Fax From Mac

Mac and fax machines often operate on two different systems. With online fax service providers like CocoFax, these two can be integrated as one, bringing your workforce a fast and convenient faxing experience.

  • Black spam faxes
  • Multiple fax recipients
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Send faxes to multiple people in one click

How To Send And Receive Faxes on Your Mac?

Did you know that faxing has been around for more than 160 years? And it is still effective and, despite what many initially believed, is only continuing to grow in popularity and use. This is because faxing remains one of the most secure, easier to use, and better suited for our current work habits than computer-based or smartphone-based digital messaging.

Faxing is used in offices worldwide because it is indeed the most efficient way to share secured documents and information in a business setting. They are also preferred over emails in many cases as they are better recognized as a legally valid form of sharing information. In addition, there is very slow acceptance for electronic signatures and emails, making faxes the most preferred medium when legalities are involved.

And the best part of faxing is that it has managed to evolve and integrate with newer technologies.

The CocoFax solution is one such modern age iteration of the beloved faxing solution that lets you fax from anywhere without being dependent on a physical fax machine, paper, or toner.

With CocoFax, You can fax instantly without any need for a waiting period and make sure none of your faxes are missed. It is safe, secure and provides encryption to add extra layers of security. Here are some of the benefits of the CocoFax solution.

How To Send Faxes From Your Mac Using CocoFax

Before CocoFax, there were quite a lot of mind-numbing steps that took to finally get your fax messages sent.

There are multiple ways you can use CocoFax with your Mac

  • Use CocoFax’s Mac app. Once downloaded, you can directly sign in with your CocoFax account and start faxing.
  • Use CocoFax’s web app. This web app can be accessed by any web browser from a Mac computer or even a smartphone device. You can enter your dashboard page by logging in using your account details and start sending faxes right away.
  • Use Email to fax technology - This service from CocoFax lets you send faxes by integrating your email client with the CocoFax solution. You can then send faxes to any fax machine once you connect your email client app with the CocoFax solution.
  • Use CocoFax’s Google or Microsoft add-on. By integrating CocoFax’s online services with your work system, you get to fax directly from your Google or Microsoft account.

To use CocoFax services, you will have to create an account at the CocoFax site and get your free fax number.

  • Choose your fax number by entering your country/area, number type, and area code.
  • FAX

    • Click on Next.
    • If you have already registered on CocoFax, it will take you to your CocoFax dashboard.
    • If not, you may have to create an account on CocoFax.
    • In the dashboard, click on ‘Send Fax’ in the right corner of the screen.
    • The Send Fax page will open, which you can fill in to send Fax.
    • Finally, click on Send Now to send the fax.

    Receiving Faxes Through Email With CocoFax

    • CocoFax allows you to receive faxes through Gmail. For this, you should have registered yourself on CocoFax along with your email address. Once done, you can receive the fax automatically.
    • To receive faxes on CocoFax, you need to reserve a fax number on CocoFax. CocoFax gives this option during the registration process itself. As you receive a fax, CocoFax immediately sends it to your email address. It will contain all the details of the sender as well.
    • The emails come with an attached document. To view the content of the fax, you need to download the attachment.


    As you can see, sending and receiving faxes on Mac is easier with CocoFax. All you need to do is register yourself on the platform and get started.