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How to Fax to China

Sending a fax to China is easier than you think. In short, simple steps, you can fax your documents – in one piece - to the most populated country on the planet. Perhaps you do not have a fax machine or simply don’t know how to go about it. Then this article is a must-read for you.

This article discusses how to fax to China, highlights the steps involved, recommends the best method for doing so, points out what you need to fax and things you should bear in mind before faxing to China.

What's needed to fax to China?

There are only few things you need to fax documents or images from your current locale to China such as:

Fax device: UUsing a brilliant fax service, you can have your documents faxed to China in very few minutes. A very good option is CocoFax. This service eliminates the need for working with fax machines that need heavy maintenance. Indeed, all you need is a good internet connection and an internet-enabled device.

Documents: There is no faxing if there are no documents to send. The documents are usually those sheets of paper you want to send via a fax machine or digitally to China, containing information that you wish to keep private.

Area code: Always make sure you enter the fax number in the right manner: country code+area code+number.

Let us take a look at some of the cities in China and their area codes

CityArea code

How to fax to China

There are several ways in which you could fax your documents safely and quickly. Some of the most used methods for transmitting fax documents to China include traditional fax machines and a more optimized method, an online fax service.

One of the most popular online fax service providers is CocoFax. With CocoFax, your computer functions like a high-end virtual fax machine. Access its web platform, download its app or simply integrate its add-on into your Google or Microsoft account from a Mac or Windows PC, you can fax your documents to China and elsewhere. It also gives you a free fax number.

First things first, sign up on the platform and register on the 14-day free trial subscription. Afterward, click on the ‘send fax’ button placed at a corner of the dashboard to send a fax. This opens a fax creation box where you are expected to draft your fax.

After entering the recipient’s fax number and uploading the document you want to fax, you can now hit the send button. The format of China’s dialing code is China country code - China area code - fax number.

At the click of the button, CocoFax receiver automatically transmits your fax.

Online fax vs. Traditional fax

Online faxing distinguishes itself from the traditional means of sending fax in the way it allows people to work smarter and quicker in a paperless cost-effective way. In other words, your faxes are sent via web pages instead of the traditional fax machines.

Online fax guarantees a more flexible approach to sending your documents in ways you couldn't have imagined. There are many ways to send your fax via online platforms. They include: email fax, fax from web, and fax from Google Drive, Microsoft and cell phone. Here are some steps involved in sending your fax via web platforms;

As soon as you register on an online fax platform, you are assigned a unique number through which you can send the faxes out. People can also use these unique digits to send faxes to you via any medium of their choice.

The online platforms also offer much flexibility with a variety of options available to you. Some of the platforms that offer online faxing include; email, Google Drive, Microsoft and web.

Steps involved in sending fax via CocoFax web platform

  •    Login to the CocoFax webpage if you already have a CocoFax account. If you don’t have one, register at cocofax.com and get a new fax number.
  •    Attach and upload the document needed faxing. CocoFax supports formats like PDF, jpg, jpeg, png, doc,docx, xls, xlsx, tiff
  •    Input the recipient’s fax number in the following format: country code+86 area code+fax number
  •    Hit the button “Send” and wait for notifications about the fax delivery status in minutes.
  • Things you should know when faxing to China

    Faxing etiquette are of the essence when faxing documents to China, especially when you are transmitting information to large companies. Keep the following tips in mind while sending your faxes

    •    Use a cover sheet
    •    Clearly state the number of pages on the cover sheet
    •    Make the message as succinct and straightforward as possible

    If you do not get a response from the other end while faxing or the number is always busy, try resending the fax during the normal business hours of China, as there might be issues on the other side such as jammed papers or the fax machine running out of ink.

    Also, you should cross check the digits on the country code 86 so as not to send your fax to the wrong recipient.