10 Best Wordtune Alternatives: Choosing the Right Paraphrasing Tool

Writing isn't always very easy, even for seasoned writers and content managers. Sometimes, you run out of inspiration. Other times, you have an idea but can't find the right words to relay it correctly. This is where writing tools like Wordtune can help. With Wordtune, you can rewrite already published content or rephrase your sentences to make your writing clearer, more concise, and authentic. Wordtune improves your writing by suggesting alternative phrasing and word choices. You can call it a writing assistant that gives you a nudge in the right direction when you need it.

However, for all its seemingly top-tier capabilities, it has some limitations that may make you look to alternatives instead. For instance, its free version has a daily allotment that counts even if you decide to stick with your original sentence. Its premium version isn't so different from the free version either and may be considered pricey for a tool that does only rewrites. These rewrites can look robotic, too, sometimes.

Thankfully, some tools do better in these areas and can be considered good value for money. This expert guide should help you with choosing from the already saturated market.

Following a detailed review, we have shortlisted these 10 tools as the best Wordtune alternatives you can find:

  • HIX.AI
  • Grammarly
  • Quillbot
  • Jasper
  • Text Cortex AI
  • Writer
  • Copy AI
  • WordAI
  • Speedwrite
  • Frase.io


Looking for a writing assistant that does beyond basic paraphrasing? HIX.AI is the right solution for you. It's an AI writing copilot listed on Toolify that uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to generate high-quality copies for ads, emails, academic journals, and blogs. HIX.AI has a suite of 120+ tools that can be used to paraphrase content, proofread text and even generate fresh ones.

It is incredibly versatile and makes provision for users to adjust the output's tone. This is incredibly useful if you need to relay the same content to different audiences. For instance, contents on LinkedIn are usually more formally written than those on Facebook because the former's audience is professionals and business-oriented people.

HIX.AI can be integrated into Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media apps via its free, downloadable Google Chrome extension. This makes it easy for businesses to integrate into their workflow seamlessly. Unlike with WordTune, the free plan requires no sign-ups.


  • HIX.AI uses natural language processing to analyze text and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • The tool is easy to use and provides real-time feedback as you write.
  • It offers a free trial, so users can test the tool before committing to a subscription.


  • Free version has a 5000 character limit
  • Some advanced features are limited to the premium version.

HIX AI vs Wordtune






Language Model


Proprietary AI language model

AI Writing Tools



Supported Languages



Article Rewriter

× (Can rewrite paragraphs only, not complete articles)

Video to Article


Paraphrasing Tool

Brand Voice


Bulk Processing


Long-Form Article Writer


Supported Article Types



Content Backed by Credible Resources

√ (Top Google Search Results, Google News, Amazon Product Pages, …)


SEO-friendly Content Creation


Up-to-date Content Creation

√ (Backed by up-to-date information online)


ChatGPT-Like Chatbot


Web Access


Image Generation



Accessible through web app & Chrome browser extension


Chat with PDF


YouTube Summarizer


Webpage Summarizer


AI Document Editor

Writing Modes

3 (AI Mode, Chat Mode, Power Mode)


1-Click Google Docs Export


1-Click WordPress Export

Coming Soon


Chatbot Assistance


AI Writing Templates



Integrated AI Availability

Plagiarism Check


Grammarly Integration


All-in-One Browser Extension

Work in Chrome and Edge

Work in Social Media

√ (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, YouTube)

Work in Email

√ (Gmail)

Work in Google Docs

Search Engine Enhancement

√ (Google, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo, Naver, Baidu)


Quick Lookup Toolbar

√ (Translate, grammar check, longer, shorter, explain and more)

Browser Sidebar

√ (HIX.AI ChatGPT sidebar, a a more versatile Bing Sidebar alternative)


Chatbot Integrated


AI Email Writer


Email Templates



Summarize Emails


Suggest & Write Replies



Accessible through web app & browser extension


Tones of Voices



Supported Languages



AI Translator

√ (Powered by ChatGPT)


Supported Languages



Supported Tones



HIX.AI is the ideal option for you if you need a content generator and paraphrasing tool in one place. Try it for free now >>>


Imagine having a writing assistant that not only paraphrases content but helps you correct punctuation and grammar errors while at it. This and more is what you get with Grammarly.

Its real-time guidance sets this AI-powered writing assistant apart from the competition. It understands your content's broader context, style, and intended meaning, then makes correction suggestions tailored to your writing style.

It is widely used by writers, students, and professionals who need to rewrite content to pass plagiarism checks. We can see why. While rewriting, you can switch to its plagiarism tool to run a quick plagiarism check. Wordtune, on the other hand, has no built-in plagiarism checker.


  • It's easy to use and integrates with various platforms, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • The tool offers a free version with basic features and a premium version with more advanced functionality.
  • The added browser extension guarantees impeccable writing wherever you roam online.
  • Grammarly provides detailed explanations for suggested corrections, helping users learn from their mistakes.


  • The premium version of Gramma-0rly can be a little pricey for individual use
  • Advanced features, such as style and tone adjustments, are locked behind the premium subscription.
  • Some users have reported that Grammarly gets overly aggressive in its suggestions, forcing unnecessary changes sometimes.

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Quillbot is the supreme writing sidekick for students looking to craft the perfect essay or creatives working on written content. This versatile tool allows you to rewrite whole sentences and paragraphs without altering their essence. It allows you to preserve the original writing style and tone by choosing from its three distinct modes: creative, standard, and fluency.

This AI-powered writing assistant is very easy to use. You do not need to create an account to use it. This way, you are able to experiment with its features before committing to creating an account or subscribing to a plan. The layout is also simple and intuitive. All you have to do is enter your text, and the software quickly provides you with a paraphrased version. Not much navigation is needed. In a few simple clicks, you are done.

Quillbot doesn't stop at paraphrasing texts. It also has a translation tool for translating texts from one language to another and a plagiarism checker.


  • Quillbot is easy to use and provides real-time feedback as you write.
  • The tool offers a range of writing modes, including Standard, Fluency, and Creative, to suit different writing styles.
  • It simplifies intricate sentences with finesse.
  • It has various writing modes catering to diverse needs with a browser extension for easy access.
  • Like Grammarly, Quillbot offers a free version and a premium version with more advanced functionality.


  • Quillbot's paraphrasing can sometimes produce unnatural-sounding sentences.
  • The premium version of Quillbot can be expensive, especially for users on a tight budget.

Rewrite entire paragraphs and retain their tone while at it with Quillbot. Click here to get started >>


A cross-section of comments on Capterra, G2, and other popular review sites say the same thing about Jasper AI - it is arguably the smartest AI copy-generation tool in the world right now. For a tool so powerful, Jasper AI is incredibly easy to use. For free, you get a tool that helps you save time writing copies and generating different content types, including email subject lines, short stories, and blog introductions. However, its features on the free plan are limited, and you certainly get more on a premium subscription.

It also offers various features to help you improve your writing, including a long-form content generator and a blog post outline tool. Finally, it has a Surfer SEO integration. This is an important resource for content writers who need to pay attention to SEO optimization as they write.


  • It's easy to use and provides real-time feedback as you write.
  • The tool offers a range of writing modes, including Long-Form Assistant and Blog Post Outline, to suit different writing styles.
  • It provides a free trial, so users can test the tool before committing to a subscription.
  • Also, it has tailored suggestions informed by contextual understanding.
  • Jasper emphasizes maintaining the writer's unique voice. And provides explanations for suggested improvements.


  • It may be considered a little pricey if you are on a budget
  • Some users have reported that Jasper's generated content can be hit-or-miss, with some articles requiring significant editing.

Improve your copies with Jasper today. Start a free trial right away >>

TextCortex AI

TextCortext AI is as good as it gets when it comes to rewriting sentences and whole paragraphs. If paraphrasing text into SEO-optimized content isn't enough to convince you, the fact that it supports 20+ languages should. Essentially, you can paraphrase texts in so many other languages besides English.

As with ChatGPT, you can refine your content with prompts. Feed the tool with prompts to help it understand your ideas, and it will bring these ideas to life in writing. Like many others on this list, it also helps with fixing grammar and spelling errors in drafts.


  • Text Cortex AI is easy to use and provides real-time feedback as you write.
  • The tool offers a range of writing modes to suit different writing styles. And has seamless integration with popular writing platforms.
  • It also offers a free trial, so users can test the tool before committing to a subscription.


  • Text Cortex AI can be expensive, especially for users on a lean budget.
  • Some users have reported that Text Cortex AI's suggestions can be overly aggressive, leading to unnecessary changes.
  • Interface complexity might pose a learning curve for some users.

Ready to explore a new dimension in AI-driven writing? Click here to experience Text Cortex AI today >>


Writer.com, unlike Wordtune, is not for essayists and blog post writers. It was designed to write business-related content for HR managers, brand agencies, and sales departments. Writer.com has a writer web app that can be used to create content with distributed teams. Using this tool, you can create detailed guidelines for language and tone, which every user on the same project must follow. It allows company users to set rules for plagiarism problems, style, tone, messaging tools, proper definitions of industry terms, etc.

This Wordtune alternative supports multiple document formats and can be integrated into word processing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.


  • The AI-powered writing assistant offers features such as real-time grammar and style suggestions, sentence rephrasing, and readability analysis.
  • It supports multiple document formats, from emails to essays. In other words, it integrates with popular writing tools such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • Writer is compatible with various devices, ensuring flexibility.
  • The tool comes with an Intuitive interface that's easy to navigate.


  • It has limited features compared to other Wordtune alternatives
  • No plagiarism checker.
  • Advanced features might take time to master for new users.
  • It occasionally suggests changes that might not align with the writer's style.

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Copy.AI, like Jasper, is a creative AI-powered content generation tool. It helps with creating high-quality, plagiarism-free content of different types, including sales copies, digital ads, and e-commerce product descriptions. But it also does sentence expansions and paraphrasing like WordTune does.

One of our favorite Copy.AI features is the long-form blog post workflow. Once you give it a topic to write on, it analyzes the topic, does some research, and produces an outline to work with. You may then edit this outline to include specific topics you want to discuss. Once you have your outline ready, put the tool to use, and you get a long-form blog post on the subject in a few minutes.

Also, it has over 90 content templates and tools you can modify or take a cue from when writing your content. Add this to the fact that it supports over 25 languages, and you can tell you it's one tool every professional should have in their toolbox


  • It generates attention-grabbing headlines and intros.
  • The platform offers diverse content templates tailored to different industries.
  • It saves time by quickly creating drafts for various writing needs.
  • And assists marketers in crafting effective ad copy. And integrates with popular writing tools such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • Copy AI constantly evolves and improves based on user feedback.


  • Some generated content might require additional editing for the perfect fit.
  • The content can occasionally lack a personal touch.
  • Limited customization options and no plagiarism checker.

Paraphrase contents in over 25 languages with CopyAI >>


WordAI is another Wordtune alternative worth mentioning. This tool automatically rewrites sentences, phrases, and paragraphs to produce unique and SEO-optimized content. Although it appears to be what it was originally designed for, it has morphed into a more robust platform now. It is now integrated with ArticleForge, an AI content creation platform where you can write content from scratch.

The AI-generated content may now be imported into WordAI and spun to create content that passes as authentic and natural on tools like Originality.AI. WordAI also has a grammar checker called perfect tense integration, which helps detect the wrong use of tenses and spelling mistakes and suggests corrections to these errors.


  • It employs advanced algorithms to create natural-sounding content.
  • The tool offers tiered pricing plans to suit various needs.
  • The platform also supports multiple languages, broadening its usability.
  • The AI-powered writing assistant helps you create engaging content with features like content generation, sentence rephrasing, and article spinning.
  • It is constantly updated to enhance performance and quality.


  • It might require post-generation editing for complex topics.
  • It needs an initial learning curve to understand the various settings.
  • WordAI is expensive compared to other Wordtune alternatives. Also, its pricing might be a bit steep for occasional users.
  • It has no plagiarism checker.

WordAI is a paraphrasing tool with a difference. Explore its capabilities for free >>


SpeedWrite is an AI-powered writing tool and Wordtune alternative that generates new, unique, and best-in-class writing from any source text.

Targeting bloggers, marketers, professionals, and anyone in need of rapid content creation, Speedwrite can rewrite content and generate several versions of articles and write-ups to avoid duplicate content. Also, it can start with any creative-commons source and predict new writing based on that source.


  • It comes with a minimalistic interface for distraction-free writing.
  • And offers real-time suggestions to enhance sentence structure and vocabulary.
  • The platform helps users overcome writer's block with creative prompts.
  • It has customizable writing goals and targets to improve consistency.
  • And integrates seamlessly with popular writing apps.


  • The tool may provide overly repetitive suggestions in some cases.
  • The advanced features might be overwhelming for beginners.
  • It has limited document formatting options.

Discover the magic of Speedwrite in rewriting contents >>


Frase.io is a cutting-edge AI-powered content tool that helps users create, optimize, and distribute content. It offers features such as content briefs, SEO analysis, content optimization, and content distribution.

By analyzing top-performing content across the web, Frase.io provides actionable insights to help create content that resonates with your audience and helps strengthen relationships with customers and prospects. But it doesn't stop there; its SEO integration aligns your content with search engine requirements, ensuring your hard work isn't lost in the noise.


  • It automates keyword research to improve content visibility.
  • Frase.io assists in generating content that matches user intent.
  • It offers content optimization suggestions in real time.
  • Also, it provides data-driven insights to enhance content strategy.
  • It's suitable for bloggers, content marketers, and SEO professionals.


  • It may require additional fine-tuning for specific industries.
  • It has limited integration options with certain content management systems.
  • The pricing may be on the higher side for smaller businesses.

Write Smart, Not Hard using Frase.io >>


What to look for in a Wordtune alternative?

There are several features to consider when seeking a Wordtune alternative. They include ease of use, integration and compatibility, features, pricing, AI capabilities, browser integrations, accuracy, quality, free version, customization, and personalization.

What is the difference between Wordtune and ChatGPT?

Though both were developed by OpenAI as AI writing tools, Wordtune and ChatGPT do not work exactly alike. ChatGPT is focused on interacting with users in natural language and helping them create content from their ideas, while WordTune is designed to help enhance writing by suggesting improvements to already written sentences.

Is there a better tool than Wordtune?

Wordtune is no doubt a great tool, but you may find other tools easier to use and generally more helpful, depending on your specific writing needs and preferences. For instance, Frase.io could be a better option if you need to generate SEO-friendly content from scratch, or HIX.AI, if you want a tool that can produce human-like content in 50+ languages, including English.

Is Grammarly better than Wordtune?

Both Grammarly and Wordtune are designed to improve sentences and boost writing productivity. However, while Grammarly is primarily known for its advanced grammar and spelling-checking capabilities, WordTune focuses on rewriting sentences to improve clarity and understanding.


Writing content isn't easy. But you don't have to do it the difficult way either. Using the above-listed Wordtune alternatives, you can rewrite content into fresh, unique ones or generate entirely new content altogether. This review should inform your decision.