15 Best Online Tools You Want To Introduce To Your Friends

We love finding the best online tools for entrepreneurs. That's why we interviewed over 13 entrepreneurs to ask them about the best tools they want to introduce to their friends, and here is what they have to say:

#1. CoSchedule

"This tool helps users build their marketing strategy from one master calendar, collaborate with their teams, It’s also a complete marketing engine for your blog posts, you can schedule your tweets and collaborate over your content calendar with your teams."

Thanks to Stefan Ateljevic, PlayToday.

#2. Moz’s Toolbar

"I’m a former marketer and am always thinking about the marketing strategy of my company, so a tool that helps in that area is valuable to me. For me, Moz’s free toolbar is something I use everyday, all day. It’s free, connects easily to Chrome, and provides a ton of information for me. With Moz’s toolbar, you can instantly find out the Domain Authority of the website you’re visiting. It will also tell you the spam score, Do-Follow vs No-Follow Links, and much more. I recommend Moz’s toolbar to any and all of my professional friends who are looking to improve the marketing growth of their company!"

Thanks to Yazan Sehwail, Userpilot.

#3. Trello

Trello is like an online whiteboard that you can use to create boards. You can also share content with your friends and co-workers; you can create cards, organize them into lists, assign due dates, add attachments, leave comments, copy links or embed code. You can even upload files directly from your computer or social media account (e.g., Instagram) to the platform."

Thanks to Amy Davis, My Cat Needs This.

#4. Lettermelater

My niece introduced this app to me. She is now even more enthusiastic about telling her friends about it. The app is a letter-writing service. For those who are new to this website, it is a tool for scheduling email messages. Afterwards, you will be given the option of sending an email to yourself or someone else in your address book.

I produced emails that I will send to my family and friends in the coming years and myself. This software is now holding an emotional part of me, as I look forward to reading the letters I wrote—like it's a time capsule placed in this software by accident.

Additionally, I've composed an open letter for my long-term life partner, which will be sent out in five years' time. I am now more than a little eager to find out what our future would look like and whether or not our lives would remain the same."

Thanks to Jeff Mains, Champion Leadership Group LLC.

#5. You Need A Budget

"YNAB (You Need A Budget) is the best finance and budgeting tool that I can recommend. Though it is a paid tool, you can enjoy its features for free for a month. It features a way to budget every dollar coming into you and see where your money goes. Aside from that, you can link any online transaction to the tool so you can clearly see where everything goes. Though it is more expensive than other apps out there, YNAB teaches you how to do or make your budget, instead of just listing them for you. Hence, the price is worth the tool."

Thanks to MD Kamruzzaman, HowTosGuru.

#6. SEMRush

"Personally, I would introduce all of my friends to the power of SEMRush. The tool allows users to analyze online search trends to get ahead of the game. Take for instance a person who wants to open a CrossFit gym in Phoenix, AZ. By performing keyword research using SEMRush prior to opening a gym, they will be able to quantify the number of people that are searching for "Crossfit Gym's in Glendale AZ'' in comparison to "Crossfit Gym's in Phoenix AZ." We use the same keyword research techniques to get ahead of our competition in the manufactured housing industry!"

Thanks to Aaron Hale, Sell Vegas Mobile Home.

#7. Google Alerts

"A super simple, yet effective one, is Google Alerts. I use it so I know when FirstLook or my name pops up anywhere on the internet. Google scans the internet each day and sends me the link of wherever I'm showing up. I love it."

Thanks to Brian V Folmer, FirstLook.

#8. Grammarly

"Every content needs proper grammar, effective sentence structure, proper voice, and spell-checks before it gets published. Grammarly helps format the content in an amazing way and I highly recommend using it.. It operates as a freemium version, but it's premium version is also worth the investment."

Thanks to Rohan Kadam, Bikingknowhow.

#9. TextExpander

"I save hours each week using TextExpander, a tool that allows you to expand snippets of pre-written text in any app on my computer (email, docs, web forms, etc.).  Instead of spending time writing and rewriting similar answers, or searching email and docs for templates, in a couple of keystrokes, I'm able to expand whole templates and paragraphs, including links and formatting.  It's truly amazing!"

Thanks to Alexis Haselberger, Alexis Haselberger Coaching and Consulting.

#10. Canva

"Canva online software is not only for presentation but nowadays among the students and other people interested in a presentation is very much related to this software, worldwide. It offers you the most diverse form of editing of your presentation with custom-made or choosing a template. You can create your own design without any hesitation and get started with your presentation. The interesting fact is most of the templates are free to use. But for a Pro plan, it’ll cost you around $9.99/month. Over 55 million people use Canva actively in over 190 countries."

Thanks to Philip Pasma, Asterisk Marketing Inc.

#11. Evernote

"As a business owner, I tend to have a lot on my plate during the day, and this makes me forget a few tasks that were important. For that, I use Evernote, an online tool to keep track of my daily activities."

Thanks to Artem, Posturion.

#12. Ahrefs

"SEO seems to be growing nowadays at an alarming pace, and on the forefront of tools for SEO (of which there are many) is Ahrefs, which is a tool for backlinking and SEO analysis. A tool for all the people already in or looking to get into SEO."

Thanks to Joe Smith,  iCrowdNewswire, and Charles LaRosa, Preparedcooks.

#13. HipChat

"You're working in a small group, so you set up a Skype room to communicate. But what happens next? Exactly. Instead of using a generic IM platform, use a corporate IM program like HipChat. It enables you to set up various rooms for different focus groups, link to your most critical apps, and much more."

Thanks to Tyler Martin, ThinkTyler.

#14. Hemmingway App

Some people think that if they show off their vocabulary with complex words and long sentences, readers will be impressed. However, this is never the case because it doesn't work as well for novels or poetry. Hemmingway App helps you by stripping your writing of difficult language so audiences can enjoy what you have to say more easily.

Plug in a little bit from yourself--novels, poems-and instantly receive feedback about how much simpler your written content needs to be before publishing! The app provides feedback on word use, readability, and reading level of articles. It also tells you if there are any repetitions or overuse of adverbs in your article that could make the text difficult for readers to follow.

Thanks to John Webster, wellpcb.

#15. Jarvis AI

"The Jarvis AI is an artificial intelligence-based software that can write a high quality short and long article for you within seconds from just one keyword input. It’s also able to do research on any topic or niche you want it to find information about. Which also rank higher in google This means you no longer need to spend hours researching before writing a single blog post. The Jarvis AI will be the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create content quickly without having to spend endless amounts of time doing so. This is why I want to introduce all my friends because it will make your working life easier and faster."

Thanks to Bimal Shs, Digital Marketing Bro.

Which of these online tools is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.