10 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives: Humanize AI Text to Bypass AI Detectors

10 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives: Humanize AI Text to Bypass AI Detectors
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Launched in May 2023, Undetectable AI stands out by offering both AI text makeover to sound more human and the ability to spot AI-written content. This means it can both alter AI-written texts to seem more natural and identify when text has been generated by AI.

But, despite its capabilities and usefulness, Undetectable AI isn't without its flaws. Often, its results need hands-on tweaking to fix straightforward mistakes and improve awkward wording. Plus, its text editor is a bit behind the times, failing to keep the formatting you apply.

With these drawbacks in mind, looking into other options makes sense. This guide is here to help by listing 10 of the best alternatives to Undetectable AI. Keep reading for a detailed look at the advantages, disadvantages, and main features of each option.

  1. Bypass GPT - Top Choice for an Overall Undetectable AI Alternative
  2. HIX Bypass - Great for Efficient Rewriting
  3. Undetectable AI (https://undetectableai.ai/) - Best Choice for Beginners
  4. StealthWriter - Top Alternative for Advanced Users
  5. Humbot - Easiest to Use
  6. WriteHuman - Top for Protecting Privacy
  7. Bypass AI- Best at Keeping Original Meaning
  8. AI Undetectable - Great for Clear Writing
  9. Smodin - Best for Texts in Languages Other Than English
  10. StealthGPT - Ideal for Everyday Use

Bypass GPT - Top Choice for an Overall Undetectable AI Alternative

Bypass GPT ranks as a premier choice among AI tools designed to make AI writing undetectable. It leverages cutting-edge algorithms and techniques to instantly transform content, allowing users to pass AI-written material without detection across various platforms. This capability is especially crucial for avoiding the consequences of using AI-generated content in professional or educational settings.

What sets Bypass GPT apart is its skill in producing content that not only sounds human but also boasts improved quality and keyword optimization for superior SEO results. It ensures the essence and original intent of any text, from blog posts to essays, remain intact, without compromising the author's original message.

Bypass GPT is also notable for its versatility, offering users the ability to fine-tune the readability and purpose of the content. This means texts can be tailored to fit specific requirements, whether they're for a high school assignment, college paper, or journalistic piece.

To further simplify the process, Bypass GPT integrates a feature to check for AI traces within its platform, streamlining the workflow for users seeking to ensure their content remains undetectable.


Starts free, with premium options available.

The pricing kicks off at $15 per month, granting up to 20,000 words for humanization tasks.

For those requiring more extensive content processing, packages extend up to 500,000 words monthly. Yearly plans are offered, providing significant savings.


  • Converts AI text into content that mirrors high-quality human writing
  • Successfully bypasses detection by all major AI detection tools including Originality.AI, ZeroGPT, Sapling, Turnitin, etc
  • Maintains the original message of the content
  • Provides extensive customization features
  • Adaptable for a wide array of text types, including both short and lengthy documents


  • The complimentary version is limited to 300 words

HIX Bypass - Great for Efficient Rewriting

HIX Bypass stands out as an exciting option among AI writers that go unnoticed, created by HIX.AI, a name that's become known in the AI writing space alongside big names like ChatGPT and Bard. In 2023, the team at HIX.AI ventured into the world of AI writing that can't be detected, leading to the birth of HIX Bypass.

Employing top-tier humanization techniques, HIX Bypass skillfully transforms AI-created content into texts indistinguishable from those written by humans. It's designed to elude most current AI detection tools, providing an edge in maintaining content authenticity.

HIX Bypass draws on the same foundational tech as HIX.AI, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, original content. It impressively maintains the essence of the original text while often enhancing its quality.


HIX Bypass invites users to start with a free trial, with premium plans for committed users starting at $19.99 monthly. Annual subscriptions offer savings, with rates beginning at $9.99 per month. Plans are adaptable, letting users select their needed word count and adjust pricing accordingly.


  • Exceptional at avoiding detection
  • Leverages advanced humanization technology
  • Established a reputation for quality
  • Incorporates AI detection capabilities similar to Bypass GPT
  • Produces content that often surpasses the original in quality


  • Premium pricing may be higher compared to other solutions

Undetectable AI (https://undetectableai.ai/) - Best Choice for Beginners

Undetectable AI (https://undetectableai.ai/) emerges as a top contender for those new to the realm of AI humanization, despite its name suggesting otherwise. Since its introduction in 2023, it has become a favored tool among students, freelancers, and writers across the globe.

Designed with the novice user in mind, this platform boasts a straightforward, user-friendly interface. First-timers will find it easy to navigate—simply input your text and the system takes over, effortlessly humanizing your content.

A key strength of Undetectable AI is its consistency in delivering AI-humanized text that's virtually free from spelling or grammatical mistakes. It's a reliable resource for obtaining quality content that closely mimics human writing, ensuring users can count on it for their content needs.


With a free trial on offer, premium plans start at $15 per month for 20,000 words of humanization. For those with higher demands, plans can be customized to accommodate up to 500,000 words.

Opting for an annual payment plan results in considerable cost savings compared to monthly billing.


  • Exceptionally user-friendly, perfect for those new to AI humanization
  • Quick and efficient at producing human-like text
  • Generates consistently accurate and polished content
  • Aids in making AI-generated content undetectable across all platforms


  • May lack more sophisticated functionalities for advanced users

StealthWriter - Top Alternative for Advanced Users

StealthWriter is recognized as a highly favored AI writing tool that remains undetected, providing significant benefits to its users. It empowers individuals to take text generated by ChatGPT and modify it so that it resonates as though it was crafted by an actual human being.

This tool is versatile and capable of enhancing a wide array of textual content including but not limited to blog articles, website content, electronic mail, and academic essays. However, accessing the full potential of StealthWriter necessitates a financial investment. While there is a complimentary "Ninja" version available, it does not offer the robust capabilities found in the fee-based "Ghost" plan.

Additionally, StealthWriter introduces an innovative feature known as the "aggression" setting, which permits users to fine-tune the degree of human-like quality infused into the text across three distinct levels. This functionality is particularly appealing to seasoned users seeking to customize their output, although individuals new to the platform might encounter challenges in optimizing its use to achieve the desired effect.


StealthWriter provides a no-cost plan alongside three tiered premium options, catering to diverse needs and word count requirements.

  1. The Basic plan is set at $20 monthly for up to 20,000 words.
  2. The Standard plan at $35 monthly accommodates up to 50,000 words.
  3. The Premium plan, at $50 monthly, expands this limit to 100,000 words.


  • Offers unique, sophisticated features
  • Speedy generation of content
  • Availability of both free and paid subscriptions


  • May be daunting for beginners
  • The free tier might not meet all needs

Humbot - Easiest to Use

Humbot is a notable new player in the world of AI writing tools that can't be detected, making its debut in 2023. It employs sophisticated technology to turn text created by AI into content that detectors can't catch. This means the text it processes is designed to go undetected by the leading AI detection tools available.

It's especially friendly for those just getting into AI writing or who don't have much experience in the field. With its easy-to-navigate interface, Humbot is aimed at beginners who might not be as familiar with how to work with AI.

Furthermore, it offers flexibility in how you bring your text into the tool. Whether you're copying and pasting text, uploading a document, or using a URL, Humbot accommodates various methods for transforming your content.


Starting is free. The premium options kick off at $15 a month, giving you the ability to make up to 20,000 words sound human. If you need to work on more words, you can increase your limit up to 500,000 words every month.

Humbot gives you the option to pay yearly, too. This one-time annual payment ends up being a lot less expensive than paying every month over the year.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Accepts various types of input
  • Successfully avoids detection by most AI detectors


  • Sometimes, the text still sounds a bit mechanical

WriteHuman - Top for Protecting Privacy

WriteHuman positions itself as a tool for transforming AI-generated text into content that sounds like it was written by a human. Its main goal is to create writings that can sneak past the top AI detection systems out there.

However, even though WriteHuman manages to fool many AI detectors, there are times when it lets through sentences that still sound like they were made by AI. This might be because the tool is still being fine-tuned, as it's currently in a beta phase, with the creators actively working on making it better.

If the occasional glitch doesn't bother you too much, WriteHuman proves to be quite a dependable option. It's particularly useful for evading the detection of AI by educators or employers, making it less likely they'll realize you've used an AI helper.


The starting price for a premium monthly subscription is $8, which covers 40 requests, with each request allowing for up to 600 words.

For those needing more, there's the Pro plan at $14 a month, offering 100 requests with a 1,200-word limit per request. There's also an Ultra plan for $32 a month, providing unlimited requests with each up to 3,000 words.

Yearly payment options are also available for those interested.


  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your information private
  • Generally successful at avoiding AI detection


  • Not foolproof in avoiding AI detection
  • Costs can add up for frequent users

Bypass AI- Best at Keeping Original Meaning

Bypass AI shines as a unique AI writing tool, remarkable for its knack for keeping the true intent of any text intact. Not only does it preserve the core message, but it also skillfully dodges detection by leading AI checkers like Turnitin and Originality.AI, ensuring your content remains undetected.

What sets Bypass AI apart is its smart understanding of the author's intentions, reliably capturing and preserving the essence of your work. This level of intelligence means your blog posts, essays, and research papers emerge unchanged in spirit, ensuring the authenticity of your voice is not lost in translation.

Working with Bypass AI is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows for effortless one-click humanization. Plus, you get to decide how you want your content to sound—whether more natural, clearer, or a mix of both—offering a level of customization that's hard to find elsewhere.


You can start using Bypass AI for free, and if you need more, plans start at $15 a month. This lets you polish up to 20,000 words each month.

If you're dealing with lots of words, you can adjust your plan to cover up to 500,000 words. Bypass AI also offers yearly plans which can save you some money compared to paying monthly.


  • Keeps your text's original point clear
  • Simple to use
  • Uses advanced tech to make text sound human
  • Lets you adjust how human-like you want the text


  • Limited to only using copy-paste for text input

AI Undetectable - Great for Clear Writing

AI Undetectable is a stealthy AI writing aid designed with students and educators in mind, although professionals who frequently use AI writing tools for work might find it equally beneficial. This platform offers a way to make AI-written content undetectable by employing humanization techniques, effectively blending it with human writing styles.

Like its counterparts, AI Undetectable specializes in refining AI-generated text. It skillfully identifies and replaces terms that are tell-tale signs of AI authorship, crafting sentences that resonate more naturally with human readers. This enhances the readability and authenticity of the content, making it suitable for academic submissions or professional work.

Beyond simple humanization, AI Undetectable is equipped with various tools that allow users to expand or condense text length and adjust complexity, ensuring the final product meets the specific needs of its intended audience. This adaptability makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of writing projects.


Unlike traditional subscription models, AI Undetectable opts for a pay-as-you-go approach, selling words in bundles priced from $2.99 to $5.99. This allows users to buy more words as needed, offering flexibility in managing writing projects.


  • Offers a free trial to explore its capabilities
  • Includes a range of filters and customization options for text
  • Delivers quick and effective results


  • The user interface could be more visually appealing
  • Costs may accumulate quickly for frequent users

Smodin - Best for Texts in Languages Other Than English

Smodin is a versatile AI tool notable for its multilingual capabilities, able to process and humanize text in various languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, and German. This feature makes it a go-to option for users worldwide needing to refine text in their native language.

While performance might differ across languages, Smodin promises broad accessibility, catering to a global audience with ease. Its user-friendly design simplifies the humanization process: users just need to copy their text, paste it into the provided space, and watch as Smodin works its magic.

Moreover, Smodin is not limited to text input; it accepts uploads in DOC and PDF formats, enhancing its usability. It doesn’t stop at humanization either, offering a suite of AI-powered tools such as AI conversations and summaries, which can be particularly beneficial for students looking to condense essays or studies.


Smodin offers three distinct plans to suit various needs.

  1. The basic option is free, allowing up to five text humanizations or rewrites daily with the usage of credits—three credits are granted each day.
  2. For $5 a month, users receive the same daily credit allocation but with the privilege to humanize an unlimited number of texts.
  3. The premium plan at $10 a month bestows 100 credits monthly, enabling limitless rewrites for text chunks up to 12,000 characters each.


  • Capable of handling both brief and extensive texts
  • Includes a complimentary version for casual use
  • Provides additional AI functionalities for a comprehensive toolset


  • May not always evade AI detection tools effectively
  • The output often requires further manual adjustments for perfection

StealthGPT - Ideal for Everyday Use

StealthGPT is a sophisticated AI writing tool designed to make texts sound like they're written by humans, targeting a wide array of users from bloggers to students. It promises to deliver content that seems natural and original, steering clear of plagiarism and evading detection by major AI monitoring systems.

Despite its high aspirations, StealthGPT sometimes falls short of its goal. There are instances where its output doesn't quite escape the scrutiny of AI detection tools, presenting a challenge for those seeking flawless undetectability. Yet, for those who can look past occasional hiccups, StealthGPT remains a valuable and cost-effective solution.


StealthGPT's pricing structure includes three-tiered premium options. The Essential package is offered at $14.99 monthly for the humanization of up to 100,000 words. For more extensive needs, the Pro plan at $19.99 monthly covers up to 500,000 words. The Exclusive tier, at $29.99 per month, accommodates up to 1 million words of content humanization.

For those interested in longer-term commitments, annual subscription rates provide an alternative to monthly payments.


  • Ideal for routine content creation needs
  • Includes a convenient Chrome extension for easy access
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of content types


  • Priced higher compared to similar tools
  • Could benefit from enhancements in consistency and dependability

Why Consider an AI Alternative That's Hard to Detect?

You could be thinking, "Why not just stick with Undetectable AI for everything?" The idea seems straightforward enough, but feedback from those who've used Undetectable AI paints a different picture. Sometimes, the service isn't quite as flawless as one might hope.

According to what users say, Undetectable AI can slip up now and then, leaving behind typos or other mistakes in your work. But it's not just about the occasional typo; there are times when the content it revises still gets flagged by AI detection tools, suggesting it's not entirely foolproof.

Eager to see how it holds up under scrutiny, we took a piece written by ChatGPT about JFK that was 300 words long. Our next step was to see how Undetectable AI would handle this text.

After cutting the piece down to 250 words to stay within Undetectable AI's free service limit, we put its ability to make the text seem more human-like to the test.

Regrettably, even though ZeroGPT identified the text as primarily written by a human, it still detected that over 17% of the content was produced by AI.

Moreover, the final version was riddled with errors. The term "Kennedy's" consistently appeared without the necessary apostrophe, and Undetectable AI mistakenly altered JFK's iconic "Ask not..." quote. Such changes would not go unnoticed by any well-informed reader, let alone a professor.


Undetectable AI falls short in several areas. While it has the potential to skirt around some major AI detection tools, it tends to produce content filled with mistakes, necessitating substantial manual revisions.

This is particularly problematic for individuals looking to leverage AI for quick and efficient essay and paper production, without the need for time-consuming corrections. Thankfully, the market offers numerous alternative AI writing solutions that surpass Undetectable AI in both accuracy and user-friendliness.

Bypass GPT emerges as the standout option among these alternatives, celebrated for its exceptional reliability, swift performance, and user-centric features. It also provides a no-cost trial, positioning it as a highly appealing option for those in search of a superior AI writing aid.