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How to Fax to Canada

Fax may sound old-school, but it is a widely used mode of communication, especially for business purposes. With the emergence of technologies like online fax and high-speed internet, this faxing trend is likely to continue. In this article, we’ll explain how you can send a fax to Canada.

What's needed to fax to Canada?

To send a fax to people living in Canada, you need to follow the proper procedures. One essential is the country dialling code and area code:

Canada dialing code: 1

Canada area code: 3-digit code unique to each province

Canada local number: A 7-digit number unique to each user

So the fax number should look like this: 1-xxx-yyyyyyy. Unique-10-digit-code.

Here are Canada international codes for major cities:

CityArea code
Quebec City418/581
Nova Scotia902

How to fax to Canada

You can send fax to Canada using the old traditional method. At the bare minimum, you’d need a fax machine connected to a landline phone. The receiver in Canada should have fax equipment as well.

Depending on your fax machine, you’ll set your headers, place the page in the machine, enter the fax number, and hit “Send”. This will send the fax to the recipient in Canada. A confirmation message like “Pages Sent” should confirm the transmission.

The most modern and popular approach is online fax. Services like CocoFax make it incredibly easy to send a fax in a variety of ways, including sending from your computer, Gmail, Google, cell phone and Mac.

You only need to sign onto the CocoFax program, upload the documents, put in the 10-digit number and send the fax.

Online fax vs. Traditional fax

Here are some key differences between traditional fax and online fax:

  •    Online fax doesn't need fax machines or ink refills to operate, while traditional fax does.
  •    You have to send faxes one by one if you're sending them to multiple people, but with online fax you can send to numerous recipients with one single click
  •    Online fax can be used anywhere with an internet connection, while traditional fax is limited to the space where the fax machine is located.

That being said, let's see how online fax works. Since most of you are familiar with Gmail service, why not use that as an example?

But before that, you need a third-party service like CocoFax that'd translate analogue telephonic signals to digital signals. Now register CocoFax and get a fax number with your Gmail address to send and receive faxes.

After you're done with it, follow the process below,

  •    Log into your Gmail account and go to mails.
  •    Compose an email and a popup will open.
  •    This is where you compose your fax document or attach a document.
  •    Enter the receiver’s fax number in the correct format of “country code+area code+fax number” followed by "@cocofax.net".
  •    Press "Send" and the document will be faxed to Canada.

As easy as that.

Things you should know when faxing to Canada

Before sending a fax, you need to make sure all the information is correct, especially the fax number of the recipient.

It is advised to use a cover sheet detailing how many pages are included. Thus, the receiver can confirm whether the transmission is successful or not.

Finally, you should keep the baud rate on your fax machine to below 9600 baud to avoid loss of data in the transmission.

With that in mind, send easy fax to Canada with CocoFax. Try now.