Fax to Mexico

Cocofax provides a cost-effective alternative to fax machines and in-house fax servers, ideal for your business growth and high-volume faxing.

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How to Fax to Mexico

Fax may seem outdated yet many organizations still favor faxing in Mexico due to the luxurious security it provides. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where information security and transmission speed are highly valued, CocoFax is no doubt the best solution for you.

CocoFax allows you to fax to Mexico with its feature-rich offerings such as fax from Google, Microsoft, email, cellphone, Mac, Windows and so on.

What's the Best Way to Fax to Mexico?

Traditional fax machines and telephone faxing have always been the age-old methods of faxing to Mexico, which requires additional costs such as landlines, toners and paper.

However, internet faxing has emerged in recent years as one of the most preferred parameters of business communication.

Faxing online is one of the easiest and smoothest ways of delivering information and essential documents. You can directly send faxes from your computer or even your Gmail ID. It is a great cost-effective alternative to traditional faxing.

CocoFax offers an online platform where you can fax to any part of the world instantly at your fingertips with any e-device of your choice. It is safe, secure, and fully encrypted with no setup fees required. More than that, it also gives you an entirely free fax number and a 14-day free trial.

What's Needed to Fax to Mexico?

With online faxing by your side, you get to send your faxes easily to Mexico even without a landline phone or a fax machine. All you need to do is figure out whether the provider offers a dedicated fax number in your region and whether it supports sending faxes to Mexico.

Always make sure you enter the fax number in the right manner: country code+area code+number

Following are some of the area codes of different cities in Mexico

CityArea Code
San Lui Potosi444

How to Fax to Mexico?

It’s necessary to add the country code and area code before the fax number if you want to fax to Mexico. Mexico has a country code 52. Since it’s not part of the North American Alternative Plan, you are required to dial 011 as the international prefix.

With CocoFax, you can choose several ways to fax to Mexico, and some of them are:

  •   ●   Fax from Computer
  •   ●   Fax from Gmail
  •   ●   Google fax
  •   ●   Email to Fax
  •   ●   Fax from web

Take “fax from the web” as an example.

With only 3 steps, you can fax anywhere with only an internet connection needed:

1.Visit the homepage of CocoFax at any type of web browser, and get a new fax number by entering your email address at the CocoFax homepage. Or login to CocoFax if you already have an account.

2.Hit the button “New Fax”. Enter the recipient’s fax number and upload the file.

3.Click “Send”. In one minute or so, you will receive an email notifying you of the fax delivery success.

Things You Should Know When Faxing to Mexico

There might be times when you would wind up with a lousy internet connection. Under such circumstances, you will need to baud rate on your end to attain a smooth, carefree transmission. Also, you need to maintain fax etiquettes like attaching a fax cover, being sure of what you are sending across, sending unsolicited one-pagers only. In case of lengthy documents, consider overnight mailing.