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Fax online with ease

All employees can send faxes from various devices including computers, laptops, or smartphones. And all faxes sent are stored in the cloud.

Multiple work app integrations

CocoFax speeds up your fax efficiency by allowing you to fax from Google, Microsoft and emails like Gmail.

Advanced admin panel

Business users can add or delete team members under their CocoFax account to manage different fax numbers.

Manage faxes with labels

By labelling your faxes, you get to organize your fax communications in an efficient manner.

Prevent spam faxes

With one click, you can block unwanted fax senders from their spam fax messages.

Fax delivery reports

Users can receive a fax status notification informing if the fax is being delivered successfully or not.

Enjoy The Benefits CocoFax Has to Offer for Enterprises

Implement CocoFax’s secure and easy-to-use online fax services now to speed up your business communications with clients. You can even keep your existing fax number when choosing CocoFax’s services so as to save costs on updating your contact info on your website, brochures and business cards.


Connect your business system with CocoFax

You can integrate your business system such as spreadsheets, content management systems, scheduling tools and so on, with CocoFax’s cloud services through API connection. CocoFax enables you to easily manage a whole fax team as the account admin as well as strengthen the internal collaborations of your team.

HIPAA-Compliant to guarantee data security

CocoFax is compliant with multiple top security standards including HIPAA and PHIPA, protecting your confidential data with layers of protection such as 2FA and 256-bit encryption while speeding up your communication efficiency.


Move your fax system on the cloud

Moving your faxing infrastructure to the cloud frees up office space that would have otherwise been occupied by bogus fax machines. All you need in this case is an internet-enabled device and a working email address. There is no need for dedicated computers or creating desk space or counter spaces.

Comparing Chart of Web Faxes for Enterprises of All Sizes

CocoFax offers programmable API adaptable to any business system, which is designed to boost employee productivity and facilitates management.

Free Fax (No Credit Card Required)
Free Trial (Credit Card Required)
Free Custom Fax Number
Fax Number Porting
No Setup Fee
Email to Fax
Unlimited Fax Storage
Multiple Fax Recipients
International Coverage
MultipleTeam Members
Android App
Windows Fax Software
Mac Fax App
Slack Integration
Microsoft Add-on
Chrome Extension
G Suite Add-on
Archive to Google Drive Automatically
Manage Labels
Retry for Failed Faxes
Scheduled Faxing
Add Additional Fax Numbers
Fax Cover Sheets
SMS Notification
Email Notifitication/Confirmation Email
Two-Factor Authentication
HIPAA Compliant
Live Chat

Get Higher Volume of Faxes with Less Money

CocoFax’s enterprise fax solution not only eliminates costs brought by traditional faxing facilities but also saves fortunes for companies with a huge demand for faxes.

Fax Pages Per Month60100150300
Entry Level Price Per Month$7.99$5.99$16.95$9.99
Custom (Vanity) Fax Number Fee$0$19.99-$29.99$0$0
Setup FeeFreeFree$10Free
Total Fee Per Month$7.99$26-$36$26.95$9.99
Cost Per Additional Page$0.05 - $0.2$0.03 - $0.2$0.10$0.05

Enhance productivity, save time and slash cost with CocoFax solution

Using CocoFax cuts down operating and maintenance costs that would have otherwise been incurred by using outdated faxing machines. It also saves time and improves the productivity of HR and other members of staff who have it in their daily routines to treat faxes and send some out.

Start Faxing

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