Tools You Need To Stay Digitally Organized

Businesses are difficult to run, businesses are similar to operas that need a conductor to keep everyone working, and working in harmony to ensure they play beautiful music and not ear numbing noise.

But unlike an opera, there are multiple activities happening at the same time and people are working on different things to complete or deliver products, services, and projects.

Managing employees and teams is difficult but can and has been done quite efficiently until now. The digital age introduced a lot of information and subsequently, complexities to this process of management.

At present, most businesses operate in the online space. Businesses have to rely on different solutions providers for each of their business processes, such as scheduling, communication, marketing, sales, accounting, etc.

Add to it the overwhelming amount of raw data that is collected or produced and then processed into usable information that needs to be used for better planning and decision making. Managing all of this becomes very difficult.

The Solution?

There are ways in which all this can be simplified. There are tools that centralize all communication, information exchange, reporting, and other business processes. Using such a tool can vastly improve your efficiency, streamline workflow and eliminate bottlenecks and delays.

Routine tasks such as progress reporting, follow-ups, reminders, alerts for various incidents can be automated using these tools. The internal communication functionality offered by these tools eliminates the need for constant back and forth emails.

The need to stay digitally organized is crucial to ensure you do not lose out on profits, opportunities, or exceed deadlines. Using tools to keep all your operations organized boosts and maintain productivity, ensuring timely delivery.

We can assure you that staying digitally organized will make it to Digital Marketing Trends in the coming years.

We have shortlisted some powerful digital organizing tools for you. They are as below:

#1 Google WorkSpace -

Google has been a big name in Tech for the past two decades and has provided some amazing services to individuals and the business world, most of them for free. Google Workspace, formerly known as GSuite, is a powerful suite of business tools.

They offer almost every service, app, and tool to meet all your business requirements. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Meets are some services you already may be using. With Google Workspace, you gain access to advanced controls, features, security, and a few other technical services you may need for your business.

Image Courtesy - Workspace

The best part is perhaps the level of integration Workspace offers due to every service being available in-house with Google. Their plans start from $6 a month.

#2 Microsoft 365

Microsoft has been a Tech Giant for the longest time and knows how to do things and how to do them well. Microsoft 365 is a suite of tools that cover all areas of business operations, from email, scheduling, note-taking, presentations, communication, video conferencing, cloud storage, etc.

Microsoft 365 is a well-crafted service that will help you get everything done within clicks. Be it one individual or a corporate business, they offer solutions that cater to all your requirements irrespective of your organizational size.

Image Courtesy - Microsoft 365

Again, as all tools and services are in-house, just like Google, integration between them is seamless and many tasks can be automated. Their plans start at $5 a month.

#3 Usersnap -

Usersnap is the easiest, most versatile customer feedback tool on the market today. With some of its customers present in this list and native integrations with some of the tools in this list, it is the perfect tool to collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback.

Collect screenshots and screen recordings, as well as the necessary metadata (console logs, URL information, and browser) to triage bugs, handle requests, and measure satisfaction with your product. The Usersnap app can collect web and mobile feedback, and is perfect for any SaaS company looking to make confident product decisions.

Image Courtesy - Usersnap

#4 Airtable -

Airtable is still relatively unknown despite being such a powerful tool when it comes to organization and communication. What Airtable does is, it lets you bring in all the software and services you use to run your business in one place.

With their infinitely customizable workflows, dashboards and databases, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. You can run and monitor all business operations from one dashboard and make sure all the cogs in your business turn smoothly and in sync.

Image Courtesy - Airtable

There are plenty of templates that use Kanban, Gannt, gallery, grid, or calendar to display the information you need. It also connects to the web to track various datasets and SEO information you wish to monitor. Their paid plans start at $12 a month.

#5 Evernote

Evernote has been a familiar name for quite some time now. The award-winning note-taking application on Google PlayStore is quite versatile, functional and offers many features that are very useful for businesses and professionals alike.

Image Courtesy - Evernote

Evernote can help you keep all your business operations and ongoing projects organized, safe, and in one place. Note-taking, scheduling, curating, web clipping, etc can all be done digitally so your operations can go paperless. You can also write on Android with this tool.

Image Courtesy - Evernote

Evernote integrates well with all major business applications, services, and office suites so rest assured, your business will function seamlessly without any hassle using Evernote. Their Business plan starts at $15 a month.

#6 Mind Meister -

If brainstorming, project planning, or innovative thinking is a core function of your business, then Mind Meister is a tool that will act as a catalyst to it. Mind Meister excels at mind mapping, it helps you visually represent and map thoughts.

Image Courtesy - Mind Meister

You can handle projects and business operations using its visual interface and reporting. Project and client information, datasets, progress, etc. can all be viewed visually so teams know what needs to be done and have a clear idea about the big picture without all the information becoming overwhelming.  It may be a good idea to partner this software with a webinar platform as well so the team can meet when needed to discuss issues related to an ongoing project.

Image Courtesy - Mind Meister

Be it idea, knowledge, project, or client management, Mind Meister enables you to handle everything with the use of visual mapping. Their business plan starts at $6.29 a month.

#7 Trello

Trello is a Project and Operations Management software that is designed to enable businesses to manage their projects, operations, and functioning smoothly. Trello uses a graphical interface enabling teams to collaborate and coordinate on projects using cards, lists, and broads to track changes and progress made.

Image Courtesy - Trello

Internal communication made possible using their Graphical interface minimizes the use and reliance on emailing and speeds up the workflow. Trello integrates well with all the commonly used business applications such as Slack.

Image Courtesy - Trello

Trello’s GUI is reminiscent of a Multiplayer Strategy game that keeps every team member engaged, up to date, and in check. Their plans start at $5 a month.

#8 ProofHub

ProofHub is a Project Planning and Management Solutions provider that lets you plan, collaborate, work, rework, organize and deliver projects seamlessly. Communication and collaboration features are so effective that even remote team members are as productive as in-house team members.

Image Courtesy - ProofHub

Kanban Boards are used to visualize tasks so as to keep every team member updated about progress and instruction so everyone can self-manage and speed up workflows and accomplish tasks in time.

Image Courtesy - ProofHub

Gantt chart tool can be used to visualize timeline for projects, multiple timers are available to monitor tasks and report if certain tasks are taking longer than usual. Their plans start at $50 a month.

#9 Asana -

Asana is a general business management software solution that covers all operational areas of a business. It is similar to Trello in its use of boards, charts, lists, and cards in its GUI but offers a set of features that differentiate it from other offerings.

Image Courtesy - Asana

You can automate routine tasks to streamline and speed up your workflow, it also has an internal communication functionality that eliminates the use of emails for reporting, follow-ups, instructions, and work requests.

Image Courtesy - Asana

With its 100+ native integrations with other business apps, mobile, and web apps, you can keep anything and everything organized while working in the office or on the go. Their paid plans start at $13.50 per month.

#10 Billdu -

Billdu invoicing software is an essential tool for businesses aiming to maintain digital organization. It streamlines the invoicing process, allowing users to create, send, and track invoices, quotes, purchase orders and delivery notes effortlessly.

Billdu also offers automatic payment reminders and expense tracking, enhancing financial management. Its robust reporting and analytics provide insights into financial health. The user-friendly interface and mobile app allow business owners to manage invoicing on the go, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Leveraging Billdu improves financial accuracy and organization.

#11 Celoxis -

Celoxis is an excellent Project Management Software that offers additional functionalities that enable you to manage projects, business processes, and resources. Customizable widgets, layouts, and dashboards enable teams to choose what information needs to be monitored, shared, and tracked.

You can design your custom workflows for work allotment, time monitoring, resource allocation, and alerts for overload, downtime, delays, etc. Collaboration is made easy for teams with even clients having access to collaborate and review work using client portals.

They even offer a time and expense dashboard that lets you track project work time for automated billing and invoicing. Their pricing starts at $22.50 per month.

#12 Basecamp -

Basecamp is a veteran solutions provider in the business operations and process management space. It brings all the information and communication you need to deliver products and services on time in one place.

Image Courtesy - Basecamp

Basecamp is especially beneficial for big teams that work on multiple projects concurrently. Besides the standard features, basecamp offers automatic check-ins that enable managers, clients, or team leaders to make updates automatically.

Image Courtesy - Basecamp.

Its internal communication and file sharing features are optimized to suit varying requirements. Group chats shared to-do lists, and scheduling makes sure big teams are working in full coordination. They offer unlimited everything for a flat price of $99 a month.

To sum it up

Business operations and processes are chaotic and if you have a big enough business, managing everything and keeping it all organized manually isn’t effective at all.

Lack of coordination can cost you dearly in terms of lost revenue, delays in delivery, lost opportunities, and other inefficiency-related overheads.

Businesses can be managed quite effectively using technology and automation. There are tools that enable organizing and software that helps manage scheduling for your business.

All you need to do is choose a tool that best suits your style and requirements.