Maximizing HR Productivity: 9 Best Tools and Software That Will Transform Your Workflow

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An office shows desirable results if all the staff members work with maximum efficiency. That’s why businesses are always finding ways to enhance employee productivity. However, staying productive holds an even greater importance for HR.

A Human Resource department of an office is in charge of some of the most important office matters. There is usually no room for slacking off in this job. Because of huge workloads, HR managers are often burned out and still can’t get jobs done on time.

That’s why the need of HR tools is necessary. If you don’t know what these are, worry not. This article will introduce you to everything you need to know about HR Productivity tools.

Introduction to HR Productivity Tools

HR productivity tools are online utilities that help you perform certain tasks quicker than usual. For example, instead of keeping an eye on every employee and their work times, you can use a tracking tool to give you reports. Some other common tasks that these tools can perform are:

  • Salary Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Computerization
  • Document Storage
  • Employee hiring
  • Document Composition

Tools that perform these tasks will be shared with you in this article. If you think that any of these tasks are being done inefficiently in your workspace, then you can use these tools.

Top Tools and Software to Transform Your Workflow

In the list given below, you can find some of the best tools that an HR department or manager can use. These will help you in various ways and improve your overall workflow.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor allows HR software to monitor how much their employees are working. With the help of this tool, they can know if an employee has completed the required hours or not. Similarly, the computer screens of workers are also recorded.

This makes sure that the employees don’t use company computers for things that aren’t work-related. Work breaks are also calculated by this tool.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is another employee monitoring software, but instead of working hours, it records employee performance. HR can review these performance reports. The payroll of workers can be automatically calculated by the tool based on how well they performed this month.

Similarly, a number of other HR tasks can be done with this tool. Hiring new employees has been made easier with this tool. You can search for desirable prospects and review their skills and expertise. In this way, the traditional searching methods can be eliminated.

Bucketlist Rewards

Rewarding your employees in the form of bonuses and increments is necessary to keep them motivated. But it is quite hard to keep track of which employee is worthy of these rewards.

Bucketlist Rewards has made this process easier than ever.  You can personalize it according to your business and set rewards that will automatically be sent to employees once they hit a certain milestone.

The rewarding options are also great and unique. These are things that your customers actually want.

Image to Text

Image to Text is a tool for converting your huge piles of paper documents into digital copies. Gone are the times when you had to spend hours finding documents from drawers and cabinets. Now, all files are supposed to be computerized and instantly accessible.

With the help of this tool, you can convert the pictures of your documents into text that can then be used as a digital document. All you have to do is upload your picture and wait for a few seconds.

It is a great alternative to manual document composition (for old files).

Google Drive

Document digitization is great, but you also need a protected space to store these documents. Physical disks and drives can work in some cases, but a safer option is to use cloud storage. Google Drive is an excellent storage platform that can be used to store as many documents as you want.

It is easy to use and supports all types of document formats. Consequently, you can store all types of files in this tool. Also, it provides you with complete access controls assuring document safety.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a chatbot that gives answers to any questions asked in text form. HR can use this popular tool in many ways. For example, in order to save time, this tool can be used to get document outlines.

Similarly, if you want to write an email, you can use this tool to determine an appropriate format. Also, it can work in multiple languages, so your international relations can also be sorted with it.

Online Notepad

An HR Manager knows how important it is to create properly formatted professional documents. That’s why there has to be a proper platform or application that allows great document composition.

Online Notepad is such a platform. You can use this to create office announcements, important notices, warning letters, and much more. The different features that this tool provides make it possible to create any type of document that an HR would need.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR has made the process of hiring candidates much more streamlined. The repetitive and time-taking tasks of this process are taken care of by the tool. This allows a manager to focus more on the important tasks.

For example, sending out emails containing job offers and scheduling appointments is done by Breezy HR. This allows HR to focus on evaluating and hiring the candidate. This is the most productive method for hiring.

Staff Squared

Staff Squared is another employee management tool that tracks their work. Just like a few previously discussed tools, this one can also help you in managing the payment and work patterns of your workers.

A unique and strong point of this tool is that it has an effective holiday management tool. You might agree that keeping track of the holidays of your employees is a time-consuming and complicated task. Well, not anymore, because Staff Squared has it all covered.


As an HR manager, it is your duty to hear and solve every employee’s problem and query. But a number of other unskippable tasks come your way. If you automate these tasks with the help of the tools discussed above, you will be able to function as a Human Resource Manager efficiently. So, without any further wait, get these tools and streamline your workflow.