5 Advantages of Online Fax Transmissions For Small Businesses

With the advancement of technology and daily innovations in the digital world, it seems like no small business can escape the new ways of communication. And that includes simplifying daily business deals and operations with options like internet faxing.  

Phone, email, and computers are definitely great means of communication in both personal and professional aspects of life. They can complete various functions all at once, and allow a variety of choices when it comes to composing a message.

However, the whole world today is aware of how much damage we do to the planet. With online faxing you will not only save money for your business, but also have a positive impact on the Earth’s well-being.


What other reasons do businesses have for using internet faxing?

This article aims to discuss the various advantages of choosing online faxing over other methods of business communication. We will go over the main points why this is still a widely popular practice, and cover its advantages for companies.

There are many ways you can incorporate faxing into your business activities depending on the size and objectives of your company. Let’s discuss the most basic ones.

Computer-based faxing

With the help of this technique, documents can be printed directly to the software fax, then be sent via modem. The advantage is that it’s safe compared to other methods and is widely spread which means that you can connect to most partners.

However, you have to make sure your computer is always turned on which can often be inconvenient.

Mobile-based faxing

This is a great option for companies looking for a more simple and accessible solution. Nowadays, smartphones can be used to send and receive faxes, and the greatest thing about them is that you don’t need any hardware or phone landline. You may, however, need to be subscribed to an online fax service provider.

All you have to do is just install the proper mobile app, and you’re good to go. Using your phone’s camera, you can scan documents and complete the process within seconds.

Fax using email

In this case, faxes are sent as an email attachment. The special machines send your message via the Internet to an existing email account. This turns all the paperwork communication into an effortless task.

As you’re now familiar with the most common types of faxing, let’s discuss what benefits online fax transmissions can bring to your company. Especially if you’re a small size business, you will definitely feel the difference it makes in your communication system.

5 Key Benefits of Online Faxing

While email is thought to be the most effective communication channel for businesses, fax machines can sometimes come in more handy. Especially for small businesses, organizing an effective communication flow is essential for healthy business growth. Let us show you why by going over the advantages of these old but still efficient friends of ours.

Convenient to operate with

Even though various digital tools and means of communications allow businesses to conduct operations efficiently, sending as well as receiving documents via online fax is more simple. You can leverage it in many specific situations like large documents or the ones that need extra security.

Another comfortable advantage of internet faxing is that you can send and receive anywhere in the world. There’s no need to get a fax machine, nor ink and paper. As mentioned earlier, mobile faxing makes it even more practical since we have our phones on ourselves all the time. All you have to do is just click a couple of buttons. Just like if you were to do an SMS marketing campaign, incorporating internet faxing via mobile helps reach out to the right people faster.

Moreover, you don’t spend time scanning or printing out documents which save you lots of headaches.

Go green, save the Earth

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the damage we do to our planet through so much paperwork sent and received. Research shows that by 2030 we may only have 10% of Rainforests left which will disappear in a couple of hundred years.

Traditional fax adds up to the destruction of thousands of forests due to so much paper used. This causes irreversible damage to the environment. If you're an eco-friendly small business or you simply want to take care of the Earth, then this is your chance to do so.

Internet faxing will save your office from millions of documents and paperwork that you’ll never use anyway. If there’s something important that needs to be signed, you can just print it out. However, if there’s a constant flow of agreements and contracts, online faxing is your best solution.

Get more office (and digital) space

It’s fine if you’re still sticking to the old method of fax machines as a part of business communication. But let’s agree that it can get even better.

Fax machines are big and sometimes occupy large spaces in offices. This makes it hard to move around, place a new piece of furniture, or hardware in your room. Making an upgrade like internet fax service will save you a lot of room and give you an advantage of more comfort by your desk. All you need is just an existing email address that works perfectly.

And the internet, of course.

Speaking of space, let’s also discuss data storage possibilities. With internet faxing you get enough storage to save and archive old documents, papers, deals, etc. Moreover, there are some mobile apps and software that offer internal tools like cloud storage. So, you get both physical and digital space by using internet faxing.

Spend money wisely

Most small business owners are constantly looking for ways to decrease expenses for the short- and long-term. Some prefer the old paperwork method, while others are more into digital coins. The latter ones can do a quick BNB to USD price comparison and figure out whether certain transactions will be beneficial. This goes with business communications as well. Email is widely used in the world of entrepreneurship, but it can also cause unwanted payments like creating a company email, building an email marketing strategy, or acquiring special software.

Another option of communication for small businesses is social media. When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you’ll have to activate your business account and make payments for when you want to get visible. Even though this is part of your social media management, it’s still an additional expense for communication.

Internet faxing offers something much more budget-convenient and professional at the same time. Think about how much money you’d spend on the fax machine itself, paper, ink, etc. If you want to operate professionally, send and receive documents and don’t spend much money on it, consider online faxing.

The only thing that might require a small payment is your Internet fax provider. But with the efficiency, trustworthiness, and speed considered, internet fax remains more cost-friendly than other methods.

Easy to use

Most businesses hire people who know how to use various software, apps, and operating systems. As part of your employee onboarding process, it’s easier to teach new hires how to make the best of your faxing system. If you want to organize this process even better, consider special HR software like FactoHR.

Online faxing is pretty simple and intuitive to get started with. Besides, digital cloud systems allow you to handle everything from one spot. This means that, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can get access to all of your documentation from anywhere in the world.


To wrap up, it’s important to not underestimate all the benefits and advantages that Internet faxing can bring to your small business communication. Whether it’s an important legal document you need to sign and transmit over, or a huge paperwork file regarding logistics, online fax is the perfect solution.

The key points to take include that faxing online is secure, fast, simple, and cost-effective. You can use it as the primary business communication tool, and it won’t let you down.

What could be better for your small business?