Top 10 AI Humanizers - Best Tools to Humanize AI Text

Top 10 AI Humanizers - Best Tools to Humanize AI Text
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The rise of AI in writing has boosted efficiency, but the challenge of content being marked as AI-generated by detection tools is a growing concern for creators.

Thankfully, dedicated tech experts have been working to solve this problem. A promising solution is AI text humanizers, crafted to infuse AI-generated content with a natural touch and evade detection by AI monitors.

The market is filled with various AI text humanizers, yet their effectiveness can vary greatly. Some might fall short of expectations, while others could be prohibitively expensive. If you're in search of an economical way to humanize your AI text, you've come to the right spot.

This guide presents 10 top AI text humanizers that offer undetectable AI content without cost.

10 Top Free AI Text Humanizers to Bypass AI Detection

Here’s a curated list of elite AI text humanizers accessible for free, be it through a free tier, trial period, or a set amount of complimentary usage.

  1. Bypass GPT – Premier Choice for AI Text Humanization
  2. HIX Bypass – Top Pick for Support in Multiple Languages
  3. Humbot – Ideal for Various Types of AI Text
  4. Undetectable AI – Optimal for Erasing ChatGPT Signatures
  5. Bypass AI – Features an Integrated AI Detection Checker
  6. Undetectable AI ( – Superior for Enhancing Content Quality
  7. StealthGPT – Convenient for Mobile Use
  8. AI Undetectable – Suited for Brief Projects
  9. StealthWriter – Offers a Completely Free Service
  10. AISEO – Most Comprehensive AI Text Humanizer

BypassGPT – Premier Choice for AI Text Humanization

When choosing an AI text humanizer, several aspects are key. Its effectiveness in making AI content seem human is vital for slipping past AI detection tools like and GPTZero. Additionally, it should maintain the original message's meaning, delivering polished and flawless content. Bypass GPT meets all these criteria effectively.

Bypass GPT secures its place at the forefront of this list, not just for the reasons mentioned. It leverages cutting-edge humanization technology to ensure your AI-generated text not only bypasses AI detectors successfully but also garners a perfect human readability score.

Additionally, it shines in enhancing your content by infusing it with keywords. Thanks to its integrated plagiarism detection, it assures that your humanized content is free from plagiarism, enabling you to aim for higher search engine rankings safely without fear of penalties.


Upon starting with BypassGPT, you're granted 300 free words to test its capabilities. Should you require more extensive AI text humanization, there are packages available for monthly purchase, varying from 20,000 to 500,000 words.

Opting for the annual payment plan, the starting package costs $10, while the monthly subscription is set at $15. For the extensive package, the prices are $52 annually and $72 every month.


  • Employs the most sophisticated humanization technology
  • Successfully evades detection by leading AI detectors
  • Capable of humanizing up to 1,000 words per submission
  • Ensures 100% uniqueness in outputs
  • Versatile across different text formats
  • Maintains the integrity of the original text's message


  • The initial free word count is limited

HIX Bypass – Top Pick for Support in Multiple Languages

In the vast landscape of HIX.AI, HIX Bypass shines as a powerful tool for making AI-generated text feel human. It's perfect for those who want a direct method to enhance AI text, ensuring the end product is original and of high quality.

HIX Bypass goes beyond mere text spinning. It carefully assesses and reworks the input text, refining and altering it to sound more natural. Its advanced humanization technology makes almost any AI-generated content fly under the radar of AI detectors like ZeroGPT, Content at Scale, and Sapling.

A standout feature of HIX Bypass is its multilingual support. With the ability to work with over 50 languages, it offers a broad appeal, accommodating users worldwide.


New users of HIX.AI are welcomed with 300 free words to try out. To continue, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan:

  • Pro Plan: Prices start at $12.99 a month for 10,000 words and go up to $118.99 a month for 2,000,000 words.
  • Unlimited Plan: For endless word count, the cost is $119.99 monthly.

Annual payment options provide significant discounts, offering savings of up to 50%.


  • Excels in producing text that closely resembles human writing
  • Accepts requests for up to 2,000 words at a time
  • Successfully evades detection by all major AI checkers
  • Maintains the integrity of the original message
  • Enhances text quality significantly


  • The initial allotment of free words is somewhat limited

Humbot – Ideal for Various Types of AI Text

Humbot stands out for its impressive success rates in making AI-generated text appear human. It skillfully processes text from various AI sources like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and others. The results are consistently excellent, evading a wide array of AI detectors from OpenAI's Text Classifier to Copyleaks.

Humbot prioritizes delivering high-quality humanized content. Users will receive text that is not only readable and error-free but also unique, accurately preserving the original text's information.

Adding to its attractiveness, Humbot has a user-friendly interface, simplifying the AI humanizing task. This design ensures that users, no matter their skill level, can easily transform AI text into content that flies under the radar of detectors in just a few seconds.


Humbot offers an initial 500 free words for new users to humanize their AI text. Subsequent use requires a subscription, with plans ranging from $5 to $209 monthly, based on word count needs and billing cycles.


  • Efficiently humanizes text from any AI source
  • Ensures outputs are original and of high quality
  • Capable of bypassing nearly all AI detection systems
  • Features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface


  • Lacks an unlimited monthly humanization plan

Undetectable AI – Optimal for Erasing ChatGPT Signatures

Choosing Undetectable AI means you can cleverly bypass most tools designed to spot AI-generated text. This tool is constantly updated to ensure its humanized text remains invisible to AI detectors like Scribbr and Copyleaks.

With OpenAI recently introducing a "watermark" for content produced by ChatGPT, Undetectable AI's updates make it a strong contender for overcoming this hurdle. Keeping up with ChatGPT updates ensures that users can adapt to new features and watermarks, maintaining the undetectability of AI-generated content. It's adept at making AI text sound human and can pinpoint and alter the phrases that give away the watermarking.

The text that comes out maintains its original intent but without any AI-generated markers or watermarks. Plus, it's unique, plagiarism-free, and typically without errors.


Undetectable AI has a free option that lets you work on 300 words of AI text. For additional capacity, there are three paid plans available:

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month, or save $5 per month on an annual subscription, for 10,000 words
  • Pro Plan: $20 per month, or $10 monthly with yearly billing, for 50,000 words
  • Ultimate Plan: $30 per month, or $15 per month when billed annually, for 100,000 words


  • Runs a lucrative affiliate program
  • Capable of humanizing diverse content types
  • Enhances text readability
  • Keeps AI-generated text hidden from all detection tools


  • Might occasionally include grammatical mistakes in the output

Bypass AI – Features an Integrated AI Detection Checker

Bypass AI stands out as a premier AI humanizing tool, designed to render AI-generated text indistinguishable from AI detection systems. It boasts remarkable efficiency, outshining competitors and AI detectors like Turnitin and Writer, with a success rate of 98%. This achievement positions it ahead in the field of AI humanization.

The tool ensures that the refined content adheres to the quality standards set by Google, aiding in the enhancement of search engine rankings. It smartly navigates around the constraints of spam filters, making it a valuable asset for SEO professionals and marketers.

Additionally, Bypass AI incorporates an AI detection checker within its framework, allowing users to assess the stealth of their content against AI detection mechanisms on various platforms, post-humanization. This capability offers a critical advantage in understanding and navigating the landscape of AI content detection.


Bypass AI has a free option and three paid subscriptions:

  • Basic Plan: $14.90 a month for up to 10,000 words
  • Pro Plan: $29.90 a month for up to 50,000 words
  • Business Plan: $49.90 a month for up to 100,000 words

Paying yearly can save you up to 67%.


  • Comes with a free AI detector
  • Outsmarts AI detection tools
  • Adjusts AI text to be of high-quality
  • Easy to use
  • Creates original content


  • Doesn't check the originality of the text you input

Undetectable AI ( – Superior for Enhancing Content Quality

Undetectable AI, found at, is an innovative tool designed to refine your text in a way that mimics human writing flawlessly. Its primary function is to transform text so it can pass as human-generated, even under the scrutiny of various AI detection systems.

Beyond just disguising text from AI detectors, it significantly boosts the clarity, intent, and consistency of your writing, making it a handy tool for a wide array of writing projects.

Additionally, Undetectable AI includes a special feature: a "Check for AI" button. This option allows you to evaluate how likely it is that AI could identify your text as being machine-produced, offering greater transparency and control in the text humanization process.


Undetectable AI lets you start with 15,000 free characters. After that, you have options:

  • $9.99 a month for 10,000 words Up to $209 a month for 380,000 words
  • $5 a month for 10,000 words (if you pay for a year at a time) Up to $104.42 a month for 380,000 words (with annual payment)

There's also a special plan for businesses.


  • Helps create content that's good for SEO
  • Gets past even the most sophisticated AI detectors
  • Offers lots of ways to tailor your content


  • The bigger packages, offering more words, can get expensive

StealthGPT – Convenient for Mobile Use

StealthGPT shines as a top choice among AI tools that make computer-generated text sound more human. Its standout feature is a Chrome extension, making it super easy to work with AI content wherever you are online. Just highlight any text and hit the “Send to Stealth” button to get started.

What sets StealthGPT apart even more is how it structures its pricing plans. You get a lot more words for your money compared to other services. However, if you're looking to avoid AI detection without spending a dime, the free version might disappoint with only 1,000 characters available—not even words!


Once you've used your free allowance, consider moving to a paid plan:

  • Essential Plan: 100,000 words per month at $18.74 monthly or $14.99 with an annual payment.
  • Pro Plan: 500,000 words per month at $24.99 monthly or $19.99 with an annual payment.
  • Exclusive Plan: 1,000,000 words per month at $37.49 monthly or $29.99 with an annual payment.


  • It's remarkably fast.
  • Capable of outsmarting most AI detectors.
  • Gives you access to the cutting-edge Infinity Stealth Engine.


  • The free version offers very few words.

AI Undetectable – Suited for Brief Projects

AI Undetectable is a straightforward choice for those who want a no-frills AI humanizer. It's designed for quick use, letting you transform your text and move on in just a few minutes.

What's more, this platform is great for occasional needs. You can buy credits just when you need them, rather than committing to a regular subscription. This is perfect for users who don't need to make AI text sound human very often.


You start with 250 words free. Once you've used those, you can buy more words at these rates:

  • $2.99 for a one-off purchase of 5,000 regular words
  • $4.99 for a one-off purchase of 5,000 premium words
  • $5.99 for a one-off purchase of 5,000 premium plus 5,000 regular words


  • Offers a range of options for customizing text
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ensures the output is plagiarism-free


  • Regular words might not always pass AI detection checks

StealthWriter – Offers a Completely Free Service

StealthWriter stands out in the world of online AI humanizers thanks to its reliability and a unique feature: an AI detector developed by its creators to improve accuracy. The best part? It offers a free plan, known as Ninja mode, for making AI-written text seem like it was written by a human.

This user-friendly tool can turn text into high-quality, human-like content in just one click, and it lets you tweak it easily too. If you're aiming for your text to pass as 100% human-written, there's an AI checker right on the site to test it out.


The Ninja plan is free and can get past most AI detection tools. If you're looking to beat all detection systems, the Ghost plan is available, costing between $40 and $100 a month, depending on how much you need to humanize your content.


  • Completely free to use
  • Lets you control how much you want to change the text
  • Comes with an AI detector to verify your results


  • The free version may not always produce content that's considered 100% human-written

AISEO – Most Comprehensive AI Text Humanizer

AISEO is a tool designed to make AI-written text look like it's been written by a human, making it hard for AI detectors to recognize it. But that's not all it does. You can also use AISEO to shorten or lengthen your text, polish your writing, or make complicated topics easier to understand.

It even lets you customize your objectives, like how much emotion or formality you want in your text, giving you the freedom to tweak your work just the way you like it.


AISEO gives new users a three-day free trial. After that, you can choose from several subscription options:

  • Grow Plan: $19 a month (or $15 a month if you pay for a year upfront) for 500 AI credits each month.
  • Scale Plan: $34 a month (or $29 a month with annual billing) for unlimited use by one person.
  • Team Plan: $79 a month (or $69 a month with annual billing) for unlimited use by up to four people.


  • Versatile in handling different types of text
  • Automatically shows how human-like your content is
  • Can create content in many languages


  • Might be a bit complicated to learn how to use it effectively

Final Thoughts

With a dependable AI humanizer by your side, the genuineness of your content will never be a concern. The top-notch AI humanizing solutions we've highlighted can transform AI-written text to look just like it came from a human hand. And the best part? They do it at no cost!

Pick the one you like most, test it out, and begin creating AI text that no one can tell wasn't written by a person.