AEL Apparel Review: A Trusted Leading Custom Clothing Manufacturer

AEL Apparel Review: A Trusted Leading Custom Clothing Manufacturer
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While people are getting even more passionate about fashion, new clothing brands keep popping up over time. Competition gets tighter, and you need to play smart and efficient to stand strong in the market. One of the most crucial aspects to consider in your fashion business is how to manufacture your products.

Self-manufacture might be effective for maintaining quality, but it will take too much of your precious time and attention. Outsourcing the production process may significantly boost your company’s productivity. Even better, your products can get higher quality if your vendor has the right expertise.

Your best bet in this area is AEL Apparel. With countless clients in over 50 countries, this clothing manufacturing company is one of the most reliable vendors to autopilot your production process. How is that so? Let’s discuss further about the company to see how it fits your business needs!

What Business Models Can AEL Apparel Facilitate?

How far do you want AEL Apparel to get involved with your business? This company is open and flexible to meet you where you need it to be. Here are some of the most common manufacturing services the company has agreed on with their clients:

  • Cut & Sew

Have your designs already? Give them to AEL Apparel for the execution! Their team can even handle detailed requests to make sure your products are as unique and original as possible.

  • OEM

Want an all-in instant package? Consider their OEM clothing as your get-go products. With more than 400,000 items produced monthly, AEL Apparel can fulfill your brand needs in 7 to 20 working days!

  • Private Labels

Get your branding strong with one-of-a-kind labeling. AEL Apparel has a broad choice of materials and techniques to create labels that suit your business plan and fashion styles.

  • Specialized Fashion

Are you into sustainable fashion or hypoallergenic baby apparel businesses? AEL Apparel has got your back! With abundant choices of clothing materials and manufacturing equipment, your trusted vendor will figure out the best way to produce your goods as you need them.

What Kinds of Clothes Can AEL Apparel Produce?

Simply put, there are almost no clothes AEL Apparel can't handle. From newborns to adults, men and women, this company has all the resources and experience to meet your expectations and even beyond!

  • T-Shirt

As the staple everyday wear, AEL Apparel aims for durability with sustainable and breathable fabrics for every T-shirt we produce. Your fashion brand will never go out of style!

  • Jeans & Denim

Not every clothing manufacturer understands the crucial points in producing jeans & denim apparel. With AEL Apparel’s expertise, your product collection would be a hit in your store.

  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Perfect sizing and utmost comfort are necessary, but we aim for more than that. Your hoodies & sweatshirts will also bring style to the street if you manufacture them on AEL Apparel.

  • Activewear

We can make people feel good during exercise and other adventurous activities as our activewear guarantees breathability and freedom of movement.

  • Loungewear

AEL Apparel has a wide range of soft-feeling yet fabulous-looking fabrics for your loungewear collection. We can even cater for nightwear with custom designs.

  • Leggings

With highly flexible fabrics and precise cutting, AEL Apparel guarantees perfect fitting and comfort for any body shape.

  • Swimwears

From classic cuts to trendy styles, your swimwear collection we manufacture will be ready to make some splashes in the water!

  • Kids Clothing

Cute, fun, and vibrant, and everything you design for your line of kids' clothing will turn out fabulous if you trust AEL Apparel for the production process.

The Manufacturing Process

Here are the steps of the manufacturing process in AEL Apparel. You will see how possible it is to autopilot your fashion production as AEL Apparel can cover all the work for you!

  • Dyeing

Only non-toxic dyes are used for all fabrics in AEL Apparel to ensure its sustainability.

  • Cutting

With provision templates, our team seeks sharp accuracy to guarantee consistent fit of your fashion items.

  • Sewing

AEL Apparel can handle various sewing techniques for your unique designs. We aim for durable stitches on neat lines for every one of your products.

  • Checking

There will be a quality reviewing process for every product to avoid customer complaints and disappointments.

  • Thread Snipping

Attention to detail is one of our strengths. Thus, we will carefully snip every loose thread to deliver neat-looking apparel.

  • Ironing

Ironing is an essential step as we aim for a tidy presentation. Expect sleek surfaces on every fashion item you request!

  • Packaging

From plastic bags to fancy boxes, we make sure your customers will have a wonderful unwrapping experience for every item they buy from your stores!

Why Choose AEL Apparel?

Amongst so many clothing manufacturers out there, choosing AEL Apparel as your fashion supplier would be a clever business decision as the company has several advantages, such as:

  • Time-Efficient

Time is money. In AEL Apparel, turnaround time is only 7-20 working days, allowing you to keep your supplies coming fresh all the time at your store.

  • Low MOQs

We gladly help small and new entrepreneurs kickstart their brands by accepting special orders even in low quantities.

  • Professional Guidance

Not sure about your decisions, fashion-wise? Our professional support can help you with suggestions and insights.

  • Advanced Technology

Keeping up to date with our equipment has been allowing us to execute various clothing manufacturing techniques in the best possible ways.

  • Sustainable

No worries about harming our planet because AEL Apparel knows how to resource materials and manufacture waste in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Highly Customizable

Co-creating your fashion items would be fun and effortless as AEL Apparel can be flexible with your choices of fabrics, designs, sizes, and labels.

How is the Business Procedure?

Partnering up with AEL Apparel only takes these six simple steps:


Send an email and explain what you need. If you don't have it in detail, the company's expert team can help you figure things out.

Get Quote

Our team will tailor an offer that suits your needs. Take a look at the quote we will send you, and feel free to ask for adjustments as necessary.

Pay Deposit

Once we have agreed on a contract, you can pay your deposit to get us started working. Pay the rest later after we have delivered all of your orders.

Prototype Review

To avoid errors and losses, we will send samples of your products for you to review. Mass production will happen right after you give us the green light.


Sit back and relax while our team executes the manufacturing process as agreed. Of course, there will be regular updates on the progress so you know we won't fall behind our schedule.


Your products will get delivered to your storage safely as scheduled. Delivery details will also be reported to you.

Get Your Inquiry Now!

From affordable white-labeled goods to premium fashion apparel with your private labels, AEL Apparel has been an incredible clothing manufacturer for countless businesses in more than 50 countries. As a one-stop solution for all of your fashion manufacturing needs, this company would be an efficient partner for growing your business.

Email them now and start transforming your fashion ideas!