Fax to Germany

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How to Fax to Germany

Fax is a process of sending and receiving documents with a telephonic transmission approach. The device used to send and receive documents is called a fax machine. The scanner on a fax machine accepts the data being transmitted as a fixed graphic image, converts it into a bitmap and then sends it to the receiver.

What's the best way to send a fax to Germany?

One can send a fax to Germany using a fax machine or through online fax.

Fax machine works by scanning the file on one end and then transmitting it on the other end, with the help of landlines, paper and toner. Once the favorite for business communications, it has faded into insignificance due to the additional costs in terms of maintenance, paper purchase and space.

Online fax is the latest and popular way to send a fax. It not only saves your time and office expending but also helps you work smarter and safer.

What's needed to fax to Germany?

You should use (+49) as Country code, which is to be followed by area code then a personal contact number. Here is the list of the cities with their respective area codes. Here are the respective area codes of different cities in Germany.


How to send a Fax to Germany?

There are different methods to send a fax to Germany such as email to fax, fax from Google, fax from web etc. Using CocoFax user-friendly interface you can send your fax to Germany. It allows you to send Fax without a dedicated Phone connection. Follow these simple steps and complete the process.


You can start with CocoFax’s 14 days’ free trial. You will get a free fax number.

You can also choose the number on your own. After the signing up process, you will be redirected to CocoFax Dashboard.


Now to send a fax, you just need to select the “new fax” option from the dashboard, it will open a fax creation box where you can draft your fax.


Enter the receiver's fax number and add a subject line. Now Attach the file from your computer.


Now select the “send” option and see your document getting faxed to the receiver.

Once the fax gets delivered you will get a confirmation on your registered email address.

In the whole process, sometimes, the user faces many problems like connection issues, data loss, and more. A sender needs to follow basic faxing etiquettes like the use of a cover sheet- cover sheet gives an idea to the recipient regarding the fax's content. Always enter correct contact details- A sender needs to make sure that all the receiver’s details like email, contact, and area code are correct.

All these steps will surely help the sender send a fax to Germany & share their essential data and documents.

Things You Should Know When Faxing to Germany

In the process of sending fax sometimes, the user faces a lot of problems like connection issues, data loss, etc.

A sender needs to follow some basic faxing etiquettes like:

Use of cover sheet: It gives an idea to the recipient regarding the content of the fax.

Always enter correct contact details: A sender needs to make sure that all the details of the receiver like the email, contact, area code is correct.