7 Essential Online tools to improve your content writing skills

7 Essential Online tools to improve your content writing skills

Hi there, it is nice that you want to improve your content writing skills. Remember that content writing is one of the most high-income skills.

This article will help you take steps to become a pro content writer and understand all the analytical parts of SEO writing to have maximum results. Take your favorite hot drink and read our suggestions carefully.

Here what we discuss in this article:

  1. SEO friendly content creation
  2. Conducting a research is a key
  3. Practice your language skills every day basis
  4. Plan your article early
  5. Proofreading should be a habit
  6. Online tools for your content writing and strategy
  7. Become a life-long learner
  8. Final Suggestions

SEO friendly content creation

I am a content writer and strategist; why should I care about SEO stuff?

You might already know that content writing is a very particular way of writing, and it is not only about good description but how effective are your words. And those words are called keywords. Here we will suggest you use Ahrefs and do a simple keyword search. The best keyword should have less difficulty and more engagement. In Ahrefs, you will find many tools to organize a good strategy. Also, it helps you to have balanced time management and scheduling.

The basics of search engine optimization that you need to know are:

  1. The number of links to your pages
  2. How does the website work, navigation, its structure
  3. Bounce rate (This shows how effective is your content, how many minutes people spend to read your content or maybe skip it)
  4. Views and ENgagements
  5. And semantic search
  6. E-commerce PPC

Conducting a research is a key

You might have some ideas about project management tools and how to use them. If you have background knowledge about it, it will help your article planning steps.

We recommend you conduct research and consider several factors, such as where, when the sources are published, is it secondary sources or primary. We will suggest you go for primary sources, as you would sound more professional for your reader. You can find primary sources at JSTOR, heaven of scholarly articles and journals. And remember, research is never enough.

Practice your language skills every day basis

We do not hesitate on your language skills. However, our experience shows that those who continuously work on their language skills are the one who become pro. And we know that you can be a pro!

Yes, you might be busy attending language classes and taking a course. If you hesitate to improve your language, we suggest finding an online tutor and practicing from home and learn a lot of free skills. Online learning is a savor for busy people, so do not find excuses to miss this step.

Plan your article early

We feel you; sometimes it is difficult to plan all the articles correctly. But you should learn the basics of business plan structures and write down all the details.

Use templates, just google for content planning templates, and you will get many of them. Use Google calendar to put reminders and keep track of the articles. Being a pro content writer is about writing and is about responsibility. So you should plan and outline each article and research before three or more days of the article's deadline.

It takes time to write a good and informative piece; take your time.

Proofreading should be a habit

It seems like every content writer knows the importance of editing the article. But what if your articles have parts of financial metrics?

Then you need to take care of it and give you two days for editing and proofreading. If you write it now and then read it after 10 minutes, you will not probably find your mistakes.

Grab a coffee and plan your next article. After at least 3-4 hours, reread your article. Do you see the difference now? Of course, you will.

Online tools for your content writing and strategy

We have discussed a lot about the process of content creation. We will give you some online tools to make your life better. First will be Grammarly, which will help you with grammar check and spell-check. Use SEO tags checking websites, which are again amazing for content writers.

One bonus suggestion from us, use cold email writings to find new clients. all you need is a cold email setup strategy. This is excellent practice; as a beginner, you can create a portfolio and earn some money. Some companies do HR outsourcing, so you need to find out the emails and approach them directly.  

Become a life-long learner

If you are reading our article till now, it means you are one of those who seek to be a life-long learner. However, the wish of becoming a life-long learner is not enough. Sometimes it is very complicated from where to start and which direction is the best for you. However, we will give you some tips, which are successful for us.

Firstly, order books relevant to your profession. You can use your favorite book shop and have a good delivery experience by ordering from your country. We know that you might love reading fantasy, but concentrate only on your profession for 2 or 3 months each year. After these 3 months, you feel like a new graduate full of new information that you can practice at your workplace. So use our tips and start planning your learning journey. Also get some ideas to organize birthday parties at your workplace in order to enjoy your college birthdays at the workplace and have fun, interesting workflows.

Final Suggestions

We assure you that you are on the right track. Follow our seven tools and become a pro in content writing. We know that you might lose your concentration from time to time, but it is normal. Use your time smartly, read when you have time, become a pro, and give suggestions to other people. Good Luck!

Author Bio:

My name is Anahit Babkenyan. I am a Content writer experienced in SEO copywriting. I am a writing enthusiast and travel writer. I love to explore different cultures and write articles with profound research. You can follow me on Instagram as @babkenian and on Linkedin.