The Outstanding Faxing Features

Free Fax Number

CocoFax reduces your operating cost by providing you a free fax number. You can choose between a local and a toll-free number.

Automated Fax Sending

Nonprofits can now automate their faxes thanks to CocoFax. It allows you to quickly schedule your faxes and enable automated transmission of failed faxes.

Email Faxing

CocoFax allows you to transmit faxes securely through your Gmail account, bringing the simplicity and convenience of emails to faxing.

No Compliance Issues

CocoFax abides by PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and PHIPA compliance rules, which protect the information and data of NGOs through encrypted faxing operations.

Customized Fax Cover

Nonprofits can use CocoFax to add cover graphics to their faxes with a single click. This functionality will allow you to impress recipients right away.

No Hardware Required

CocoFax helps NGOs send and receive faxes from computers, eliminating the need for manual handling and paper trails. You can also save money on the fax machine and the maintenance costs.

What’s So Special About CocoFax?

CocoFax avoids the inherent complexities of traditional faxing. It provides nonprofits with the extraordinary ease and mobility to fax anywhere, anytime using a paperless faxing technology that eliminates the need for bulky fax machines.



CocoFax enables cloud faxing with Google applications, say Gmail and Google Drive, and Microsoft Word from various operating systems such as Windows or Mac.

Speed of Delivery

Take use of CocoFax's rapid faxing service to avoid printer troubles, paper shortages, non-functioning fax machines, and wasted conveyance time.


Go Eco-friendly

CocoFax reduces your nonprofit's carbon footprint by removing the paper-based faxing procedure, benefiting the environment, and conserving resources.

Best Fax Comparison Chart for Nonprofit Organization

CocoFax provides special cover templates for non-profit companies to enhance professionalism and makes their voice heard with a free international fax number.

Free Fax (No Credit Card Required)
Free Trial (Credit Card Required)
Free Custom Fax Number
Fax Number Porting
No Setup Fee
Email to Fax
Unlimited Fax Storage
Multiple Fax Recipients
International Coverage
MultipleTeam Members
Android App
Windows Fax Software
Mac Fax App
Slack Integration
Microsoft Add-on
Chrome Extension
G Suite Add-on
Archive to Google Drive Automatically
Manage Labels
Retry for Failed Faxes
Scheduled Faxing
Add Additional Fax Numbers
Fax Cover Sheets
SMS Notification
Email Notifitication/Confirmation Email
Two-Factor Authentication
HIPAA Compliant
Live Chat

Cost-effective Online Fax Solution for Nonprofits to Benefit

CocoFax offers the best prices across the internet. Non-profit organizations no longer need to worry about heavy expenses on the traditional paper-guzzling fax machines.

Fax Pages Per Month60100150300
Entry Level Price Per Month$7.99$5.99$16.95$9.99
Custom (Vanity) Fax Number Fee$0$19.99-$29.99$0$0
Setup FeeFreeFree$10Free
Total Fee Per Month$7.99$26-$36$26.95$9.99
Cost Per Additional Page$0.05 - $0.2$0.03 - $0.2$0.10$0.05

Send Faxes Faster

Add beautiful covers to your faxes and send them online. Faxing is a lot easier with CocoFax. Avail of its unlimited list of features for paperless communication on the go. Sign up now!

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