12 Experts Share Their Productivity and Sleep Secrets

12 Experts Share Their Productivity and Sleep Secrets

A day has 24 hours. However, the time set aside for sleep is most often insufficient. It is especially true for bloggers, writers, and a lot of other careers.For most people, 24 hours in a day are not enough to finish many of our activities. Sleep is important if you are to lead a healthy and productive life. Lost sleep will surely affect your productivity

This post reveals productivity and sleep tips from 12 online experts.

1. Pamela Tatam - Porch

For me, sleep is important if I am to function well. When I do not get enough sleep, that is at least 7 hours at night, the next day will be horrible. For sure, my productivity will be low since I am unable to concentrate on what I do, which results in mistakes.

So, I always keep this in mind and ensure I get enough sleep. If something happens and I am unable to get enough sleep, I try to compensate with a quick nap in between. The quick naps are wonderful.

So, lack of adequate sleep will surely make me less productive.

2. Erik Emanuelli - NoPassiveIncome

Always, I try to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. I know failure to take enough rest will affect my productivity. When fatigue creeps in during the day, my special weapon is to take power naps.

A power nap between 20 and 30 minutes replenishes my energy and restores my mental focus. This makes it easy for me to complete all the tasks. Morning is my best productivity time.

I have a good reason to remain fit since I work in front of a computer. Every day I exercise in the gym, take a walk, or jog. Also, skydiving over the weekend keeps me fit.

3. Vladimir Gendelman - CompanyFolders.com

One of the main factors that affect productivity is sleep. So, I always ensure I sleep for 8 hours each day. Failure to do so, sleep compromises my ability to appropriately think through decisions.

Although I am very productive during morning hours, I can also be very productive at any time under pressure.

4. Reji Stephenson - DigitalDimensions4You

Sleep deprivation makes both your body and mind not function at their best. It affects the normal metabolism of the body. So, if you fail to get sufficient sleep, it will make you less productive unless you find a way to compensate for the lost  sleep.

For me, it is better to have a proper sleeping schedule that does not have negative effects on your productivity. I do not have a favorite time when I am more productive. I can write any time when my mind is not wandering and there is no loud noise.

To be honest, I choose my writing time depending on the work I have in a day. So, I choose any time that is available regardless of whether it is midnight, evening, or morning.

5. Zak Mustapha - FoolishnessFile.com

When I lose sleep, I lose my discipline. I stop adhering to my calendar. This makes me waste most of the day. So, every hour I spend at night finishing something ruins the next day.

I do not have a favorite time for writing. Provided there is no noise and I know what I am working on, I am ready to go.

6. Ted Rubin - TedRubin

Today, social media and how today is generated and distributed hurts sleep patterns. Usually, it is hard to stop scrolling even late at night. It is especially difficult for me because I am a content producer on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Also, I am always spitting out content in terms of images and 140 characters. I have realized that I can function with 5 to 6 hours of sleep for most nights if necessary. However, anything less will not work. Since I cannot carve more time in a day, when I go overboard I usually stop at 2 am.

For me, order and consistency help me maintain a connection with what is important. I am all about establishing trust and relations. Thanks to social media, I have a means of establishing connection and consistency.

7. Brent Jones - BrentJonesOnline

To be clear, I love to sleep. It is among my best skills. When I hit the pillow, I sleep in seconds until the alarm wakes me up several hours later. However, often I do not get as much sleep as I should.

Blogging is not to blame since it is my secondary activity. For me, the main attention is on freelancing operating a service-based business online. Initially, when I did long hours I often slept 3 to 6 hours a night and sometimes less.

Although I tried compensating one day each week, I was rarely successful. However, I won’t say that it negatively affected my productivity. For sure, I got a lot done.

Be that as it may, it was not sustainable. I often was stressed, with limited patience and a headache. If anything, my mental health got hit hard. Back then, I was writing in the morning even to this day I write in the morning.

Fortunately, these days I work fewer hours and I have good clients. I no longer work on all of it alone, since I have employees to help. So, it is rare to not sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.

8. Micheal Karp - Copytactics

Usually, I work 10 to 11 hours a day and work out 1.5 hours each day. Sleep is important to me. At first, I slept for 7 to 8 hours every night, sleeping at 12:30 AM and rising at approximately 8:15.

Even after sleeping that long, I still struggled to wake up. Then I started using Sleepy Time, an app that advises you what is the best time to sleep using 1.5 hour sleep cycles. I tested it for 4 cycles (approximately 6 hours).

It took me two weeks to get used to it. This way, I added 2 hours to my working day without dropping my energy levels. As a result, I gained 48 more hours per month to help my clients.

I write and promote large blog posts. Working on such blog posts takes 15 to 20 hours to create, edit, and format. So, any additional time I get is important for my growth and productivity.

9. Robin Khokhar - TrickyEnough

Whenever I write, I prefer a peaceful place. For me, the best time to write is at night when everyone is asleep. At night, there is no sound or phone calls that will disturb you.

If I fail to get enough sleep, it affects my level of productivity. I try to stay healthy. So, when I sleep late I wake up late in the morning. Usually, I work out in the evening.

For a person who sits day and night, I take my workouts seriously since they last for approximately 1 hour. So, I have a schedule for accomplishing various tasks at different times. I write content at night but comment and promote blogs during the day.

10. Jerry Low - Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR)

I take a minimum of 6 hours to sleep at night and whenever necessary, I do power naps throughout the day. Getting enough sleep optimizes my energy and boosts my mental focus. This in return increases my level of productivity.

Although I usually start my day at 7 am, the best time for me to write is between 9 am and 11 am.

11. Zac Johnson - Zac Johnson

I have been doing online marketing for 20 years. Over the years, I have adjusted my work schedule. When I was starting, I was in high school and usually worked after school and into the night.

As time went on, I began working late in the day and all night. However, today I work during the day and I rarely work into the night. Everybody has a schedule for what works for them.

When writing I would say it is about being in the zone. There are times when I feel like writing content and other times I am not in the zone. It is during this time when I am in the zone that I can deliver great work in a short period.

Regardless of whether I am working on ad campaigns or writing content, I would not like the lack of sleep to interfere with my best work. Even though I cannot pinpoint a specific time as the best to work, I try to break the day into various activities.

These activities include playing basketball to keep creativity and motivation flowing. Such activities keep me going since sitting all day can't slow productivity.

12. Ryan Biddulph - BloggingFromParadise

I always ensure I sleep for 8 hours at night. Even when I wake before time, I stay in bed until it is time. This way, I ensure I get enough rest and I am fresh to start writing.

When I don’t get enough sleep, my productivity drops significantly. Each day, I set 1 to 2 hours to write for my blog or my eBooks. Depending on my schedule, it can be in the morning or the afternoon.

When writing, I close myself in a quiet room and let the words flow. ‌‌