7 SEO Tools That Every Copywriter Has to Know About in 2022

7 SEO Tools That Every Copywriter Has to Know About in 2022
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For the majority of searchers, the first page of organic results holds the most interest. In fact, according to Moz.com, 67.70% of all clicks are limited to the first five organic results on Google. Then, only 3.73% of clicks are distributed among results from six to ten.

If your page appears below that, then the chances of people visiting your website are slim to say the least. In essence, if this is the case for you, merely creating great organic content will not suffice.

You have to level up your SEO by planning your strategy around it right from the beginning. Professional essay writers from EssayPro recommend that copywriters step up their SEO optimization game.

By taking advantage of the SEO and web-writing tactics, you will have better control over how search engines classify your content.

Great content plays a crucial role in securing a site’s visibility on search engines. Without that, you would be left with hardly 15% of all traffic. Fortunately, these brilliant tools can help you create your content while ensuring that SEO has the upper hand. Website monitoring is essential for copywriters. This will help you identify what people are searching for and how they're using the information on a page, which can be used to improve future work that more closely resembles their preferences or needs.


StoryChief is a unique platform that offers collaboration space for copywriters. The tool is integrated with SEO copywriting software focused on keyword research and the readability of your content. The website claims that with their features, copywriters can increase Google's ranking by 300%.

All you need to do is choose a keyword that you are most interested in. The software provides recommendations on keyword phrases in subheadings, keyphrase distribution, and sentence variety. Pretty useful, huh? And that’s not even it.

The tool will also help you include key phrases in elements such as meta description and image titles. StoryChief is a tool tailor-made for content writers to optimize each piece while equally concentrating on content quality.

There are several plans to choose from, starting at a basic one for free with limited features to a custom plan at $65 a month for writing agencies.


Surfer allows you to generate guidelines for your materials by analyzing targeted keywords against real-time data from other web pages.

The content editor is perfect for meeting any web page descriptions from blog posts, landing pages, and e-commerce sites.

Once you enter the existing content, the tool suggests the right length by including keywords in different categories and descriptions. Surfer is a great program for optimizing content in a way for readers to click on it.

The basic plan is priced at $59 per month. It allows you to use the editor 25 times and do 15 SERP analysis.


Mangools is a one-stop-shop tool able to meet all your SEO requirements. It offers excellent features for content writers such as keyword research and rank monitoring.

The most important tool for copywriters is KWFinder. It will help you identify the most relevant keywords for a content marketing strategy. You can also find keywords from your competitors' pages using the search by domain.

The software is available starting at $29.90 per month for the beginner plan. If you need more searches and suggestions, then pick the premium plan for $39.90.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is known among the general public as a sophisticated tool that matters only to marketing and SEO experts. However, it comes with many relevant features for copywriters as well.

You can set the target keyword, input the meta headings, and it will evaluate how your post is holding up amongst the other search results.

This valuable insight can help you optimize your content better by showing which parts need improving and where you are doing well.

The tool points out the keyword density and if there are missing essential elements such as titles, images, and meta descriptions. Writers can also benefit from the readability tool.

Yoast SEO plans are based on the number of websites you focus on, starting at about $90 for one site for premium plans. That might seem like a lot for a freelance copywriter. However, if you are planning on making a business out of your writing efforts, consider this an investment.


Yes, it is Amazon's Alexa, but for a different purpose. This SEO platform comes with all the essential features required for content creators.

The site offers several features for keyword optimization like SEO audit, keyword research, and analysis. You can also use the Audience Insights section to find out the topics your target viewers are most interested in.

It is quite easy for non-technical users, aka copywriters, with no exceptional knowledge in the intricate workings of SEO.

Alexa's services are a bit on the expensive side, nearly $150 per month for individual professionals.

SEO Tester Online

The editorial assistant of SEO Tester Online is a valuable tool for copywriters to include keywords while working on the content.

You can combine it with other tools on the website to determine the suitable keywords for your content. Continue to use the SEO-oriented assistant to conduct an automated check on the text and have every aspect that needs revisiting highlighted.

Writers can also find out the most researched questions by users and the related topics to curate content suggestions. This will give you a better idea of the search intent and will enable tweaking your article accordingly.

You can also refine the search previews, snippets, and open paragraphs to highlight the keywords. If you are a beginner, then the Lite option is the most feasible at $9.90 per month. For professionals, there are plans at $25.90 and $34.90 per month with higher counts on the Keyword Explorer.


Well, let's be honest, for many copywriters, the only tool they need is finding keywords relevant to the articles and the audience. And it’s even better if it's free.

Ubersuggest is the product of Neil Patel Digital, an expert enterprise on digital marketing.

The platform generates keyword ideas that can match long-tail phrases and head terms of your article. You can also make informed decisions based on volume and seasonal trends affecting the popularity of keywords.

The software also offers you keyword results after competitor analysis. Considering that all this is free, Ubersuggest is a must-have tool for every copywriter.

Wrapping Up

These seven tools blend the benefits of expert copywriting assistance and SEO into one package. Whether you need to know the most relevant keywords or create compelling meta titles, you will find a perfect tool for you. Copywriting is no easy feat but you can use the available help to your advantage and craft copies that the audience will respond to.