10 Tips for Writing Great Email Content

10 Tips for Writing Great Email Content

Email marketing has proven to be an extraordinarily prolific marketing strategy, being there for several decades. The main reason for this long life is the effectiveness: with 122% ROI, email marketing is one of the most productive marketing strategies out there.

However, email is not a magical tool that can bring you conversions and sales by simply sending out a message. For your email marketing strategy to be successful, you need to put a lot of planning and analysis into it. More importantly, you need to craft top-quality email content.

With the overabundance of content and hundreds of promotional emails we get weekly, the content of your email, starting with the subject line, is what makes or breaks your campaign. Unfortunately, if your email content is not catchy enough, the audience will move forward. To help you avoid this, we cover ten tips that you need to consider to write truly attention-grabbing email content in this article.

Why Is Email Copy Crucial?

Have you ever subscribed to an email to end up being bombarded with a daily email that wasn’t relevant to your interests? While this is a situation easily fixable through the “Unsubscribe” button, if your business is doing the same, you are risking losing potential leads and clients. Additionally, too many unsubscriptions can further damage your email marketing efforts by sending a message to email providers that the receivers don’t like these emails, lowering the reach. One way to avoid this, you can use SPF records to protect the reputation of your brand and ensure high email delivery.

Whether it’s your company or you're working for one, you probably know about the importance of attracting leads and driving them towards becoming a customer. One of the most efficient methods to achieve this is by providing your tips with helpful content that appeals to their interest, provides them with value, and solves their problems without being too pushy or sales-y.

And here is where the importance of your email content lies.

The content you share with your subscribers (starting from the headline and ending with the image design) is a crucial part of how you develop a relationship with your customers. By offering them relevant and valuable content, you can slowly become the brand they want to hear from, forging meaningful connections with them.

Have a Clear Goal And Share It

What is it that you want to achieve with your email? Is it introducing your new wellness benefits guide or urging the person on the other end to check your recent article? Knowing the end goal of your email or the broader goal of the entire campaign is the cornerstone of crafting email content that works.

Take your time to define it in the very beginning, and also share it with the readers. Having an established purpose from the very beginning will so that the receiver will know the main aim of the email.

Include an Attractive CTA

Once you are clear with the action your email is supposed to drive, make it the key point of your emails. Incorporate attention-grabbing calls to action in your email that encourage the reader to do one thing. This call to action can be in the form of links, a button, or part of your email banner design, but make sure that it is bold and stands out.

Moreover, if you decide to implement a chatbot on your website, it will simply be a great addition to your campaign. Live chats and individual customer interaction allow you to acquire and retain more customers successfully.

Know Your Audience

The importance of understanding your audience is hard to overestimate, as it will ultimately decide on your marketing strategy. So do proper research, study your audience, if there is a chance, take a look at what worked best before. Get a glimpse of their problems, concerns, and interests, to ultimately be able to craft content for them, boosting your email marketing campaign and generating leads.

Once you have some information on your target audience, make a guideline document containing all your data, alongside your user personas, and refer to it often. Make this guideline part of your employee training process so that everyone is on the same page.

Emphasize The Benefits, Not The Features

When drafting your email, avoid going into the pitfall of mainly discussing the features of your product with your potential customers. Instead of simply talking about the new feature, try to discuss the users' benefits from it. Discuss how the offer you are making will improve their lives and what ways you can assist them.

Use Actionable Words

The main objective of actionable words is to make the receiver… Well, take action.

Actionable words are often verbs such as “buy” or “download,” but this is not mandatory. For example, “Don’t miss your chance to join us with a 50% discount” is also an actionable sentence. However, it doesn’t order the receiver to purchase anything.

When part of a clear and well-constructed text, actionable words can work wonders for your email marketing campaign. Why email marketing is important? They let your customers know the necessary action they can take through your email and carefully guide them towards it.

Segment And Personalize

Highly segmented and personalized emails usually perform better than a single email sent to everyone on your mailing list. And this is not surprising: your customers are people with different interests and needs, and at various times, they are interested in other things. If you have the resources to segment your mailing list and address them separately, you must understand each group's interests and craft your content more appropriately. Use audience intelligence tools or manually analyze the performance of your email performance for valuable insights. Based on this information, you can then understand which type of copy works better for which audience.

Pay Attention To The Subject Line

The subject line is an essential piece of content that can make or break your email campaign. It's the first interaction the receivers will have with what you have to say, and if it's not catchy enough, your email may simply be ignored.

Use power words and actionable phrases in your subject line but also don't forget to tell what your email is about. Align your subject line with the main content of your email, both through the style and the main idea.

Make It Scan-Able

People no longer have long periods (neither attention span) to read long promotional texts. Therefore, it's always best to make your email as short as possible while including all the essential information. Don't leave out anything you want to share for the sake of making the text fast, but also don't use ten words when five will do.

Start your email with essential information so that even if your customers don't read it till the end, they will still know the vital parts. Avoid walls of text; follow the email structure by separating your text into header and body to make it scan-able.

Create a Sense Of Urgency

Providing a sense of urgency so that the customers will take action is an age-old method that still works today and shouldn’t be ignored. The most simple method to do it is by setting a deadline and emphasizing it in the email. Then, encourage the viewers to take the desired action by a specific date so they won’t postpone (and then likely forget) about it.

Share Contacts

While it’s likely that you’ll be using an automated mail system to send out the emails, it’s still essential that your audience has a way to reach out back to you. Do this by providing an email address in your email, stating that they can reach out to you using that email, or leave the links to your social media. This way, they will not only have a way to get back to you with their questions or comments, but you’ll also boost the social media management efforts of your brand.


Through a careful approach to your email marketing and well-thought-out content, you’ll be able to reach the right people with the right message. Ensure that they are as relevant to your readers as possible, and don’t forget to add a touch of your brand personality. When writing the content of your next email campaign, make sure to adopt these tips and take your time to research and combine them with the best email marketing practices to reach the best results.