10 Best AI Detection Removers & Anti AI Detectors in 2024

10 Best AI Detection Removers & Anti AI Detectors in 2024
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing content and copywriting. However, not everyone welcomes articles clearly written by AI. Some institutions and businesses employ AI detectors to spot AI-written content and may reject such submissions.

But don't worry, you can still harness AI content generation with the right anti AI detectors. By using AI detection removers to tweak your text to sound more human, you can make it undetectable to AI checkers while improving its readability.

The Best AI Detection Bypassers to Bypass AI Content Detection

Explore these 10 AI detector bypass tools designed to help you bypass AI content detectors effectively.

  1. Bypass GPT – Best AI Bypasser for Humanizing AI Text
  2. HIX Bypass – Best AI Detection Remover for High-Quality Humanization
  3. UndetectableAI.ai – Top AI Detection Remover That Maintains Original Context
  4. Humbot  – Best Anti AI Detector for Getting 100% Human Score
  5. Bypass AI – Best AI Detector Bypasser for Removing AI Detection
  6. Undetectable AI – Top AI Detection Bypasser for Adjusting Readability Levels
  7. StealthGPT – Top AI Detector Bypass Tool Tailored for Google Chrome
  8. Smodin  – Best AI Detection Remover for Multiple Language Support
  9. GPTinf – Top AI Bypasser for Advanced Paraphrasing Technology
  10. WriteHuman – Best AI Detector Bypasser for Content Privacy

Bypass GPT – Best AI Bypasser for Humanizing AI Text

Bypass GPT is an AI detection remover and anti AI detector designed to excel in bypassing any AI detection tool that seeks to identify ChatGPT's involvement in your content creation process. Its primary function is to humanize GPT-3.5 content, which is often easily detectable, by reordering sentences and substituting synonyms for the most obvious words used in the text.

Using this AI bypasser is pretty straightforward. The free version allows you to rewrite up to 300 words with just a click. Simply input your text and hit the "Humanize" button to get your revised content. This new version should be able to dodge common AI detectors like ZeroGPT, GPTZero, and even Originality.ai. Give it a try today  – Bypass GPT is fast and super easy to use.


While Bypass GPT offers a free version, it comes with significant limitations. For more word rewriting capabilities, you can opt for paid plans starting at $12 per month for 5,000 words and going up to $49 for unlimited words. You can also get discounts with annual subscription plans.


  • Advanced humanization technology that delivers 100% human score content
  • Output maintains the original meaning of the text
  • Built-in AI check that provides AI detection likelihood of the output text
  • Humanized content is free of plagiarism and grammatical errors


  • Limited free plan

HIX Bypass – Best AI Detection Remover for High-Quality Humanization

Whether you're using ChatGPT, Bard, or GPT-4, HIX Bypass can recognize where your AI-generated text comes from and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it slips past detection tools. This AI detection remover doesn't stop there; it's also skilled at bypassing a wide range of detection tools, including Turnitin,  Winston AI, Crossplag, and more.

What makes HIX Bypass stand out is that it's just one of over 120 tools available within the HIX.AI suite. This means users can create content using HIX.AI's tools and then utilize HIX Bypass to ensure their AI-generated text remains undetected.


You can give HIX Bypass a try for free, but your account is limited before requiring an upgrade. If you decide to subscribe, pricing starts at $14.99 per month for the basic 5,000-word plan, going up to $99 per month for the unlimited-word plan. Annual plans offer up to 50% off for users.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Can humanize text from various language models
  • Part of a comprehensive toolset for all AI writing needs
  • Allows processing up to 2,000 words at a time for paid users


  • Higher tiers may be slightly pricey

UndetectableAI.ai – Top AI Detection Remover That Maintains Original Context

When it comes to finding an AI detector bypass tool that can outsmart AI detectors while keeping your original message intact, Undetectable AI shines. Its secret weapon? Specially designed text humanization technology that fine-tunes your writing without altering its essence.

Just like Bypass GPT, Undetectable AI is super easy to use. You simply paste your text and hit a button to humanize it. Plus, it goes the extra mile by checking against various AI checker tools, including Scribbr, a popular tool in schools for spotting plagiarism and AI-generated content.


UndetectableAI.ai offers 3 pricing plans. The basic plan offers 5,000 humanization words per month, costing $12.99 while the pro plan offers 50,000 humanization words per month, costing $19.99. For $69.99, you can humanize unlimited words. And with annual subscriptions, you can save even more money while processing more words.


  • User-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use
  • Checks for both plagiarism and AI content detection
  • Performs well in catching spelling and syntax errors


  • Output may occasionally feel too simplistic

Humbot  – Best Anti AI Detector for Getting 100% Human Score

Humbot offers three modes to humanize your AI-generated text: Quick, Enhanced, and Advanced. Each three modes can help bypass AI detection quickly while the Advanced mode can make AI text undetectable even by the strictest AI detectors.

Simplicity is key with this AI detection bypasser – just click the "Humanize" button, and your text is transformed. In a few seconds, you will get high quality text that receives a 100% human score.


Humbot provides users with three paid plans, starting from $11.99 per month to $59.99 per month. Annual subscriptions offer discounts, helping you save money while processing more words.


  • Can humanize text from various sources
  • Effective at bypassing Turnitin’s detection
  • Smart sentence restructuring


  • Free plan has input limit

Bypass AI – Best AI Detector Bypasser for Removing AI Detection

Identifiable patterns in sentence structure, known as "robotic" writing, can easily flag AI-generated content to writing checkers. Bypass AI addresses this issue with its intelligent text humanization algorithm. Altering sentence structures and substituting common words with synonyms, adds variability to AI-generated text.

Like other AI detection bypassers, Bypass AI offers a simple one-click solution. It has undergone testing against seven AI detectors, including Sapling, proving its ability to detect and transform GPT-generated content into more human-like writing.


Bypass AI's pricing ranges from $9.99 to $59.99 per month, with the higher fee granting access to unlimited words of humanizing. For those requiring long-term or high-volume text processing, annual plans offer better value.


  • Effective with short passages of text
  • Allows users to customize the degree of humanization
  • Offers an Influencer Program for earning money by promoting the tool on social media


  • Struggles with larger passages of text
  • May encounter compatibility issues with certain browsers

Undetectable AI – Top AI Detection Bypasser for Adjusting Readability Levels

Despite sharing a name with another AI bypasser on this list, Undetectable AI stands out for its readability customization options. You can select the complexity level, ranging from high school to university writing, making it perfect for fine-tuning your AI-generated content to suit the preferences of your audience.

Additionally, it features an intelligent "AI Detection Likelihood" scale, color-coded to indicate which parts of your text are AI-generated or partially AI-generated, and which appear human-written.


Undetectable AI offers sliding scale pricing, starting at $9.99 per month for 10,000 words. The highest tier, which allows up to 380,000 words, costs $209 per month.


  • Sliding pricing scale ensures you only pay for what you use
  • Adapts output based on article type and desired readability
  • Trusted by over two million brands and individuals


  • Character limit of 10,000 words may be limiting for long-form content
  • Could be daunting for beginners in AI technology

StealthGPT – Top AI Detector Bypass Tool Tailored for Google Chrome

Thanks to its Google Chrome extension, StealthGPT brings AI detection evasion out of static browser-based tools and into a more dynamic checking process. This anti AI detector also offers a history tracking feature – every piece you've tweaked is stored for you to review, giving you a clear picture of the changes made over time.

However, it does struggle with more intricate text. Especially in niche subjects, maintaining context can be challenging as it rewrites.


Aside from a limited free trial, StealthGPT offers three monthly pricing tiers – Essential ($14.99), Pro ($19.99), and Exclusive ($29.99), with word credits for humanizing of 100k, 500k, and 1M respectively.


  • Constantly updates to keep ahead of advanced AI checker tools
  • Handles up to 2,000 words per output
  • Offers a seven-day free trial


  • Monthly tiers are somewhat costly
  • Human editing may still be needed to catch errors

Smodin – Best AI Detection Remover for Multiple Language Support

The standout feature of the Smodin tool is its extensive language options, making it a top choice for sidestepping AI checkers. With the ability to rewrite content in over 50 languages and automatically identify the language of the input text, it saves users time.

However, the effectiveness of this AI detector bypasser in evading AI detection is somewhat mixed. Smodin itself advises reviewing its output manually because its detection removal is only about 85% accurate, which is decent but falls short of the 100% offered by some other tools.


Smodin offers a free Limited plan, providing three credits per day where one credit equals rewriting 1,000 characters. Beyond that, there's the Essentials plan at $10 per month for 100 writing credits, and the Productive tier at $29 per month, offering 500 credits.


  • Monthly plans include AI writing and checking tools
  • Supports checking AI in numerous languages
  • Capable of rewriting for uniqueness


  • Credit system may be cumbersome
  • Limited to rewriting 1,000 characters at a time unless you upgrade to Productive

GPTinf – Top AI Bypasser for Advanced Paraphrasing Technology

GPTinf isn't the best anti AI detector for dodging AI-generated text detectors. It tends to be a bit slow – sometimes taking minutes to generate results – and it doesn't always achieve perfect evasion of AI detection. However, it excels in undetectable paraphrasing, making it more effective as a rewriting tool than as an AI detection remover.

Its focus on paraphrasing also ensures it maintains the original context of your written piece well.


GPTInf offers a sliding scale pricing model. Monthly prices start at $12 for 10,000 words, going up to a hefty $349 for 500,000 words.


  • Introduces more sophisticated words into text to deceive AI detection
  • Doesn't charge if it fails to bypass detection
  • Scalable pricing suitable for various needs


  • Slower compared to most other AI detection evasion tools
  • Currently only works for English texts

WriteHuman – Best AI Detector Bypasser for Content Privacy

WriteHuman emphasizes its commitment to "protecting online privacy" with its AI detector bypass tool, and it delivers on that promise. It excels in producing copy that can outsmart AI checkers. However, its output often contains grammar and contextual errors, requiring additional human editing.

The anti AI detector tool seems to rely on simplifying sentence structures to achieve its goal. While shorter sentences mixed with longer ones mimic human writing, it makes the tool less suitable for complex content.


WriteHuman offers three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Ultra. Basic provides 40 rewrites of up to 600 words for $8 per month. Pro increases the price to $14 but offers 100 requests of up to 1,200 words. Ultra allows unlimited requests of up to 3,000 words but costs $32 per month.


  • Ultra tier can handle long-form content
  • Effective for bulk rewriting of AI-generated copy
  • Excellent at simplifying sentence structures


  • Free sampling limited to 200 words
  • Not the best choice for complex writing


1. How do AI bypassers function?

AI detection bypasers operate by adjusting existing text. They identify patterns associated with AI-generated writing, such as uniform sentence structures, and modify them to ensure the text can pass through AI detection systems undetected.

2. What are the telltale signs of AI-authored content?

Indicators of AI-generated content include repetitive sentence structures and a mechanical tone. AI-written text often lacks variation in sentence length and rhythm. Additionally, the use of predictable or overly obvious words can raise suspicion, as AI tends to select the most straightforward options.

3. Why would I need AI detection removers and anti AI detectors?

AI detector bypass tools serve various purposes. Some users utilize them to inject a more human element into their writing, refining AI-generated drafts into more engaging pieces. Others use these AI detector bypass tools to circumvent checks implemented by schools and businesses to identify AI-generated content.

4. Can I modify content to bypass AI detection?

Yes, you can adjust content to bypass AI detection using several techniques. Varying sentence structures and compositions are essential; content with less robotic rhythms is more likely to go unnoticed. Ensuring the accuracy of facts and incorporating personal knowledge or experiences into the text are also effective strategies. These personal touches are beyond the capabilities of AI.