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How to Send a Fax to the UK

Do people still fax in 2022?! It is common to get a few stares down the hallway when you loudly tell friends you want to fax a document somewhere, say UK. These folks are probably stuck with eidetic memories of bogus fax machines, messy toners and ruffled papers.

However the faxing technology has turned a corner. You can now fax to the UK, and anywhere across the globe in a flash without the massive fax machine. This article updates you on the evolution from traditional to online fax, educates you on things you need to fax, among other things.

What Are the Methods for Faxing to the UK

There are a lot of ways through which you can fax documents to the UK.

Using a fax machine is definitely the most traditional one. The process starts with dialing the fax number consisting of UK’s country code and UK area codes. You then feed the document through the machine and send.

More than that, there are also many other options available offered by modern technology such as faxing via PC, cellphone, email, Google, Microsoft etc with a reliable online fax service.

A recommended choice is CocoFax. To fax documents with this application, all you need is an internet connection.

If you are dialing England or the United Kingdom, the recipient’s fax number will be a combination of the country code +44 – area code – local number.

By entering the recipient number and uploading the document needed to be faxed, you are good to go!

Online fax vs. Traditional fax

The traditional way of faxing has been sending documents via a fax machine. However, this method is characterized by delays from jammed papers, finished toners and a myriad of other problems.

By comparison, online fax is an improved method befitting of the 21st century. There are many sub methods under this faxing category including faxing via email, Google Drive, web platforms etc.

A common method of sending fax to the UK is via Gmail with CocoFax. Hence, we will be taking you through the steps involved in faxing through Gmail:

  •    Sign up to CocoFax platform. First time users are given a 14 days free trial open. Then, choose a fax number. It is important that you use the email address you want to use to send and receive faxes.
  •    Open the Gmail app on mobile or on your browser.
  •    In the ‘To’ field, enter the recipient’s country code and fax number with ‘@cocofax.net’ extension.
  •    Click “Send”.

What is needed to fax to the UK?

Regardless of what method you choose to fax you document, some things must be in place.Some of them include:

Document: This is the object you want to fax to your recipient. It is usually a scanned copy of an image file or confidential document you want to send via a more secure network.

Fax service: A traditional fax machine or a modern online fax service is a must when it comes to faxing documents. The fax device scans your document, takes it through a number of processes before delivering it to the recipient.

Internet connection: Without a good internet connection, faxing documents via mail, Google Drive or any web platform shall not be possible.

Also, make sure you enter the fax number in the right format: Country code+area code+fax number. Here are some of the codes for dialing internationally to UK

CityArea code
Belfast City28

Things you should know when faxing in the UK

The following are etiquettes you should take note of when sending your documents. They include:

  •    Use a cover sheet
  •    Clearly state the number of pages on the cover sheet
  •    Make the message as succinct and straightforward as possible

Popular problems are inserting the wrong dialing code or getting the ‘number busy’ report from the other end. Check through your codes to make sure they are correct. If you get the ‘number busy’ report, retry during the UK's working hours.

Noise typical of long distance calls can result in data loss during transmission. Should this happen, reduce the baud rate to 9600baud.