers users a getaway solution from traditional fax machines, with opportunities to maximize the growth of the business.

  • Send and Receive Faxes on iPhone Instantly
  • Encrypted and Secure Fax Servers
  • Instant Notifications for Received Faxes
  • Offer Free Fax Numbers

5 Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone in 2022

You might encounter some situations when you need to send a fax without having a fax machine. Now you can use fax apps to send a fax via your iPhone. However, it is important to select the right app to avoid facing the problem of data leakage. So, this article will list the top 5 free fax apps for iPhone in the market.


CocoFax is one of the most reliable and secure fax apps for iPhone, which is dedicated to providing better business communication. Users are able to send and receive faxes on their mobile phones with CocoFax. The tool also supports Web app, Mac app, Chrome Extension, etc.

It has premium cybersecurity measures that protect your faxes from being leaked. CocoFax allows you to schedule the faxes to be sent at a specific date and time. Moreover, users can manage all the fax numbers to either move to the blacklist or assign to a group.

For every fax that they send, users can receive email notifications stating the fax is sending successfully or not. However, they can have it turn on or off according to their requirements. Along with that, CocoFax has an email to fax feature, which means users can send and receive faxes with just their emails.

Why CocoFax Ranks As The #1 iPhone Fax App

It is not wrong to say that CocoFax is the best iPhone fax app, offering vast and efficient features for its users. Here are a few reasons:

  • Free Fax Number
  • CocoFax offers its users a free fax number when they are signing up on the platform. Furthermore, users can add an extra fax number into their account by purchasing it at a lower price.

  • Invite Team Members and Assign Fax Numbers
  • With the help of the CocoFax app, you can invite up to five team members to your corporate services if you own a business plan. Users who own an enterprise plan can invite unlimited team members. The app also lets you assign several numbers to different team members.

  • Multiple Integrations
  • CocoFax is integrated with a variety of impressive tools, such as Slack, Google, and Microsoft. This benefits the users that they are not only able to send and receive faxes through CocoFax’s dashboard, but also a certain tool that integrates with CocoFax.

  • Compliances and Support
  • CocoFax ensures the security of the transmission and provides various compliances, including HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA, and SOC Type II Certified. The 24/7 support team is available to help the customers solve their issues.

Easy Fax

With a 3-day free trial for new users, and a clean interface & powerful features, Easy Fax is one of the best iPhone faxing solutions to send and receive faxes. Scan documents effortlessly with the built-in advanced scanner, ensuring clear, professional faxes. It also allows you to send faxes by importing from album, iCloud or your device, with built-in editing and signing tools.

Every fax you send and receive is securely stored online within your account. With features such as document merging, the ability to customize document contrast, and real-time fax tracking, Easy Fax makes you wonder how you ever managed without it.


FAX.PLUS is an iPhone fax solution for almost every organization. It allows the users to send and receive fax internationally and locally with high security. The app is easy and free to use but also offers flexible pricing if you are willing to buy it. FAX.PLUS has improved its system of managing heavy graphical documents, which increases its use across small and large enterprises.

Its cross-platform system allows you to send a fax through the iPhone easily. You can schedule the faxes to be sent at a definite date and time. FAX.PLUS uses the secure cloud infrastructure, so the app user is entirely free of paperwork and fax machines.

However, FAX.PLUS offers fewer pages per month than other online fax service tools in the same price range. It also has a signing feature but the user can only sign their fax documents only through the mobile application of FAX.PLUS. This can be a significant drawback for its online users.


For a cost-effective and modern way to fax, here is another fax app for iPhone that offers more powerful faxing features. RingCentral aims to free you from outdated hardware. It has an encrypted connection so that you can keep your online account secure. RingCentral lets you choose and manage local, toll-free, or vanity numbers.

Users can also design, preview, and print faxes electronically. The app is integrated with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, which make the faxing of documents easier and quicker. It provides you text message alerts, scheduled faxing, and web-storage support.

One of the major drawbacks of using RingCentral is the absence of a digital signature tool. RingCentral also lacks two-factor authentication options, which downgrades it as a secure fax tool.


eFax is an iPhone fax app that can receive and send faxes without a phone line. You can fax the documents quickly with its user-friendly interface. All the faxes will be stored online on your account so that you can retrieve them anytime.

This enables you to find and download the stored faxes instantly from your eFax portal or app. eFax assists its users with the large file-sharing feature. You can send high-resolution images, presentations, and files to up to only 20 recipients at a time.

eFax has displayed multiple bugs in providing service of efficient fax receiving. Along with that, if the user accidentally has their accounts locked, the administrator cannot unlock the account for them, which makes it extremely difficult to manage.

JotNot Fax

JotNot Fax is another online fax app that can be used to send and receive faxes on your iPhone. All you need to do is scan the document using a phone camera and upload it to send to the entered fax number. It offers flexible pricing options. The app comes with a built-in scanner which makes the document sending process handy. Moreover, you will get a notification when you send or receive a fax.

However, JotNot Fax does not offer any customer support for its users. It is also quite expensive as compared to other fax services. Along with that, this online tool does not cater to any impressive features, such as attaching documents from cloud services.


There are numerous applications that allow you to send and receive your faxes on your iPhone easily. This article has introduced the 5 best free fax apps for iPhone. Therefore, you can pick one of them to fulfill your needs.